my opinion on obesetobeast - 7/18/2019


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11:31 have you tried to audition for my 600 pound life
11:40 they have contacted me but I didn't
11:43 really um message back or anything so

Yes. That's exactly what happened. You never messaged them back.

Wake me up

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Why is she even trying to "prove" that she's randomly picking the messages by showing us her scrolling without looking, when then there's a jumpcut before she actually reads it?
Because she's an 8-year old mentally, if she convinces herself she's "right", nothing else matters. Which is why she's going to die from morbid obesity while tricking everyone who tries to help herself into believing she's doing her best to keep it under control.

Okay, so here's my recap (or rather notes I typed while hate-watching all sixteen minutes of this Instagram Ask-Me-Anything nonsense):

- Opens with Pillow Mountain, complete with Twinkie Storr buried near the back.
- "Deja Vu" regarding previous video of her "reading her Instagram DMs" and how she got some hate and some love (mostly hate) for it.
- Refers to her Instagram callout of "send me a message"
- SmugLynn calling out she's using Becky's phone for this "hehe".
- "As I've gotten fatter, my foot has gotten bigger" and 200 pounds have expanded her 7 1/2 to a 9 1/2 shoe size.
- Claims she exercises and moves around a lot more, but doesn't record it. Wouldn't want to waste valuable clickbait opportunities with actual requested content!
- Multiple messages showing support, calling out haydurs, etc.
- "I couldn't roll my eyes right now hard enough" [insert moonface fat joke here]
- "I wish there were something I could do" to stop the boollyeen. Well, if you read the haydur comments instead of being scared by them, they've got LOTS of tips of what you can do to fix the SITUATION.
- (Someone making valid points about the ALR responds to Zach video) "I'm not trying to shame Zack or shame haydurs", "I disagree", and then fails to understand that posting public videos on a public website allows for THE PUBLIC to respond, comment, and critique the content being publicly provided.
(Good news! Amberlynn can't have DIS-abilities because she has UN-abilities instead!)
"PEOPLE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR MY VIDEOS" - ties to her SnapChat rant less than 24 hours ago saying people are ungrateful
- ALR finally semi-addresses mortality by reminding the haydurs that she "could disappear one day" and then clicks a separate message directly addressing she needs to get her shit together before she dies.
- Reminder about her mental disorders.
- MSHPL contacted her, but she didn't message back or anything. (Because she refuses to admit she's 600+LB)
- Where do you see yourself a year from now? "I don't know, and it's kind of a secret actually ehehehehe." CLIFFHANGERLYNN RETURNS
- Additional reminder of "YOU ARE DYEEEEN"
- "SCROLLIN SCROLLIN SCROLLEEEN - I hate myself." (Yea, we know the feeling.)
- Keeps referring to "new messages" as ones just after her "REACTING TO ZACHARY MICHAEL" video posted an entire month ago.
- 15:15 timestamp in the 16:44-long video: What's your opinion on ObeseToBeast's new video in which he mentions you? "I haven't seen it . . . I honestly don't really have an opinion." Admitting that the title of this video is official clickbait. (She goes on to actually give an opinion that he is kind/unbiased. That's it.)
- Final reminder of her impending death that the haydurs are all waiting for!
- "Should I do a Part 3?"

Sure there is....but chain might be easier to find locally.
I'm getting Mary the Elephant vibes
She lives far enough in Bumfuckery that the populous could try this. That poor elephant. You know in Erwin, TN where that happened there used to be an antique store called The Hanging Elephant. Perhaps our gorl could be similarly memorialized.

Holy. Shit.

I actually thought that "obesetobeast" was some other fitness guy on YT that I saw in passing a while back, talking about Amber being seriously close to dying based on just how she looks. As soon as I see this guy, though, I realize it's someone else. So I watch him for about fifteen minutes and lo and behold; He makes the exact same statement about Amber's inevitable death, like fucking soon.

Well I mean duh, of course, but it's still a hilariously sad pattern; No matter which fitness guy doing vlogs you look at, they take one look at Amber and go "JFC, this person is not going to live long."