my opinion on obesetobeast - 7/18/2019

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She is grateful for Miley and McNuggies, therefore we should all be grateful for Amber and her "walking to a tree and back" and "stuffing chicken sausages in my gob" videos that she put so much time and effort into.

She could be working at a menial job somewhere y'all, but she chose to inspire us and we should all applaud this brave woman for the gifts she bestows upon us out of pure benevolence.

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No, boo boo. You'd break it.

I love how this dumb asshat believes she has anything to do other than eat and film herself so she can afford to eat more. Sorry, Amberlynn, but Barnum and Bailey's has been gone for quite some time, and they didn't have a freak show section towards the end of their time in operation.

I think her eyeliner is on thicker on one eye making it look bigger/different. or maybe her one eye is really bigger and the eyeliner is bringing it out more.
Could be, but most peoples faces are asymmetrical to a certain degree and most people have one eye that may be larger than the other. Not to her comical degree, but folks who have more asymmetrical features tend to use make up to off set that and that's were the eyeliner thing comes in. If you had that kind of thing going on you wouldn't emphasize it on the already enlarged side. You'd tone down the eyeliner and bump it up a bit on the other side or you'd use eyeshadow to make it less noticeable. What the fuck am I talking about? This is Hamber. She can't be arsed to watch a cooking tutorial why should I expect common knowledge makeup techniques?

Using eyeliner to make your eyes look more symmetrical is a) something she never would've thought of and b) not even a good idea if you wear dramatic liner like she does (black liquid) because it's too easy to end up emphasizing the difference between eyes and/or your uneven eyeliner draws attention to, well, your uneven eyeliner.

Amberlynn's face structure is extremely asymmetrical. I guess more people don't notice because she's so fat but you can see it even in her earliest videos. Her face is way more wonky that Becky's.

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