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I'm making this thread at the suggestion of Null who told me that after everything finally finishes I should make a thread about it.

So I'll start at the beginning, I ordered a normal sonichu medallion from Christian sometime in September. I thought it would be something cool and funny to own and it was relatively cheap so why not? When he stated that shipping would take two weeks I took that literally, so when my two weeks were up and he was claiming that 1) he hadn't even made the medallion yet and 2) he didn't even have the money to ship it I filed a report, something that I would do to ANY Ebay seller, not just Chris.

As everyone knows by now, me filing a report with Ebay leads to Christian throwing an absolute hissy fit. He tried to put on a tough guy act with me via private message and yes I was the one who he eventually doxxed on Facebook. Yes, I did receive a prank phone call after this and Yes I was pretty damn pissed off at him at this point. I know Christian's fan base and I really don't want them having my personal information. I called Ebay about it that night and they seemed to think the situation was really weird and claimed that they would have a person investigate my claims and eventually contact me again, which they never did.

During this time I'm flat out fighting with Chris. He's sending me messages claiming that I'm a cyber bully who hates gays and autistics so at this point I've decided that I'm going to antagonize him all that I can. When my medallion finally arrived it was the infamous "angry eyed" sonichu medallion. I personally thought it was hilarious but since he had done pissed me off I decided that I'd keep pursing the case since he did technically send me the wrong item. Christian eventually tried to strike a deal with me, he said he would send me another medallion 100% free of charge since he admittedly vandalized the first one. I accepted this and made a counter offer; I would drop the other case about him doxxing me as well if he would do a free commission for me. At this point I didn't even give a shit about getting doxxed anymore because it had been like two weeks, and I figured I would get more enjoyment out of getting a free commission than I would having his accounts banned anyways.

I sent Chris two pictures of me and simply told him that I wanted to be drawn with Sonichu. I had no idea how it would turn out I just figured it'd be good for a laugh. I honestly figured it would get here really fast because artwork is so shitty that he can't put much time or effort into it, but alas it took him two weeks to draw it and ship it and I got bitchy emails from him several times over the few weeks wanting me to close the case before receiving the commission. Today I finally recieved the art and well, I'll just let it speak for itself.

I'll be posting the commison along with the two pictures of myself that I sent to him in this post. In later posts I'll dump everything else I have in regards to him including every medallion picture and message that I got incase people missed it.



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Goodness me is that art piece just dripping with autistic rage. From Sonichu's comment, to what is presumably an attempt to be subtle with the caption on the boat picture and the way he makes you look like you have devil horns.

I love it.


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Never thought I'd see the day that Chris was trying to call someone else a homophobe...

And his commission is quintessential Chris- can't leave well enough alone and just has to try and make one last dig before running away. Just be prepared when Chris crashes and burns his Ebay account to the ground, it'll be somehow be because of you.

Also just noticed his comment about Snyder and his thought process that the whole 10/28 incident (oh hey, almost that time again!) was a get-rich-quick scheme just shows how thick Chris really is... and probably also how many puppet strings Barb has on him.


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Wow. Really, that picture is just... it's like he truly did the bare minimum effort to satisfy your request, and then channeled all his rage into it. If this wasn't an order, just a reaction to something I would say this is brilliant, but with all the details...

On the other hand, it's nice to see how he goes all in with the reasons he is being bullied, newest being an LGBT thingamajig. Textbook projection really.


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I wish his asspatters would drop the BS excuse of "he's a nice guy who is just misunderstood" and say what I suspect that really means, which is "people don't understand that he's emotionally still a child." which I actually agree with, because it's obvious when you see shit like this.
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