My New Diet Plan | Grocery Haul 7/15/19 - Day 1 Amberlynn..


lol this entire video is Amberlynn defending her "doctor-endorsed" eating choices (which are suspiciously similar to her every day eating choices) from haydurs. Fucking hilarious considering we already know she's stopped seeing the WL doctor and is a fatter fatass than ever. Next comes the passive-aggressive retweet about how she don't care what anyone thinks.


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What bariatric surgeon wants a 600 pound woman to eat frozen meals loaded with sodium every night for dinner? Who is she kidding
it doesn't matter if they're loaded with sodium. If she were to actually stick with it, that one salty thing would end up being less sodium than all the other crap she usually eats instead

What bariatric surgeon wants a 600 pound woman to eat frozen meals loaded with sodium every night for dinner????
He wants her to have one of the healthy choice type of frozen meals. I actually think this is a good idea as long as she actually eats only that frozen dinner for that particular meal and doesn't eat extra shit to make up for the rest of the calories she'd usually have.

The main thing is to get her to lower her calorie intake. I don't think the sodium in those frozen dinners come close to the amount of sodium in the shit she normally eats.

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