Lolcow MylarBalloonFan / ILoveMylarBalloons / Sam "Sammy" Petersen - metallic balloon fetishist, 90s fanatic, bratz enthusiast, cooldudeclem's friend from Denmark

MOD EDIT: The original OP was shit and Mylar deserves better. Thanks to @chimpburgers for rewriting it.

Mylarballoonfan is an old school lolcow that has been around for years, making videos about his various fetishes and interacting with his friends like CoolDudeClem. He's went so far as to buy an overpriced Bratz TV import just to satisfy his bizarre obsession with Bratz dolls. One of his other quirks is having a rabid hatred for specific decades like the 1980s or the 2010s and making tons of rant videos about it. He goes by other names but on this site, we prefer to call him Sammy and he's been one of our pet lolcows by far. Speaking of this site, he also has an account here and in the past has sent a lot of angry PMs to people who have called him out and neg rating them in response. Although he is not as active here as he was before, the chimpouts he provided those times under his @ILoveMylarBalloons account were still quite funny.

ED page on him lists a lot of his different accounts and alt names if you're interested in learning more about this cow.

There's even a Mylarballoonfan Archive for all your MylarBalloonFan needs and classic moments from this cow. @January Cyst runs the page and does an excellent job archiving the videos that he churns out and is someone I consider to be one of the experts on this cow in this thread.

Pissing Mylar off is also really easy. Just insult his Bratz doll obsession or call him out on his other bullshit and he will get angry right away.

Now enjoy some of Mylar's great content both from the past and present. I think these videos are a good way to get a feel for Mylar without having to get that deep into him.

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This guy sets off real easy, in one of his videos I posted "Hey look, its an Autistic Elmer Fudd" and he tard raged all over the place.

Welp, I'm inspired to spam him now. Either that or play Tetris.
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EDIT: P.S. This is a video uploaded by MylarBalloonFan in his Zippcast account. The video you're seeing on YouTube is NOT uploaded by the real MylarBalloonFan.

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