My experience working as a "executive producer" on a cartoon - Or "How I work 8 months on a Steven Universe ripoff and got thrown under the bus"

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Some stuff from Mario's twitter


His new artsyle

Leak of the episodes and songs. Almost all of the songs were meant for Angelie (the fairy in the first pic)
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Prison Planet (only song I wrote)
Episode 9 (6-8 are were not transferred to Google Docs)
Some edgy song for Angelie
So sorrow
I'm not fine
Magic show
Angelie's Descent

Huli Jing

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Basically. I'm pretty much around his age. Arlington Florida is his show and I have all of the episodes I've worked on on file. One of the server was essentially a fanfiction. Mario and Angelie's relationship isn't very touched upon in the show itself.

I'm sorry but if you thought Arlington Florida was going to be anything other than a minor's fanfiction faux-AU self-insert fantasy world then you're sorely mistaken.

The best evidence for this is the progress itself. It's been 8 months, and if you pitched the show as it is to a random person off the street with only your published progress to show for it, he wouldn't be able to latch onto a single part of it. We don't know what the story arc is, who the main characters are, or even if it's set in Arlington or Florida. The furthest inroads this show has made is a series of short and awkwardly-crafted suggestive skits which read like the scriptwriters typed them with both hands off the keyboard. Incredibly, one of them seems to be a poorly-veiled allusion to two teenage children fucking each other, which has historically posed an obstacle to greenlighting and production for any burgeoning children's television series.


I could go on, but I really don't want to analyze more of the material you've given us. Far be it from me to discourage creativity among the youth, but this is in no way even close to becoming an actual series that is produced and televised on mainstream networks. This isn't a personal indictment on any of you, but there just simply isn't enough experience from the top to provide the vision or dedication one would need to follow through on a professionally produced work. I'm not one to discourage creativity among the youth, but this one wasn't meant to serve as anything more than a self-serving wish-fulfillment fantasy for a lonely teenaged boy. Don't let this event sour you on the idea of television production itself, but if you still want to gain writing experience by working for others, you'd do well in the future to recognize and separate genuine efforts at showrunning from blatant fanfiction fantasies like these.


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First off, what the fuck did I just read?

Secondly, the draft of screenplay (or whatever that was) was blatantly amateurish. I won't even bother with characters and their dialogues but even the form was bad. OK, you are 16/15 year old wannabe writer but kid, listen, there is a Google and it has links to published screenplayes to most of the screened movies/cartoons.

Don't embarass yourself anymore, close the thread, ask to delete it and focus on school kido 'coz I am telling you you won't be a good writer.


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Good God OP, why did you make this thread?? Don’t you know how contagious stupid ideas are??? The minute you named yourself executive producer of this fanfiction you hitched yourself to this weirdo.
Next time: if someone even mentions the word “roleplay” politely get the fuck out of there.

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