My mother is throwing me out on Christmas Eve. AITA? -


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Apparently she is racist against the glorious nation of Nippon. Yes, she threw me out over anime. I’m convinced that she’s completely in the wrong and I want confirmation of this. I will be totally honest with the following turn of events which led to my unfair exile... but I want to know am I the asshole?

It all started when her boss come over for Christmas Eve dinner which was only ok because she let me microwave some tendies. The evening was relatively peaceful but I was bored so I turned on the Tv in the front room and started watching my favorite animes. Everything was fine when she freaked out suddenly for no reason and turned off the tv. She was extremely pale and apologized prefusely. Not to me btw but to her boss! Wtf! She turned off the tv right as it was getting to the good part and did so without asking my permission first. Her boss btw is a cuck because his wife clearly did not appreciate fine art when she saw or heard it. I think he was enjoying it too but he had to cave to the femoid like a simp. I politely asked to resume my show but my mother ignored my facts and logic. I attempted to negotiate but when diplomacy was no longer an option I had to resort to extreme measures. My mother then demanded that I leave and never return. I tried to plead my case but she’s clearly a heartless bitch. She intends for me to freeze to death on our back porch. She also wouldn’t even let me charge my Switch first and I didn’t have time to grab my favorite body pillow. Wtf! Anyways am I the asshole?

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