MY FIRST WEIGH IN VIDEO OF 2020 - (1/26/2020) - She's so full of herself (and food), she's making it a PREMIERE tonight!

How much will our dainty gorl weigh-in at?

  • Over 600 elbees

    Votes: 53 19.4%
  • Over her highest previous weight (572-point-4)

    Votes: 36 13.2%
  • Between 550 and 572.4

    Votes: 61 22.3%
  • Between 500 and 549

    Votes: 14 5.1%
  • Under 500

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • It doesn't matter - every weigh-in of hers is faked/manipulated.

    Votes: 107 39.2%

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I think the only reason Amberlynn has dropped some pounds is because Becky did first. It’s known that Becky received bad news about her kidneys and had to change her diet. So in the process, she lost weight.

Amberlynn would never try to lose weight because she wanted to breathe easier, leave the house or be able to walk normally. I truly believe in her warped mind, the thought of being left behind while Becky sheds all these pounds is enough to make her start frantically losing weight.

And we don’t even know how Amberlynn is doing it. She could be sleeping all day long to avoid eating instead of getting off her fat ass and doing it the right way.

Regardless, 519 lbs is still an extremely high weight and I don’t see her being able to get through the 400’s on her own. We’ll be back to the cycle.

She's still a smug Cuntylynn in this video, it's intolerable. I don't believe she's lost 50 lbs at all, that would take quite some work, I don't think she's capable of. Plus we all saw the clip from Eric's video on the couch, you can't tell me she was 520 then or whatever. I don't see a smaller face or saggy skin. And all her Christmas feasting and three birthday dinners??Another Youtuber who was around 430 and she lost even 30 lbs you could tell it, she had saggy skin on her arms and face. Even LifeByJen shows herself stepping on the scale, why can't Hambeast? I duno I'm very skeptical and not buying it.

She's still a smug Cuntylynn in this video, it's intolerable.
My biggest "fear" about her losing weight is how smug she's gonna become because of the self-confidence she'll get from it

But, who am I kidding, whatever weight she'll keep losing won't reflect on her body, she'll still be fat as shit and everyone will still see her fat as shit except herself.


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I think the 50lbs if she did lose it was her body shedding water and then her reduced eating from being sick for months. Someone mentioned the antibiotics fucked her stomach up which I believe curbed things, but she still managed big chili's meals and pizza while battling cellulitis so now I'm curious whats next. Where do we go now since shes feeling better and Becky's landed back on planet earth? All the bullshit she bitched about at the beginning of the video, should be told to a therpist- not youtube lol.

Ive never seen a weightloss doctor advise chinese buffet every other day


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This was posted in one of the discords. The more I think about it, the more I'm leaning towards the idea that the weigh in was one she recorded in 2018. Why again is it she couldn't use the talking scale? Batteries? We've heard that excuse before, and if she can have premade meals delivered to her, she can also have batteries delivered.


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I think cuntylynn or smuglynn is more fun to watch and certainly more authentic than say, victimlynn which we had waaaay too much of in 2019.
I personally can't wait. Let's return to the heady days of "I've got a dietician" and such.

I think the 50lbs if she did lose it was her body shedding water
Ive never seen a weightloss doctor advise chinese buffet every other day
So-called water weight loss is carbohydrate storage, which requires water to store and it's the first energy to be used up when you restrict calories. It's not literal loss of water, such as if she had a life-threatening oedema and was prescribed diuretics. Weight loss is weight loss, you can bicker about it but the carb energy is always going to go first and she's not in her first week or two of the diet anymore when this is the only thing responsible for big* results.

I don't think Becky can drive her to another town for the Chinese buffet every second day... hence the weight loss.
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Yeah, whenever anyone from haydur nation points it out, they're just a bunch of haydurs and "not doctors" and "you don't know me". Well, seems like we fucking knew, doesn't it, Big Al (Since we all know you're here). Smug bitch.

ETA this, from exactly one year ago today. (Cued)
She is smaller in this old video than she is now despite her claiming to weigh 40+ lbs less. Are the laws of physics broken in Kentucky now or what the heck is going on?


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This is what happened: Amber got fat as fuck over the summer of 2019, reaching her highest weight of 600 pounds or, most likely, more. She got sick and lost some weight, 52.8 pounds? probs not. Is she 519 pounds? fuck no. She lost weight and wants to show it off while she can, you know, before she quickly gains it all back. She won't ever admit that she surpassed 572 a long time ago so that's why she's giving this bs weight of 519 pounds or else she would have to fess up that although she lost weight, she had also gained weight many many months ago. It's a constant web of lies with Amber, her and the truth are like oil and water.
Also, why the fuck was the room pitch black?? That scale does not need to light up to see the numbers. Just another reason to suspect that she's being deceptive!


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IMHO the tonsillitis deserves the lions share of the credit. Amber is a trooper, she could power through and eat with a stomach virus or a respiratory virus. But something that makes it painful to swallow (and I assume swollen tonsils would force her to eat smaller bites, someone with tonsils please correct if I'm wrong) can put a damper on the food consumption of even the most gluttonous hambeast. Amber's previous efforts usually top out at a 20 lb loss when not combined with an illness.
I really don't think she had tonsillitis. It was probably a sore throat and she googled it. She also posted a shot of the tonsillitis symptoms from Google.
She's so manipulative and the lies just spew out of her.

Edit: I don't get why some people on here are believing her and wishing her the best when this is a forum to laugh at the cow. Why are you on here? I just can't believe she's fooling you guys. She's known for this.
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