MY FIRST WEIGH IN VIDEO OF 2020 - (1/26/2020) - She's so full of herself (and food), she's making it a PREMIERE tonight!

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How much will our dainty gorl weigh-in at?

  • Over 600 elbees

    Votes: 53 19.4%
  • Over her highest previous weight (572-point-4)

    Votes: 36 13.2%
  • Between 550 and 572.4

    Votes: 61 22.3%
  • Between 500 and 549

    Votes: 14 5.1%
  • Under 500

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • It doesn't matter - every weigh-in of hers is faked/manipulated.

    Votes: 107 39.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
MPB is currently live and reacting to this video, and he actually made a good point: the part where Big Al is whining about not caring about validation from viewers/the internet at large, he points out that she had said she wants to "inspire people" and that can't be done on a weight loss "journey" (I am so fucking sick of this word) unless you get feedback/validation from viewers that you're acting in a way that people can be inspired by.

She is so stupid.

DefCon Dumb

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I remember when people started using the word "journey" to describe any big life change that could to be a struggle. Like many other words, (bullying, victim, etc.); it got old fast. I can tolerate it when people are making progress, even if it takes time to get there but I want to punch my screen when said 'journey' never gets past the first truck stop with a dozen fast food joints to choose from.

Snufkin kin

Let’s go fill the internet with crime, come on!
Edit: I don't get why some people on here are believing her and wishing her the best when this is a forum to laugh at the cow. Why are you on here? I just can't believe she's fooling you guys. She's known for this.
I mean, I’ll eat your tophat if she lost a single pound, but we don’t all need to be on the same page about everything just ‘cause we hate the same cow. Some people believe Ham genuinely suffers mental illness, some don’t. Some believe she’s seeing a therapist, some don’t. I for one don’t believe her as long as her lips are smacking, but it’s not like I can 100% disprove her claims.

This forum is to laugh at the cow, yes. But it’s not to laugh at the cow in the same way. Let’s not be sheep calling the cow a beast.