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0:00 ‘Hey guise!’ What? So cheerful? Weren’t you just ranting your face off on Snapchat? You lah. But hey, she’s done her makeup. And her wings are crooked.

0:10 Oh fuck, Buzzfeed Quizzes? Didn’t she do those before? Kind of? Anyway, she chose two. Says she doesn’t know if it’s going to be entertaining.

0:27 One of them is the five love languages - ‘Which one is yours?’ Laaaaame. My only love language is love of Diet Coke.

0:35 Other one is ‘Do you agree or disagree with these controversial relationship opinions?’ Why is she not doing these with Becky? That may be more entertaining than watching she of the clown makeup blather at us. And not rant.

0:37 ShE’s ScArEd. Hasn’t looked at any questions.

Fuck, diving into it. We’ll just do Q&A shit.


Quiz 1) Five Love Languages time!

Q- when you have a bad day, what makes you feel better?
- hanging out with friends
- talking it through with a friend
- retail therapy
- having someone cook dinner for me
- getting a big hug from someone I love

A- wish I could choose all of them, but top one is getting a big hug from someone I love. (You lah. You know it’s dinner. Cooked by Cheesecake Factory, your one true love.)

Q- which sounds like the best way to celebrate your birthday
- big hugs from your loved ones
- receiving lots and lots of birthday cards
- someone making my bed and doing all of my chores for the week (this one got laughed at)
- I don’t care about gifts, I just want to hang out with my friends and family
- getting a very special personal birthday gift

A- 100%, doesn’t care about gifts (gifts may not be edible) but just wants to hang out with friends (what friends?) and family (What, you want to be in jail? Or are you talking the family you never wrote to and blame for all of your problems? LAAAAAH.)

Q- which quality is most important in a partner ‘UGH this is going to be hard’ groaneth the AL
- loyalty
- sense of humor
- intelligence
- levelheadedness
- kindness


Q- what do you think is your biggest flaw as a partner
- too type a
- get too comfortable
- can be forgetful
- not the best at communicating
- gets pissed off easily

A- she thinks she gets too comfortable (her snapchat disagrees, because she’s a massive cunt and displayed that)

Q- pick your ideal date
- going to the bar for some drinks and some pool (definitely not for AL, as this requires effort)
- staying in and watching a movie
- a fancy candlelit dinner
- making dinner together
- going to some sort of live show (LOLOLOL shitmonger here couldn’t walk at Pride and sat in her motel room to snarf on food - she wouldn’t be able to stand in a large venue concert)

A- candlelit dinner. While it’s fairly predictable as that takes zero efforts, I thought she’d go with the movies because that’s all she does with Becky. Guess those aren’t ideal dates lol

Q- what’s a big turnoff for you on a date
- date is rude to the waiter
- date shows up late (doesn’t matter if she’s the one driving, huh AL? Heh)
- date constantly checks her phone
- date isn’t the cuddly type
- date doesn’t like the restaurant I’ve chosen

A- Can’t choose one. It’s the waiter and the phone. Which is all her. Period. Then says ‘If it was Becky’ it’s the rude to the waiter one.

Q- which would be a deal breaker in a relationship
- partner criticizes me in a nonconstructive way
- forgets birthday/anniversary/date night/etc
- doesn’t make me a priority
- I don’t see my partner for long periods of time
- not being intimate with me

A- Priority. Because we know she doesn’t have any intimacy.

Q- best present
- two tickets to see favorite band
- breakfast in bed
- a little love note
- back massage (good luck finding her muscles lol)
- nice jewelry

A- two tickets to see her favorite band. Because ‘you know me.’ Plus she has her fill of Walmart jewelry.

Q- what would upset you the most
- not being the best at something
- someone I love forgets my birthday
- significant other doesn’t want to kiss me
- one of my friends avoids me
- not being helped when I’m clearly struggling

A- ‘Why can’t I choose all of these?’ Chooses significant other doesn’t want to kiss her.

Q- biggest turn-on
- someone specials remembers the little things I say
- gives me a massage
- makes me breakfast in bed
- gets me that gift I’ve always wanted
- comfortable cuddling up to watch a movie

A- easy choice for AL - remembers the little things I say. Kiwifarms remembers, Amber. Kiwifarms always remembers lol

Q- when do you feel the most relaxed
- taken care of
- positively reassured by someone
- can just chill on the couch with someone I love
- can cuddle with someone I love just before bed
- when someone I love gives me a present that they know will make me smile

A- Whines that there’s two of them - cuddling and positively reassured. Because she’s a needy cunt and needs reassurance all the time but says that’s just
talking. Goes with reassurance.

Q- which saying about love is the truest
- no matter how busy you are if you really care you’ll find time for the person
- a true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other
- every day love is a choice
- affection is always greater than perfection
- at the end of the day you can focus on either what’s tearing you apart or what’s keeping you together

A- goes with the first one.

According to Buzzfeed, her love language is quality time. She disagrees with that.

7:40 She reads the fucking definition of Quality Time here. I’m not bothering with this shit.

8:04 Validates that she does agree with the assessment’s example, but still doesn’t agree that her love language is Quality Time. Bitch doesn’t know what the love languages are, m’thinks. Just picked the quiz because it was about love or some dumb 14-year-old teenager dumbassery or something. Point-blank-period (Imma point-blank-period yer face, AL. You sound like an exceptional r.etard when you say that.)

8:20 Ah fuck, it’s the next one. Back to Q&A style.


Quiz 2) Do you agree or disagree with these controversial relationship opinions? (And AL could barely read this lol)

Q- you and your partner should have each other’s passwords to phones and social media accounts

A- AL is a nope. She says you should feel comfortable enough sharing those things, but says disagrees because you shouldn’t have them. 79% disagree.

Q- couples don’t need to have similar interests to be compatible.

A- agreed. 76% agreed

Q- A good personality is always more attractive than good looks

A- agreed. Meaning that she’s an ugly fucking cunt. 91% agree

Q- in heterosexual relationships the man should always be the one to propose

A- disagree. 64% disagree. Says she’s shocked to see that, because she feels that a lot of people agree with that despite the poll saying ‘nope, sure don’t you vapid cuntwaffle.’ AL, your bias is showing.

Q- a relationship only becomes exclusive only when the other asks you to become their partner

A- waffles about how it depends on the person and its different for everyone. How can she not, when her one true love cheated on her and is engaged to a fridge another woman? She still loves adores would bang is friends with Destiny. Can’t speak badly about things she’s done. Says she’s going to disagree because she feels there should be mutual respect (wait, what? My brain has exploded because her rational behind her choice makes no fucking sense). 58% agree (meaning they don’t side with AL).

Q- it’s okay to go to bed angry at your partner

A- disagree. Proclaims it’s horrible because it makes your sleep bad (no, that’d be your undiagnosed sleep apnea). 53% agree (so disagree with AL)

Q- cheating is unforgivable

A- Agree. 75% agree. But what about Dusty?

Q- having a fast paced relationship is okay

A- ‘So are you talking about U-Haul lesbians? I’m going to go with agree.’ 80% agree

Q- everyone has a soulmate

A- agree, but she feels soulmates can be in friendships as well. Says she has a soulmate in a friend. NOT YOU, BECKY LOLOL 54% disagree

Q- it’s okay to get back together with your ex

A- agree (because we know it’s her fondest wish). 75% agree

Q- women should change their last name when they get married

A- disagree. 87% disagree

Q- it’s okay to be attracted to other people while in a relationship

A- whines about how it’s hard to choose - celebrities don’t matter, but other people? She waffles because she loves Dusty. Agrees, but that’s because she says being attracted and acting on it are two separate things. I am dying of laughter internally and have almost choked on my rum with its splash of Diet Coke. 74% agree

Q- couples don’t have to be monogamous

A- agree. 52% disagree lol AL goes on about being in an open relationship and my brain has melted. Next glass gets nothing but rum. Ugh.

Q- you shouldn’t date if you’re not over your ex

A- depends on the situation. WASABI SITING!!! AND THERE’S RARITY! KITTIES! Sorry, distracted. She blathers. And blathers. And blathers. Then finally says disagree. 74% agree (so fuck you, AL)

Q- it’s okay to give in even when you’re right

A- agree because fuck arguing. 79% agree

Q- cheating isn’t a mistake, it’s a choice

A- agree 100,000,000%. 92% agree

Q- it’s okay for couples to post a lot about their lives together on social media

A- agree, except she hates relationships when you know them in real life but their social media lives are different, aka: totally in love online but not so much in real life. Are you projecting? Are you fantasizing? Are you praying there’s a chance with your ex? 77% agree

Q- first impressions always matter on a first date

A- agrees to an extent because first impressions aren’t always accurate. aka: When you catfish and you’re actually a balloon without your instagram fat-girl angles. Or you are nice in a YT video, then are a massive raging bitch on Snapchat. AL changes to ‘disagree’ because it doesn’t matter because someone could be nervous or having a bad day. 75% agree so she’s in the minority again.

Q- you shouldn’t get into a relationship unless you have a healthy relationship with yourself

A- disagrees, because then she’d be forever alone. 85% agree with that. AL is stunned.

17:00 Realizes that’s the last question. Says it was fun. Hopes we enjoyed it, and wants us to take them too. Nope. I shall drink instead.
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She's just baiting for comments that shit on her for still being in love with Destiny so she can use them in her next Snapchat rant.
I mean, she can try and fool herself and whoever the unlucky ppl are that follow her on Snap, but anyone with a brain knows she'd drop the Thumby One in a fucking microsecond if Density so much as suggested she was interested again.
^ this is all an edit, I didn't wanna doublepost.

She's over here doing Buzzfeed quizzes like she wasn't just trying to be this edgy, sarcastic Qween.

Is she 10, or is she 30? Neither, she's just fat.

I edited this just to add that she's got 1k dislikes to around 175 likes, and it's showing 8 ads on a 17 min video. Just fucking lol.
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She's just baiting for comments that shit on her for still being in love with Destiny so she can use them in her next Snapchat rant.
Well let's hope she gets what she wants so we can get something actually entertaining to watch.
Just for everyones info - this was recorded on the 5th of May before her shifting into her indignant phase
No wonder she had to do her rant with a Snapchat filter - her face is probably visibly much fatter now.

I'm only about 5 minutes in but it's so boring I'm not retaining anything she's saying.

ETA: She says her love language is quality time, I don't buy that. Her love language is food, point blank period.
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i don't usually pay much attention to the amber sock account convos but some of the comments are a bit thunk provoking today. i don't know if the journey and shanaynay are known socks of hers but they make themselves (herself) very obvious. i'm not sure about mike chouest, maybe he's just a feeder

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.36.42 PM.png

we know she still gets majorly triggered over people bringing up the dusty present drama.
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.36.15 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.34.45 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.33.14 PM.png

i don't know what 'self decisive' means but i feel like i've definitely heard her misuse decisive before. it sounds exactly like how she was talking in yesterday's rant either way.
Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.31.07 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.30.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.29.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 4.25.43 PM.png


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OK doing the summary. Literally 30 seconds in and I am regretting this decision.

Scratch that apparently being domestically abused is better than listening to this shit 2:30 worst video she has done in years UTTER FUCKING TRASH.

Enjoy your 35k views Hamplanet, those sock accounts though hmmm
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So she'a talking about her and Becky's relationship right? All jokes aside this is probably something she made over a week ago, did the snapchat rant a day ago, didn't think to herself, "mmmh, maybe I shouldn't post this video " and yet she did.

Jesus, Amberlynn gone through so many cycles than her washer machine at home.

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I'd forgotten Becky could be white knighting under a sock. How poor is Becky's English? What led me to think it was Amber was she was speaking "on behalf of those who harass her". I associate that type of language misuse as Amber but have never heard all that much from Becky.