Mystery Exercise Equipment - SOLVED -

Commander Keen

I think that’s something you use to do sissy boy crunches. The padded board you lie down on and you reach above your head and grab that bar. Then you just pull yourself up. It’s on a rail and it slides along as you do whatever exercise the hot lady with washboard abs pretends to do before she goes to the gym.

I’ll see if I can find a YouTube video of it in action. It’s like a reverse rowing machine, almost.

Edit: harder than I thought to find a video of one that looks that crummy.

But “adjustable incline bench” or some form thereof is what I think it is. Just can’t find the goddamn correct term for it. Home exercise equipment has such stupid names.
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I do not think DSP still has this exercise equipment. The reason I think this is because I just watched all 5 videos of his Washington house tour and it was nowhere to be seen.

"Maybe he just skipped over it" you might ask. No. He literally went through every inch of the place opening every single cupboard and drawer (excluding Leanna's dresser) and showed every single thing he owns.

I saw his custom garbage bags. I saw his custom blankets. I saw his stadium style ceilings. I saw what kind of butane he uses to fill his lighters for his scented candles. There was no exercise equipment. Not even in the garbage nook or his office closet.

The exercise equipment is now gone.

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