My mom was abusive to me -


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Hey look I want to report my mother to social services for child abuse for saying untrue things about me.

first she never hits me. look me and my brother got into a food fight we threw ketchup around in McDonalds(he started it).my mom was going to buy us a game. my bro wanted something different.

look i got mad and threw ketchup and it got on some people’s clothes and this ladies purse my mom had to pay 150 bucks for the clothes i ruined. .The manager came to the table yelled at us. when my mom came out of the bathroom. she saw what we did she wigged out on us and diss us in there called us a babies real loud told me and him we need go back to wearing diapers again and sit in a high chair. can I bring her up on charges for saying that to me ? even just to scare her.

Its just no fair . she took away my x box and i pod i cant go out on the weekends now because of her. look I know im 16 years my bro is 13 years old but i have more legal rights then my mother on this im sure of it. Even the charges dont stick it would make her treat me better in the future by not calling me a baby right

she told me i was a big baby to and i needed pampers as well. he started it not me


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Post pix, preferably nude pix of your mom as found on her onlyfans page, this way we can judge for ourselves which one of her Patron's was your father based on the what night was the "2 4 1" Dance special at the strip club that week.

Speaking of that, I'm about to beat the fuck out of my stepdad. I'm not even half his size, so I'll suckerpunch him straight in the jaw next time I see his ass.

My mom is abusive to me too. I'm just trying my best to survive my temporary existence with her. Until I can move out hopefully soon, since I just got a job recently.


Let me guess. Your parents are divorced?????
Also i'd takeher up on that diaper offer. Sound pretty cool you can game and not even need to go 2 the bathroom and she has 2 clean up ur butt 8)