My experience working as a "executive producer" on a cartoon - Or "How I work 8 months on a Steven Universe ripoff and got thrown under the bus"

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Both a great ally and a real dumbass
I used to work on a show called "Arlington Florida" created by MarioCreates (Powername: Greg Barker). I first got into the show by submitting an application for it on Casting Call Club. I was looking for more experience as a writer outside of my own work. Since it was mostly baron on the audition front, I picked the executive producer role and quickly got hired.

On April 15, He direct messaged me on Discord and sent a link to one of the scripts. Our earlier convos were looking great. I was interested in the show after viewing the first episode and he was at first, competent and eager to work. We would discuss ideas and plot points for the other episodes. I would help proofread and edit scripts while he draw and helped write new scripts and songs for the show. He was even able to accept the criticisms I gave him. At the time, working on the show was a fun, new experience for me It wasn't a huge secret to me that Mario was a big fan of Steven Universe, he made that fact very clear. Many aspects of AF were heavily influenced by the show. Even the show's logo as seen in this spreadshirt page was very similar to Steven's


Sometime after I was hired, Mario asked if I wanted to participate in roleplays. I haven't done a roleplay before and was interested so I said yes. It started with us writing a few short stories based on the show. Then it went off into vore territory with two of the main characters Mario and Angelie. I had to roleplay as Angelie since Greg wanted to roleplay as his character whic. He himself admitted was a self-insert. I didn't necessary wanted to partake in these but I was too autistic to say no Nevertheless, I have archived them here.


Mario created a discord server related to the show. The server was made way before I came along but not much is known about it's early days nor did I ask or care. The whole thing was laid out as if the show had become a thing. Another server was made, this time based on roleplay. Arlington Florida: infinity gems was created to roleplay which was a crossover fic featuring characters from Steven Universe and Arlington Florida that is loosely based on the plot for Avengers: Infinity War. This was Mario's main focus for a while and I was dragged into this as well. My contribution to that server was incorporating one of my cartoons into it. Over time, he planned for it to be a big crossover between "all of your favorite shows from your childhood". Nevertheless both of these servers are pretty much inactive.


This section started after the Vore shit. Over time, Mario started becoming more and more lazy and apathetic. The amount of time it took to write scripts double and he would give very little info about the show's lore or how the characters act and even when he did gave info, it was only bits and pieces and most of it was vague as shit. The time he actually managed to write, he would only do a few lines of dialogue and leave. I have called him out on this many times and admitted to being lazy but no improvement was done on his part. Early on, he asked about my art once and after seeing it remarked that it was okay. Later on, I provided some designs which were not to his liken

I'm not gonna sperg about his criticising my art since even though he's very retarded, he can draw much better than me.


Around November, I discovered Adult Swim's Development Meeting. This was a stream held on the adult swim website where users pitched their shows to Adult Swim exes to varying results. Throughout my time as executive producer, Mario has exclaimed and rentlessly sperged about getting his show on Cartoon Network which later turned to HBO MAX. Seeing the stream as a gateway to MAX, Mario instantly jumped on that chance with us creating a pitch and constant rehearse. November 19 came along and Mario was ready to share his show to the exes. Now, I would show you the whole ordeal but he never got the chance to pitch it. Admittedly, I egged him onto doing the thing, constantly telling him to "knock" during the stream through the DMs.

Aftermath and eventually firing

Mario slowly started to lose interest in AF as evidence that he became even more lazy and focused on other projects. I was getting numb about the show after a few months and wanted to focus on my own stuff. We agree that episode 10, the season finale would be the last episode we would write. Despite his lazyness, Mario wanted to end the season and I felt the same way. On January 4, 2021 that's went everything went crashing down. 7 pages into the script, I thought up of an cute minor character that would play a part in the story and Mario said he would draw it. 7 hours later, I returned to the DMs and asked if it was done. Being the lazy fuck he is, he asked his friend to do it and took a nap. To cut out the middle man, I drew the character myself. With that out of the way, I asked Mario what were we going to name it. Mario didn't give an answer and said instead that he wants to wait until he's 21 to pitch the show to a major network because his friend told him, essentially letting me go with absolutely nothing in return. Only a "well at least we have fun working on it" excuse. Inadvertently, I wasn't feeling in the best mood and finally got fed up with his shit and sperged out and expelled every single gripe and grievance I had with him. What got me fired was when I called him a "terrible showrunner". The sperging went on as expected ultimately ending with me stated that "Arlington Florida would never become a show" and I left.
After the heated spergvo, I decide to move on from that retard. On the 9th, Mario DM'd me taunting that he got some company to pitch it and they accepted it. I would accept this as unfiltered autism, but he has stated that in another server Cartoon Universe and announced in on his YouTube channel. Now which company I cannot say and in both instances, the name of the company is never stated. If it is true or not, I would have to see in but I know I won't get any money out of it despite co-write most of it.

Now with this long ass post, I want to say a few things.

1. Please do not harass Mario about any of this. I am not making this post as a crusade against him.
2. I am no better than Mario and will never proclaim to be
3. I want this post to serve as a warning not as a lolcow XP. I didn't expect this to be as long as it was but here we are


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I didnt read the OP but it looks like you put a lot of work into it, great job!


Both a great ally and a real dumbass
So let me get this straight, you were looking for experience so you volunteered to write a 16 year old's fanfiction for him as well as being his vore fetish RP buddy.

How old are you? Cause I feel you should know better.
Basically. I'm pretty much around his age. Arlington Florida is his show and I have all of the episodes I've worked on on file. One of the server was essentially a fanfiction. Mario and Angelie's relationship isn't very touched upon in the show itself.
Can we see your animations? I'm very curious.

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Well, hope you find someone who aims higher than trying to be another shitty Steven Universe knockoff for the CN pitch room and you growing in your craft.
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