my kidnapping and escape from the moon babies

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Bubbly Sink

Oct 12, 2020
A few days ago I was kidnapped and tortured by the mossad cia relics known as moon babies. They are not babies but actually giant aliens the height of 8 feet. They are annoying and grabbed me and then took me to their basement in LA where I was forcibly sterilized and then forcibly given new testicles with moon babies sperm in it which would essentially condemn me to impregnation of earth women to further their rave which is actually a parallel to replacement theory of Europeans which isn't actually true just a psyop (moslems are our brothers) and anyway the moon babies wanted to turn me into them but I escaped and now I need to cut my testicles off

Agent Abe Caprine

Still peacocking your mom.
Dec 16, 2019
There you are! Me and the boys were looking for you. You cannot escape the Watchers, mortal.


Aye ya limey wanker get that off the television!
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Feb 11, 2017
Are you doing okay now? If they're giant aliens of eight feet, why are they called moon "babies?" This is certainly intriguing and sounds like something out of some bizarre science fiction novel.

José Mourinho

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Feb 3, 2013
In the golden years newfaggots like you would of been halal'd within the week of registration and sent running back to the safety of your reddit and tumblr pages. To type up gaint walls of text about how the big bad K-Farmers are evil and you totally aren't bad like them, that your curiosity got the best of you. That you've let the rebellious urge to be naughty and edgy run through your veins, but at heart you are truly a good Christian boy.

Newfaggots like you and this kind of newfaggotry like thinking is what is ruining this website. You and your kin are the nail in the coffin of what was once the great Kiwi Farms (tm). You should be ashamed to call yourself a K-Farmer.

In fact, I bet you dont even call yourself one, do you? You’re ashamed aren't you? What would mommy and daddy say if they found out? What about your friends, your popularity? No, a newfaggot like you would never feel pride in their interactions with this community. Would never proudly wear their K-Farmer shirts in public. I have 4 official and 1 counterfeit, but thats besides the point because a newfaggot like you would never own a single one let alone wear it outside of the safety of their bedroom!

Fuck off newfaggot, fuck off all of you newfaggots. You sicken me.

Go do a kickflip into traffic.

Care to put your money where your mouth is, faggot?
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Bring as many of your cowardly friends as you want; I'll go to prison, but all of you will go to the morgue.

All of you are retarded. This community is retarded. You guys have no concept of how to deal with things you don't like and that is absolutely fascinating considering what sort of a forum this is. I don't know how we ended up with a population that is 50% transgender/lgbt-"ally", but it has slowly rotted away at what the very notion of a lolcow is. We've become Imgur-lite, a shitty, reactionary website filled with easily offended prudes who can't even stomach something they don't like being on the same domain name as where they post.

You people are so fucking easy to troll, all one has to do is make an alt account and say something disagreeable to end up with a 400 reply thread in under 12 hours. This has happened numerous times. Introman isn't here to troll, but he knows how preposterously easy it is to offend the LGBT community. He's a contributor to RoK, a troll website, which is the parent company that owns Reaxxion, also a troll website. I've said this multiple fucking times and nobody believes it because you'd all rather cry about dumb shit.

A fully grown wxmyn with a professional acting career engaging in an edit war on Wikipedia over their birth name is fucking stupid and funny. If you can't see that, you're in the wrong place.

All of our recent rules have been setup to protect people from themselves and encourage quality posting. Nobody cares about what you consider to be a passing transexual. Nobody cares about your personal stories. Nobody cares if you don't think this person is a lolcow. If you think the thread is off-topic, report it. Your shitposting does not fix anything, and as far as I'm concerned, disrupting conversation is a form of backseat moderating. If you can't get a thread locked, just make the thread as shitty as possible, right? Nah, not anymore -- I'm going to start threadbanning people if you decide you're going to take SOCIAL JUSTICE into your own hands and puke into the reply box to fuck with the conversation.

This thread would have died if you fucking morons didn't reply to it. There are less lolcowish people on the last page of this forum that sank because people just didn't reply. That didn't happen here because the topic was a transexual, and that's your fault.