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Full Story: NakedApe chimps out over powerword release: a defense for “doxing”

NakedApe (@NakidApe, NakedApe, Sam Haidt) is a politically “alt-right” commentator on YouTube who releases occasional, quickly-edited videos criticizing Islam, Feminism, and Liberalism in the 2016 election. I like him! I’ve liked his videos since before they were cool, closely following his work when the average release only hit a few thousand views each. Now, they get more than ten times that. That’s why I have such a heavy heart when I say that Sam Haidt is a coward.

An all-star cast of people no one cares about.

I have no idea how this YouTube drama played out and I don’t care. Some guy published a boring, autistic explanation for this on The Ralph Retort. It somehow even involves The Amazing Atheist, who I had assumed died years ago from rectal trauma, but is actually still on the Internet making videos.

Sam recently had his name published and he’s pissed off, to the point where he’s made like four videos in your traditional autistic YouTube spat format. In the midst of the country’s most contentious and spectacular election ever, his attention has turned to arguing about the ethics of saying a person’s name on the Internet with a man who uses fruit and scalding oil to fuck himself.

In a livestreamed Google Hangout “debate” he had with some other Internet nobody, he made the case that releasing a private Internet person’s public information is a form of harassment and intimidation that hangs outside the world of free speech. He repeatedly associated it with physical violence, and said that if a person is murdered by a lunatic as a result of his address being made public, then the person who doxed is now liable for that murder. He claims that not having the intent for someone to be murdered is like saying you didn’t have the intent to kill someone when you fired a gun or hit them with your car.

Having your name, address, and phone number out there can be scary. Trust me, I know. I also know why it’s scary: you are now accountable. Everything you’ve ever said “anonymously” is suddenly owned exclusively by you, and everyone knows this, and everyone can find out. That sudden shock can have lasting implications, but in the end, it’s entirely up to what you’ve done. If I post some random person’s name and address in this article, I don’t think anyone is going to suggest that that person is now at heightened risk of being chopped up by an ax murderer. But, Sam Haidt would argue that posting his name and address silences and intimidates him by exposing him to real-world violence.

Sam Haidt
252 Fishers Rd
Pittsford, NY

Is he right? Well, maybe. After spending months of insulting people and posting offensive pictures of the Prophet Muḥammad ibn `Abd Allāh (Peace Be Upon Him), maybe he’s afraid of being killed by a radical Islamic terrorist, which is a pretty realistic fear to have these days. I will also concede the point he made about Germany. Another political YouTuber in Germany that was doxed is now at heightened risk of being arrested by the totalitarian dictatorship which is Führer Merkel’s living nightmare. I support anonymity, and in my personal project Infinity Next I went to great lengths to accommodate the Tor network specifically to protect Germans, Egyptians, and the Chinese from their governments.

That said, remaining anonymous is a matter of personal responsibility. If you are doxed, it’s because you fucked up, and if anything bad happens because you got doxed, it’s because of things you said. No one can say the words that get you killed or arrested for you. No one can force you to jeopardize your identity. Doing things like forgoing a VPN, using your real name and address on Facebook and then not adjusting privacy settings, using the same name everywhere, etc are things that you have to do. A person who doxes you doesn’t deprive you of any essential freedoms and can’t harm you without your help.

Sammy, you’re a decent guy. I like your videos, so please: stop being exceptional, stop harping on about “doxing”, and stop talking about IPs because you have no fucking clue how an IP works or what it is (no, you can’t get an IP from a picture and you can’t find someone’s address from an IP). If you’re not willing to be accountable for your freedom of speech and if you’re not willing to die for it, you’re in the wrong career anyways.



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