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Nady Stewart, aka Milo Stewart / Quinby Stewart"snip snoop, it's miloop <3 needed to die", not leaked

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Oodles of Poodles, May 18, 2016.

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  1. I have this feeling she totally thought "I'm doing STEM!"
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    FatNero Cole Blooded

  2. I noticed that. When her old channel was posted I looked at it and she had a "toast art" video, but in that video she said something like "Guys, Im afraid of using power tools/dangerous equipment so Im gonna have my dad do it". She was warning people to be super careful, so in this video she's torching the book and I was almost like, "Damn the testosterone must be working, Milo grew some balls". But it turns out it was just her dad again.

    Is anything known about her mom? Im curious because in the toast art video she mentioned using "her dads" clay sculpting/cutting tools to scrape off the burnt bits of toast and make the design. It's relatively uncommon to own clay sculpting tools so Im thinking he's either rich and does art as a hobby or is in some sort of art field, but I've also never heard her mention her mom anywhere. I wonder if she has a single parent?
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  3. I'm pretty sure Natty mentions "her parents" whenever it is brought up. I've always assumed they are still married, live together or whatever, like a healthy couple. I'm not going back to check in on it though so correct me if I'm wrong!
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    keksz Verified nobody

  4. Well...latest video has Nady talking about having sex (or something like it), and still being asexual. Jumped the fucking shark Nady...
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  5. Whoa, wait. Nady did the sex? Or is she talking about hypothetical sex because lol so asexual?

    DatBepisTho Cryptid shitlord

  6. She hinted around it...and from the sound of it, it sounded REAL close to raep.

    Quote of the video: "When the person that is on top of you, and slapping your ass, and holding their hand over your mouth to muffle your moans asks you: Wait what is asexuality? Because this feels very sexual"

    If you have AdBlock, go watch her stuff, but I don't want to link directly to the video because she's monetized her crap now and I don't want to contribute to her cancer. Speaking of giving Nady Youtube dollars, she hinted at starting up a Patreon to talk about her changes since going on T (but she doesn't look or sound at ALL like she has).
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  7. wow That does sound kinda raep-y and just an all-around unpleasant sex event. They could be using that free hand for something else, damn rookies.

    I'm not confident in my adblock so I won't risk it even if it might be worth the cringe.
    I was about to ask about that too. She's got to be lying about the T or taking ineffectual low doses because dudes trying to be women and passing still look/sound manlier than she does.
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    #1447 DatBepisTho, Feb 10, 2017
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    DatBepisTho Cryptid shitlord

  8. Has her voice changed at all? She's 3 months in, usually changes in the voice start to be noticeable around this time.
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    Tlazolli Cacti are your friends

  9. There's a video where she's applying foundation to cover up a LOT of acne which was not present before, although this could just be something simple like her parents not being there to wash her pillowcases while she's at college.
    I noticed she also has a happy trail, although to be fair some women have those without any T, and they make it worse by shaving it off. This in turn causes it to become thicker and fuller when it grows back.
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    Potions Master

    Potions Master Outstanding in Herbology

  10. Shaving hair doesn't effect how thick it grows back (or else every trender who shaves "to make themselves feel better" would have a full beard by now), but it does make the end of the hair blunter, which makes the regrowth look and feel coarser.

    I'm checking out her most recent "Testosterone Update" and I will never get over how feminine Nady's speech patterns are. Her voice still sounds so high pitched, too. Most ftms worry quite a bit about their voice and will (sometimes hilariously) adopt a flatter, gruffer, lower tone to sound more masculine. Nady is still all rising inflections and sing-song emphasis.

    She also keeps emphasizing that she doesn't want to talk about her body in a way that screams "PLEASE DEMAND I TALK ABOUT MY BODY."
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  11. Part about having a masculine voice is about having the right inflection. Most people with that inflection gain it from years of manual labor or having a "well this sucks but I gotta do it" attitude. Milo's not going to get that by making youtube videos about bathrooms and...what does Milo do for work?
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  12. I haven't kept up with Milo, although last I heard he wants to get on hormones.


    I'm not being fascacious. I want him to, and I know what will happen.

    (course, she'd prob blame someone for them not working. No idea who)
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    Noel Schaefer

    Noel Schaefer I HAVE AUTISM
    Person of Interest

  13. its not rape if you're into it, and it seems that she enjoyed it enough that it broke her asexuality.
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    r00 Goin' Grink

  14. That's a myth. Hair doesn't grow back in thicker, it just looks thicker because you see the cut base.
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    Dual Rectifier

    Dual Rectifier 100 Watt count; 100 dead count

  15. "...Make good jokes about transgender people...."

    Like the one you just made, Naddy?


    ".....and Make jokes that trans & nonbinarys can enjoy"

    Don't police people's comedy.
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    CaptainKidd Bitch Mob, Nigga

  16. For her sake I hope she doesnt go into that territory,it has been touchy subject in recent years and we know she's shit when it comes to touchy subject.
    People defending comedy are usually very intense so she's going to attract a lot of shit,she's going to get wreck by the internet and she's going to cry about it.

    A person who's super confused about her own life and who's triggered by absolutely everything on earth shouldnt be policing comedy.
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    #1456 Milktheturtle, Feb 13, 2017
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    Milktheturtle Turtle raising cow

  17. I've got a great joke for transgender people; here it goes:
    Christine Weston Chandler
    Caitlyn Jenner
    Riley J Dennis.......
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    Mariposa Electrique

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  18. What do you call a computer's disowned sibling?

    A Trans-sistor.
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  19. [​IMG]

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    Dingfield Enough chitchat, time to get some grub goin'

  20. Not something I wanted to see today. Or ever for that matter.
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    Alto See you Space Doggo

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