my opinion on obesetobeast - 7/18/2019

Orange Banana

clickbait about obesetobeast starts at 15:15.

"What's your opinion on obesetobeast's new video in which he mentions you? I haven't seen it. It depends on which one your talking about because there's been a few where he mentions me and i think the last one... what was it.. he mentioned I was eating japanese snacks online or something like that. um.. I watched like parts of it and I honestly don't really have opinion. I just think that he is really kind hearted and he never like follows the crowd if you get what I'm saying. Like He knows I get a lot of hate but he doesn't like try to jump on that train like his opinions are very unbiased and I like that about him"

Basically its fucking nothing.
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Wake me up

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Accurate summary?
I'm 7 minutes in and do not have anything to report other than your accurate prediction.

EDIT at 8 and a half minutes in she tells us that we should be grateful she's a YouTuber because she could instead be a secretary for a living (literally). a) you wouldnt even fit on a desk; b) thank you so much for dropping the good life to instead record 15-minute videos to us once every couple days for a living, you're an inspiration to us all wow so selfless much giving.

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