My plea to be unbanned from Kiwi Farms -


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except he really likes to debate in favor of children being able to consent and that sex with minors is not harmful to them.
Weird. Those types usually can’t wait to throw that shit on the table the moment they find a topic they can segue into it.

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This right here is precisely why KF should take a page out of other forums books and have a (view only for non mods/subjects) public ban appeal board, so we can all laugh at these people a second time.


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Dear Colonel J,

Fuck you and fuck your exceptional black loli pedo ass back to your shit fucking youtube channel. If your dumb bitchass can't take the time to study why the Weeb Wars are they are now, then it's no wonder why your stupid whiny entitled fuckfaced self got banned right the fuck out.

Don't come back, and if you do, we'll put your 5 cent ass where it belongs to make change.

Sincerely signed and another fuck you too, I Love Beef.

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If this guy's a troll, he's easily the most incompetent and unfunny I've ever met. If he's legit, he's a poster child for why we need to bring back asylums. Either way he was a dumb fucking faggot who never contributed anything interesting and couldn't even do us the decency of having amusing dox.

Also he's an advocate for pedophilia.

As they say upon bans at a slightly more politically focused website:


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