Disaster Mysterious hacker dumps database of infamous IronMarch neo-nazi forum - thanks mysterious hacker


Anti authoritarian asshole asshole

I mean really, who cares so much? The next "neo nazi" forum will just be even more hidden and unknown, and even more of an echo chamber. Preaching to the choir here but this isn't really a positive thing at all.
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This is why you always use a throwaway e-mail address when registering for "wrong think" websites like Kiwi Farms or Ironmarch. This way when @Null fucks up again and shoots the user data all over the Internet's face they can't come for you. As a side note if you know the e-mail address I signed up with have fun cracking the 128 character long gibberish password.


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Just 8 kills, apolitical monsters like the Las Vegas shooter or civil war general Timothy McVeigh must be laughing at Hitler in hell at the state of the modern nazi movement.

Why don't they convert to Islam, isis and them share a lot of similarities and the media will play defense for them like they did for baghdadi.


I remember I'd browse a "post your picture thread" on Stormfront a few years ago and they'd also have threads sharing their kid's names and shit (you wouldn't belive how many varients of Aryana one can make), they're not the smartest bunch.
Thats an iranian name....

some suggestions for our subhuman polishsausage lover from Stormfront

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