Name something Furries ruined for you -

Arctic Fox

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Just through their presence, furries annoy those who don't share their strange interest, and in doing so invariably alienated many communities. So toxic is this community that some subjects they interact with become hard to stomach.

Just as my own example, I love mythology. Fantasy stories and mythical creatures fascinate me greatly. But near every time I'm reading a story or watching a movie or show and things like dragons or gryphons pop up, I have flashes to twitter, or here. Remembering some furry with a gay dragon pfp saying something exceptional, or chucking himself down a fucking flight of stairs.

Any of you have similar thoughts? Interests you like that furries make difficult?


The new n-word
Anthropomorphic cartoon characters and wolves.
Maybe it was because I was younger and more innocent but back in the early 2000s I think it was quite common to use cartoon characters from your childhood as profile image without any sexual undertones or, if you were an edgelord, the picture of a wolf barking, I dare you to do that in 2020, everyone is going to assume you're a furfag.
Oh, and they also ruined foxes for me. I don't know why but furfags seem to love wolves and foxes almost exclusively, you don't see that many of them using bears or dogs as their fursona, it's probably because our Zeigeists associates foxes with intelligence and wolves with strength while simultaneously associating bears with laziness and dogs with dependence.


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Werewolf media.

I loved werewolf movies, books, video games, tabletop games - if I could possibly read about something supernatural tearing people apart and going on murderous rampages outdoors, I was all over it.

I admit I was bullied as a child, but a big part of it was the freedom in being a predator. An apex predator doesn't need to go to school, eat his vegetables, or understand social cues: he just needs to be really good at killing. And he has the whole world as his home; he is at home in the dark, in trackless forests, empty plains, in empty cities and parks. Nothing can harm him... if a bigger kid tries to sucker punch him, he tears that kids arm off like the drumstick off a baked turkey. He is free in every way - even spiritually as an innocent animal with no shame, insecurity, or doubt about his place in the world.

Now when I see a werewolf story, images of creatures with frozen, biologically improbable facial expressions and homosexual mannerisms flash, cavort, and dance through my mind. The one thing which most confused me as a child - human sexuality - is infused in all present day depictions of werewolf stories.
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Eeveelutions and a lot of other pokemon.
But I legit can't even look at a cute pic of a fox without wanting to boot stomp it (:_(

I also really love anas snow owl and bastet skins from overwatch, along with zarya's snowboarder skin, but I honestly shudder at the thought people might think I'm a furry if I use them.
Anything cool and vaguely animalistic like that.

Also the :3 emotes.
Thanks zoosadists...
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Southern Belle

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children's halloween costumes.
i used to see kids with really put together animal based costumes and go "oh wow!! you must really like (random animal)! that's cool!"
now for any kid under 10 with a costume that looks too good, i instantly assume their parents are goddamn furries and i give extra candy to the poor kid out of pity.