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i weigh 211 pounds today. I am going to go on a diet. I am only going to drink water bottles, and eat side salads from McDonald’s with southwest sauce. I am going to lose 41 pounds and go down to 170. The last soda I drank was a Mountain Dew throwback at 11:50pm yesterday. No more soda at all. On Sunday I might have some bean tacos.

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Not a good idea.

I commend you for wanting to lose weight, but you have to go about it a bit smarter than that. Yes, the water will help stave off psychological hunger, but most of your calories are in the form of your salad dressing.

Salads are great for fiber and nutrients, but inadequate for caloric content.

I recommend you to find a <2000 calorie diet plan anywhere on the internet and follow it to the letter.

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Here is Uncle Holden's advice.

Find some form of exercise you really like (or you can happily do while listening to/watching shit you really like) and can repeat every day. Be it lifting (if you wanna go hardcore maybe do every other day), walking, running, or whatever. If you find motivation to do this every day difficult, just make it a point to each day do the bare minimum before giving up. You will probably find that just getting down to the gym/starting your first lap/starting whatever will be enough to tempt you to go the whole distance even if you planned to only do a tiny bit.

Also get a standing desk attatchment and generally stand up more. Sitting down for ages is a fucking cancer for people trying to lose weight, and if you combine this with either light stationary exercise (i.e. knee raises, stretches, tai chi or whatever) or some kind of stepper that allows you to do more vigerous exercise at the desk, then you immidiately turn hours of sedentary wasted time into active and productive metabolism increasing fat burning profit


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It's not about dropping a ton of calories quickly, it's about smart healthy eating with tracking said food.

Drop too quickly sure at first you'll see a lot of progress, but then your body will go into survival mode and you'll flat line results wise.

Example: A guy who is 25, 5'10 and 211 pounds requires around 1859 calories a day being sedentary to lose weight. If you eat lean and healthy that's a good amount of food.

My best suggestion is run your numbers through a calculator. Eat to around that limit each day, and weigh yourself each day in the morning. Divide to get your average for the week, and then run it for another week. Lost nothing? Reduce by 100 to 200 calories and take the average again. Small adjustments with each change, and as long as progress is happening even if it's 2 pounds lost, then it's progress. If after awhile you stall again, a tactical refeed might be useful.

Getting cut or losing weight doesn't have to be brutal, it just has to be done smart.

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Here is another thing I find helps with craving shit like chocolate or pizzas or other ultra calorific foodstuffs.

Find a healthy substitute that tastes almost as good (if not just as good) that is just too bothersome to regularly make because of the number of ingredients or difficult cooking method or because it straight up takes too long to make. In my case I have a really good recipe for a keto chocolate lava cake that once the proper quantities of sweetener/cream had been added was pure chocolatey perfection and hit all my chocolate cravings....however it was really fucking annoying to make so I have only made it like twice since I perfected the recipe.

Just having the option of something nice and indulgent that wont kill your diet is a real psychological boon, even if you barely ever take that option. It means you are not forever cutting yourself off from something you love, merely that you have to go through a bit of an annoying series of hoops to get to it, and that in and of itself makes it far easier to give certain shit up entirely.

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maybe start cooking your own food you lazy fuck and use some real units like kg?
Tbh cooking ones own food is generally a good idea anyway since in this modern epoch when you can get great recipes for anything and ingredients are easier to acquire there isnt really any good reason for going to a fast food restaurant.

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and if you think you can't cook just watch a few of jack scalfanis videos on youtube, you suck at cooking or food wishes.

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Don't focus on diet, focus on reeducation. Then find a exercise you really like - martial arts, calisthenics, powerlifting, good ol' localized weightlifting, anything. Cook your own shit, drink water, and be consistent.

If I got from 120kg (fuck you imperial shit) to 73 you can too.

If it serves as incentive, more dick to not use, better disposition, etc. But whatever, you do it for you, and to not look like a mix of @StarryGreenEyes95 and ADF.


Cutting out soda sounds like a nice thing to do, but if you have been drinking a lot of it and go cold turkey, your body will have a sugar crash, its better to slowly reduce your intake over time. So if you drink 3 cans a day you should go down to 2 and then down to 1, but do it over a period of time that allows your body to adjust.(and to be honest this advice can be used for anything your body is used to, not just something sugar based)

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Find some form of exercise you really like (or you can happily do while listening to/watching shit you really like) and can repeat every day. Be it lifting
It's important to keep in mind that lifting doesn't burn nearly as many calories as other exercise types, and if you only lift and nothing else you'll end up looking like this.

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