My New Diet Plan | Grocery Haul 7/15/19 - Day 1 Amberlynn..


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I will NEVER understand why these death fats insist on eating protein bars! Those bars are for athletes when they are exercising hardcore and need lots of protein to compensate for all the calories they are burning. Unless you're hiking up a damn mountain, or running a marathon, and you sure as hell shouldn't eat one especially if you are 600 pounds. And there is no way she will eat that bar as her breakfast, it will be a part of her breakfast of bacons and ayyygs. It's all moot anyways because this vlog is at least a month behind and she's already back to letting the binge monster consume her.

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Ok at this point I'm convinced she's putting makeup on her knuckles to make them darker.

Like everyone else who is sane, I have a really hard time believing that a weight loss doctor is encouraging her to eat so many pre-packaged meals, or saying to get a cheeseburger from McDonald's instead of a grilled chicken sandwich or salad.

And how is she going to chew on shoe leather beef jerky with her teeth supposedly rotting out of her head? Gorl, why even bother with these half-assed lahs?

I think the doctors plan is pretty solid.
It's more or less 3 appropriate calorie meals.
Upping your activity level.
And because we know amber has food obsession - she can use the "snack" to fixate on.
"ok in 30 mins i can have another bite, okay in 30 mins i can have another bite, okay in 30 mins i can have another bite" so she can fixate on something that doesn't spiral into her trying to resist food, then telling herself one more binge, doing that binge, then telling herself to resist, one more binge, telling herself to resist....binge.... pattern.....
If she actually follows this plan she's going to have more than (what was it??? 8 pounds month or something??) loss


Meh. Just an egg with a bacon blanket.
the only therapy this bitch needs is a good swift kick in the shelf ass and to grow the fuck up.
Her life was not even that bad, she likes to spin a tale of woe. Yes her parents were crackheads but did they beat her? Starve her? She got to be a fatass from a young age so she was definitely fed.
Who among us hasn't had some sort of "childhood trauma/a series of unfortunate events"? I am sorry but there comes a time that you need to take responsibility for your part in the matter.
Time to get over all your "problems" fatass. You're supposed to be an adult. None of those things affect you anymore.
I completely agree with you. At almost thirty years old, you should definitely get over your childhood problems and a lot of adults do.

However, if you're in a position where you're her age and still blaming your problems on your childhood, at some point you should look for professional help because clearly the way she's thinking is completely wrong and she refuses to see that.

You gotta be pretty strong willed to get through trauma (regardless of how bad we think her trauma was), and I think we can all agree that Amber does not have strong will.

If she pushed a bottom and was skinny tomorrow, it wouldn't matter. She hasn't delt with what put her in this position which is her additude and the way she views her life. She would just gain all the weight back because she's not dealing with the underlying issue.

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Sew your mouth shut diet is your only chance sweetie
I've always said she needed her jaw wired shut Insatiable style
Maybe Rickie will be the homeless druggie to her Debby Ryan.

Doc probably said
"If you can get a handle on your diabetes, you'll lose more weight. Cut your carbs from 500g a day down to a dainty 100g on top of cutting refined sugars and flour."

Isnt it recommended those with the beetus intake something like 50g net carbs a day max?
There's no way.

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Amber doesn't go to school, she doesn't have a job to leave the house for, she has no kids to take care of, and she doesn't do housework. But if she's in a hurry....! LOL

I'll be surprised if she's still alive in a year.
To be honest, her “weightloss doctor” kinda sounds like he’s full of shit. He gave her some generic info she could’ve gotten from google and fed her whatever she wanted to hear. It’s almost like he cared more about being her friend than actually making her succeed. It kinda makes sense. The dude isn’t in a hurry. As long as she keeps coming and signing the checks, it’s all good.


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I will NEVER understand why these death fats insist on eating protein bars! <snip>
I agree with your rant, but the answer is: Because protein bars are heavily marketed to them. Media matters.

Her mixing these pre-recorded videos with current ones is really fucking the cycle up.
That's the idea gorl

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He told her to eat out and fast food. He is allowing her to eat half a cheesburger ☺
I remember in one of her earlier videos she said that she restricts her food by ordering what she wants and then eating half now, half the next day. Gorl you're still eating all the calories and don't have the self control to eat just half at a time.

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She knows she's well and truly fucked, that's probably why she gave her new "diet" such a long timeline. Plus, is it just me or has Becky looked even more depressing than usual in the recent videos? She probably knows what's up.
Amber is one of those abusers that sucks the life out of you slowly but steadily.

Your interests? Garbage. Your hobbies and talents? "Little crafts". Your family? A bunch of assholes who don't have enough money to buy their kids a pair of shoes. Your job? Useless, I make more. The way you look? Utterly ridiculous. A personality trait I don't like? Change it. You want to leave me? And then what are you going to do? I'm your only source of income, and we have established a while ago that you're useless and with no talent, so you won't find a job and without me you'll become homeless.

This sort of attitude was very visible in the video from yesterday, when Becky was talking about X-Men: she was talking about how something she holds dear and is passionate about is going to end soon and this makes her sad, and Amber's first instinct was to immediately ridicule her feelings, laughing and saying that she doesn't even know what she's talking about and that she would never be a fan of that series.

Sure, being upset because a movie series about comic book heroes is going to end is kind of ridiculous, but we all have things we love even if they are stupid guilty pleasures, and we would be sad if they ended. If Britney Spears was to announce her retirement, a lot of people would be sincerely upset because of it.

Also, it's rich that Amber ridicules her for being upset when just the other day she was crying because Gaga became famous in a movie.

Like I said in another discussion, the more you look at Becky, the more you realize that the lights are on but no one's home. She'll need years of therapy, to finally accept that she can have interests, looks, and passions that please only her and no one else.

This if she doesn't kill herself after Amber's death, because we all know obese honey boo boo is brainwashing her into thinking that, if she dies, it's all going to be her fault and her fault only.

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Another thing I noticed is that whenever they're in the car.. it's always Amber's music that is on. I've never heard Becky's music playing.

Love how she picked out these candybar-ish protein bars and humbly tells us that they have more carbs than she would like.. but what can she do..she's following the plan 💁‍♀️
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I bet that this was just a (maybe free) consultation considering that this doctor only performs weight loss surgery. Even if Amber had the money for it, which I don't think she does, she was just complaining about having to pay for some antibiotics - for her bleeding flesh! Not to mention that Amber has stated many times that she does not want WLS.

She is lyeeeeen. We'll never hear about another "weight loss doctor" appointment again, or I'll eat my hat. And yes, I know what happened to the last person who said that.

I think part of it is prepackaged foods are a fixed, known amount of calories. If Amber were to cook, it's guaranteed she'd end up adding extra shit or fudging her portion sizes and end up having many more calories than would be expected for whatever she was making.
The thing is that she also said she was going to eat that broccoli and cauliflower steamed thing with it so she’s already adding to it. That’s a slippery fucking slope. Follow the doctor’s orders! He said eat only that meal. You said that he said that, Hamber. He didn’t say eat this and then, you know, whatever. He said eat only that frozen meal. She is incapable of any restraint. It’s fucking pathetic. I agree with other folks that this guy had her pegged Dr. Now style from the get go and just have her generic dietary advice you’d get from any doctor because he knows good and goddamned well she won’t follow it.

This shit is so old and Eric’s stuff way more contemporary. We can see she hasn’t lost an ounce. This is ridiculous.