Lolcow Myles Bukrim / @MylesBukrim / / ShadowOfMyles - Minesweeper Online Beginner Pro/Ex-Speedrunner with a "dark secret"

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that myles with the glasses.png

"I mean I'm still incredibly beautiful 18 years old from head to toe. Just look at me."

If you ever get bored enough to go to Minesweeper Online in order to play the classic game which used to come prepackaged with Windows odds are you will see the high score for the day and sitting on the top of the leaderboard with a 1 or 2 second high score. It would of course be, holding the record. So what is this website and Myles all about (archive)?

At First Glance:

As it stands Myles posts the most content to his Youtube in short videos:

These videos follow a typical format: Intro>numbered segments about different topics>outro
His voice is extremely monotone, and he speaks as if he is reading slowly from a script. The intro and outros are all the same, the outros being particularly amusing due to Myles putting on shades and showing off his body in croptop shirts.
showing it off.gif

The videos appear to be shot in his bedroom in front of a small wallpaper with his website's name and logo. But Myles has a dark secret he's been holding back. He also really likes his sunglasses and Nike(tm) head bands.

Dark Secret:
In his videos Myles alludes to having many secrets but his biggest one, and the one that he believes held him back the most in life, was being born with a pair of defective feet. He’s never clarified what that means and just leaves it at the problem ruining his life. Almost everything he considers bad in his life goes back to his defective feet. At 17 he states he did develop severe achilles tendonitis in both legs which caused further depression that persisted with him until his 30s. He is now 36 and considers himself the happiest he’s ever been.

Video Content:
Myles currently has several topics he is currently focusing on:

Myles has the very noble goal of posting his autobiography as a method to enlighten other people, and to lead them by example. He overcame his dark secret and is living his best life, so by following him you can too!

After a brief statement on his origins he skipped ahead to 5th grade as he felt that was when his dark secret began to impact his life.

These videos go on in this method highlighting notable events in his life but sadly as of December 29th he has postponed his autobiography since he finds it hard to talk about, and will continue it sooner if the viewers express they would like to hear more.

Discussion Videos
These videos are about different topics such as Minesweeper and different ideas he has.

Myles Ball
Myles used to have more videos on his channel in regards to MylesBall (basketball), which he deleted at the start of quarantine. Now that there are more opportunities to go and play basketball he has decided to start uploading some of his footage once again.

His most recent uploads have been about MylesBall:

And here’s one of him playing:
If you thought he'd actually be bad jokes on you. He basically gets nothing but net.

Myles really likes his body. Like a lot. He considers himself in peak physical condition and is unafraid to show it off. His Instagram and Twitter are essentially just accounts where he posts pictures of himself shirtless:

The last one was uploaded January 3rd so he is still likely continuing this project.
myles tweet.png

Minesweeper Online Beginner:

Myles started playing Minesweeper Online Beginner this year as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine. For those who don't know beginner difficulty in Minesweeper means rather than 99 mines in a 16x30 area there are 10 mines within a 9x9 square. Depending on luck the board practically clears itself after one click. Myles quickly became addicted to this and found a lot of enjoyment in seeing how often he could get a one, two, or three second board clear, so much so that he made a table charting (archive) each of his wins within those times. He even has it set up to show the boards he got one second clears on off to the side:

Myles also has updates on this page as well:
myles minesweeper update.png

Sadly, as this was news to me while making thread Myles has apparently decided to step away from Minesweeper Online Beginner, but he does promise to post proof of his games as he had discussed doing so in this video:

Coincidentally this is also the video in which he announced he was going to take a step back from two hours of Minesweeper games to one hour in order to give other players a chance to get on the leaderboard, and that he views the leaderboard as an excellent method to self-advertise. I'm honestly surprised to find out he's mad about cheating.

Hopes and Ambitions:
Myles has expressed his number one desire is to gather enough "believers" behind him and to give to people the knowledge necessary to transcend. What that means is anyone's guess. He has been pretty consistent in his uploading and with any luck he may provide some more humor as the new year goes on. He only started posting again in November after deleting everything earlier this year so hopefully he'll elaborate on some of the wackier stuff he's got. One thing he does make clear though...
myles loves ישוע.png

His Past Work On Youtube
Thanks to some hints from @Answer about Myles I was able to find some more information regarding his start on the internet. (Post going into some detail on it here). Myles was actually very involved in the speed running community for a variety of games, finding shortcuts and various techniques for classics such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Star Wars Racer. He also made tutorials for how to set up speed running equipment.

Sadly for Myles his history as a speed runner was not without its dark spots. He was
caught splicing together Super Mario 64 16 star runs (archive). This would be a shock to the community as Myles was one of the more trustworthy guys who didn't seem to be the type to cheat.
myles cheating.png
Tweet in question
While finding this I also found his old Youtube account and have updated everything accordingly.


Youtube2 (His old speedrun channel)
Twitter (archive)
Instagram (archive)
Pinterest (archive)
His Website (archive)
His DeviantArt (thanks @LiveFromNS !) (archive)
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He sort of reminds me of those stupid alter-egos that people like Boogie create so they can turn their stupid side up to 11 and try to get people to pay attention to them online. The difference here is that this guy isn't fat, but I wouldn't have sex with him.

Wheezy Asthmatic

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Idk what happened when you tried to upload your archives for the videos but they're broken. Lemme know when you fix them and I'll move the thread out


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Idk what happened when you tried to upload your archives for the videos but they're broken. Lemme know when you fix them and I'll move the thread out
I've been struggling with that. I'm not sure why but when I try to upload them they say they're uploaded but then fail to open. I'll give it another try and see if it was just because I was rushing.

They are working on my end now. I'm not sure how that ended up happening exactly.
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I had always thought when I would see his name that he was either a bot or someone cheating because he’d always have such a high score so early on the daily high score chart. It’s kind of amusing and he reminds me a lot of the people from the forums who’d post every day.


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@Catch Your Breath I think its all kosher now.

I had always thought when I would see his name that he was either a bot or someone cheating because he’d always have such a high score so early on the daily high score chart. It’s kind of amusing and he reminds me a lot of the people from the forums who’d post every day.
The thing about beginner for Minesweeper is that it's a 10 x 10 with 9 mines.
minesweeper beginner board.png
Its impossible to tell if someone is cheating since the board (with a little luck) completely clears itself after 1-2 clicks.
He also said he played at work for 1-2 hours. If he's not continuing after 2-3 seconds and just restarting that's literally thousands of games.


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I only know who this guy is because of SummoningSalt's videos. Apparently he's been involved in the Mario Kart 64 time trials community since the late 90s, and helped to discover several shortcuts.
no way...
His stats page (archive)
He's literally one of the ones at the top...
From the video is him beating the world record while making a tutorial video in 2014.


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Miles has continued with the next video of Mylesball.
Interesting things of note:

  1. He doesn't miss a shot and they look like they're 3 pointers.
  2. He stops to take a drink every five shots which I think is adorable
  3. When the ball bounced out of the basket awkwardly he looked like he didn't know what to do because it was against the norm, might be autism.


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So I don't have an update from Myles page, but I found something else out that's a little more interesting...
My guy Myles has a second Youtube page of all his old speedruns!
I found it when a video about cheating in speed running came up, only to hear his name mentioned as someone who did it back on Super Mario 64! The OP has been updated with this information, and I will work on archiving the old speed run videos. (His intro is a bit different but the same music sting is there!) He also has some Mylesball videos posted there so I'll get those. A lot of half court/full court shots.

Just found his old forum account as well so I'll have to look through that.
Need an account to view it tho.

Don't need one to see his post admitting to cheating which is pretty good.
myles cheated.png

Now I kinda get why he made the post about stepping away from Minesweeper because he thought there were cheaters.
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I was having a convo with @Ellesse_warrior over last day or so about this guy. I had seen a post from Dec in YT Autism late last night and checked his channel out, I made a post in that thread, spoilered below just to add some info I gleaned from what I watched last night.

I have now watched all his videos and have saved all the comments to each one. Here are some comments I just made to @Ellesse_warrior:
He says he is going to upload a bball vid every Saturday (although he hasn't uploaded this week's one yet oddly. He has about 50 I think he said, running from April 2017 to April 2018. He is also going to upload recordings of his Minesweeper sub 2 second games to prove he is doing it legit I guess. He has talked about being homeschooled by his mom for portions of Grade 7 and 8 due to being injured while playing bball because of the tendonitis.

I wonder if he was keen on being a basketball superstar (he seems to have the skills anyway) but due to his feet, he couldn't do it competitively for an entire season. He said he averaged something like 22ppg for 5 straight games in one vid. Also mentioned two girls trying to "mate" with him but he resisted to stay a virgin for his Lord. He has a job and may be taking care of his stroke surviving dad presently. He has lived his entire life in same city.

I also came across his DeviantArt (archive) and Speed RunWiki (archive) pages.
EDIT-This is the clip from my YT Autism post, too good to have it lost in there.

EDIT2: On his SpeedrunWiki page there is an external link to his website at the time:

There is nothing there and I did a quick search of the Shadow007 username but nothing relevant that I saw.
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I don't think this is of much use but while looking up some of the first MK64 world record holders I discovered this ancient Web 1.0 Geocities fansite about MK64 and Super Mario Kart. One of the pages contains photos of players who were active in the MK64 time trials community in the late 90s and early 2000s, one of which was Myles. This photo is probably a little over or under 20 years old.

Here's the site if anyone's curious:
And here's the photo gallery:


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His Achilles tendon is his Achilles heel.

you can not tell me this isn't performance art.
While a lot of his video is quite quirky and perhaps eccentric or odd or performance art as you say, I don't think his "Dark Secret" is some act or isn't a serious health issue for him, to be honest.

I say this because it is a quiet, boring Saturday morning here for me so when I saw he posted a new video, after posting it here, I decided to rummage though the videos on his old channel. I have downloaded all that he actually appears in and didn't bother with the gaming. All told I just saved 24 videos from his old channel. I haven't watched them, except for one which is posted below. When you see the title you will understand why I watched it.

I don't think Myles is lying or fucking around about his health issues in any way. Truth be told, it took him close to a decade or so of being in the Internet scene to even mention he had a "Dark Secret". As you know, he has alluded to this in his recent videos, but the below video from May 2014, is very in depth about the situation and the struggles he has endured. I recommend you watch it and see if you think he is faking his issues.

The video is quite heartfelt and honest in my view. This guy had some issues from birth it appears and sadly, when he started to have serious problems when he got to teenage years, he went to doctors and they may have fucked up and didn't send him to a specialist quickly enough. I am pretty sure he lives in a small town in W.Va, so I can see why they probably didn't take it seriously enough. I can tell you without doubt, from my legal experience, that if he contacted a law firm about a possible medical malpractice with treatment he received, or lack thereof, a firm would look into it at the very least and order his meds and review to see if the doctors failed to diagnose him properly and refer him to a specialist. The way he talks about it, like "I went to doctors for a few years and then sent to a specialist and immediate diagnosis was then received", makes me wonder if the first time he had the issue and obtained a proper diagnosis immediately, could his condition and prognosis been improved, whether with medication, surgery or therapy? Whatever the case might have been, he would be out of time at this point most likely as limitation periods would be in effect and too much time most likely has passed.

In any event, after watching the in-depth story of his "Dark Secret" I am left with some feels for the guy in a big way. Sure, he is kind of a character and appears to be somewhere on the spectrum for sure, given his serious health issues and the fact that he didn't even try and get asspats or complain or cry about it, at least he powered through his disability and didn't try to use it to gain sympathy. I am in Canada, so GPA talk I totally don't fathom but I assume he did well in school if he is saying his GPA. He went on to have good jobs he said. Plus he seems to be a pretty fine bball shooter from the 2 videos he posted on his current channel. There are a couple on his old channel I just downloaded too.

Point is, he seems to have endured a lot of agony, (in addition to leg issues, he also seems to have overworked himself to try and get better and ended up fucking his brain up by getting serious sunstroke-he mentions it in the vid), but wasn't using his problems to garner sympathy. And from what I can see, the only "dirt" on him is he cheated once about a video game record or something. Even though he, like his basketball skills, is an excellent video game player and holds a bunch of other records.

Just compare him to sayyyy, Russell Greer. Russell has a disability, not one as bad as Myles I would say, and look at what Russ has said and done to show how much of a disgusting piece of garbage he is. Not to mention using his disability as some kind of Diplomatic Immunity card or something. Then we have Myles, other than faking 1 video, has accomplished much in his personal and professional life, while enduring what does seem to me to be a serious and adverse condition to both his body and the effect the pain he has to endure is doing to his brain. Yet, he takes a good 10 years to come out about his serious health issue, and then never talks about it again until these latest videos on his new channel which only touches the surface of what he has had to live with.

My final take on Myles is that I view him in a similar light to ReviewBrah, Myles is just someone to watch for his quirkiness and odd mannerisms and kind of weird/odd videos. I am glad there is a thread about Myles as he is definitely interesting and has quirks, but he is benign and doesn't seem to be some idiot like Russell is. So whether the thread just stays here or graduates, I personally wouldn't put it in Lolcows, but more like Internet Famous or Gaming or somewhere like that. The guy isn't a cow in any way from what I see. Sure, as I said, he is interesting himself and so are his videos. But there isn't any weird or depraved shit in his internet history.

In any event, sorry for the long blown-out commentary, but Myles is interesting enough for me to keep tabs on. Only a very few of the grazers who populate the Farms here fit that bill or make me want to post something in depth.

If you made it this far, please watch this video from Myles old channel. Uploaded on May 29, 2014. "The Dark Secret" is fully discussed.
Myles ~ Discussion - My Dark Secret #1

There are 53 Comments on the video, I have yet to read, but here they are.
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