MY FIRST COLOURPOP HAUL (04/04/21) - An Easter gift from the woman shaped like an Easter Eygg.

Jul 5, 2019

Looks like a must-skip under-10-minute boreen video.

Edit: Confirmed it's literally her pawing at cardboard boxes to hamfistedly show-off and squeeeeal at the fact that SO MANY COLORS exist.

One would have thought "artist" Becky would have illuminated that multiple colors exist and can have funny names, but the toddler inside Hamber is delighted at so many colors of eyeliner.

Bonus mini-ASMR as she literally ham-fists piles of colorful sticks to rub around in her hands.

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Apr 15, 2014
TLDR; Consumerist pig squeals and fawns over new makeup like a four-year old squeals over a new crayola set. While I like Colourpop, I'm tempted to throw away my own lipsticks and eyeshadows out of shame. Expect to see more horrendous makeup looks on her jaundiced, crusty skin in the future.
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Sep 24, 2019
She's gained even more weight & if you look at her arms - they're getting that bizarre mottled discoloration we've lately seen with Chantal.

She's recently whined, (again), that we hate on her because she's fat. No... if she fatly sat & SHUT up, it would be way more preferable than her agitated squealing over a product SHE ordered.

I'd hate to be in the same house as her if she unboxed a package of colorful candy - my ear drums would rupture.


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Nov 26, 2019
our gorls colourcrap haul

lippie stix, i love this (matte) - $7 (nothing by that name was on the site)
lippie stix, galore - $7
bff liquid liner, try me - $8
colour outside the liner - $88 ($140 full value)
fresh cut, crème gel liner kit - $27 ($42 full value)
lippie stix, after shock - $7
lippie stix, infinite best - $7
lippie stix, bichette - $7
lippie stix, dreamsicle - $7
pressed glitter, renegade - $5
pressed glitter, island hopping - $5
pressed glitter, 20H1/twooh1 (????????) - $5
pressed glitter, palooza - $5

Total spent: $185 (not too pricy)
💋 bye!

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Jan 4, 2021
i made a price breakdown of everything because i’m an autistic fuck who’s fascinated by consoomerism:

lippie stix (what an annoying name):
i heart this lippie - $7
galore - $7
after shock - $7
infinite best - $7
bichette - $7
dreamsicle - $7

liquid liner:
try me - $8
colour outside the liner kit - $88
fresh cut liner kit (she calls it “fresh out” because she’s an idiot) - $27

pressed glitter:
renegade - $5
island hopping - $5
2oh1 (not on the website. i assume it’s the same price) - $5
palooza - $5

GRAND TOTAL (before tax, shipping, etc.): $185

i know fuck all about makeup, but to me this doesn’t seem that horrible price-wise. but obviously a huge waste of money for someone who never leaves their apartment. hope she has fun playing dress-up for beckster though.

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Jun 3, 2020
Colourpop may be cute, but being 550~600 pounds definitely isn't
Or a lurid cunt.

Confirmed it's literally her pawing at cardboard boxes to hamfistedly show-off and squeeeeal at the fact that SO MANY COLORS exist.
I'd squeal to see the colors of her layggs. Purple and green bruising, red unhealed cuts, oozing yellow lymphedema...
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