• ”The fact that they are looking at popular youtubes rather then retarded individuals who jack it to cartoons really show how far they've fallen.”

Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo WrightFormer speedrunner tumbling down

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Nano, Sep 16, 2016.

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Suicide when?

  1. When he runs out of money.

    709 vote(s)
  2. Never.

    175 vote(s)
  3. >2 years

    238 vote(s)
  1. Feel like this thread has been overdue.

    Cosmo is a former speedrunner who held a few records and helped popularize speedrunning but has recently fallen into obscurity after transitioning from male to female and quitting speedrunning. Replacing it with streaming himself freaking out about people trying to control him and cuddling pillows.

    Due to this he has mostly alienated his former audience and is running mostly on funds from when he was popular. He has stated he doesn't have any plans of either getting a real job or trying to make his audience happy so if things keep going like they are things don't look so good for him.

    youtube & twitter

    some fun content:

    P.S He loves googling and reading negative things people say about him so I wouldn't be surprised if he found this thread. And I am probably bad at making threads so if you would like to make any changes p.m them to me and I will edit the OP.

    Edit: senpai Cosmo noticed me.
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    #1 Nano, Sep 16, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 29, 2018
  2. He's easily triggered:


    His girlfriend, Adrian, left him when he came out. Her twitter: https://twitter.com/0xA101/status/775400206917566466 | http://archive.li/AldDm There's some talk about his girlfriend being an or the influence in him turning trans, but shit like that is hard to prove. She looks very tumblr-y though.

    Basically every shitty SJW site had some thread or article about him coming out and the "harassment" he receives:

    Interview with Kotaku.

    Main NeoGaf thread. Narcissa Wright appreciation thread.

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  3. Yeah, he's a huge cow.

    People like to joke that this was the point when Cosmo's mind snapped.

    Good news everyone!

    Don't worry, he has a plan.
    zelda is life.png
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  4. This is going to be a good thread, I can just feel it.

    As for him discovering this thread, I'm guessing he is going to take the Dobson approach: "Cry" and then demand asspats and money because "I r victim" on twitter and then move on until he needs more money or asspats.
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  5. The world would be a better place if Eiji Aonuma came out and said, "It's just a dumb cute little fantasy story we wrote, stop taking it so seriously and actually focus on the real world you idiotic manchildren".

    I can't wait to see the eventual meltdown of when he runs out of money.
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    Shaftie You can stop posting anytime.
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  6. Wow, THIS is what happened to Cosmo? I'm not the biggest fan of speedrunning but it's something I'm passively interested in. This guy formerly held massively sought after records in the N64 Zelda games, plus a few others as far as I'm aware. He just fell off the radar one day and people stopped talking about him completely at marathons and such. It was extremely strange but I didn't give enough of a shit to bother looking any further into it. Now I wish I did.

    What a shame. He was a talented guy and I remember his mom told someone in an interview that she and his father were happy that he'd found his niche streaming on Twitch. :(

    For what it's worth, this "transition" of his was preempted pretty hardcore in hindsight. The guy frequently played games with painted nails and made a minor deal out of it on his stream by letting people pick colors and all that.
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    Super Collie

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  7. I was wondering if this would ever be a thread. Like a lot of people, Cosmo's heyday running Wind Waker and OOT was what introduced me to speedrunning. He was the only "mainstream" gaming personality speedrunning has ever produced and no speedrunner has come anywhere near the viewership and popularity he held at his apogee (discounting Siglemic who was retired by then.) Maybe most significantly, his Wind Waker run at AGDQ 2013 drew serious publicity for GDQ and helped touch off its most explosive growth to create the huge multi-million dollar operation it is today.

    It was fucking depressing to see the most legendary figure in speedrunning (at that time a subculture that was starting to break into mainstream popularity thanks to GDQ) suddenly fade away and reincarnate as this fucked up gibbering tranny who looks like the DSM V's fursona.

    Thing is it wasn't trannydom that made Cosmo a pariah. His downfall started after he got his legendary 18:10 OOT any% time, an achievement so incredible for that game (and OOT is the most universal benchmark in the speedrun community besides Mario) it was considered impossible to beat for an extremely long time. Even now it's impressive to watch, and it's painfully ironic that it elevated him to his highest level of popularity ever. Everyone would've understood if he chose to quit on such a high note and everyone would've kept him rolling in cash if he carried on speedrunning.

    But he didn't do either. He dropped off the map, later played around with Castlevania (actually submitting it to SGDQ, only to pull out) along with Goldeneye and some other random shit. Eventually his streams were just his former viewers wandering in to ask if he was ever going back to the shit everyone knew him for. When he dropped the tranny bomb, how everyone received it was as confirmation that their months of being met with apathy and silence had been pointless because the Cosmo they knew had officially been killed and buried. He could've come out as a tranny the day after the 18:10 and nobody would've cared as long as (s)he was doing the same shit as the same personality, but instead it was some slow slide into absolute insanity.

    As for why Cosmo went completely batshit, fuck if anyone knows. Like yeah there were clues about his femininity, but he'd also probably been fucking Adrian up until he went full tranny and never expressed any views on LGBT bullshit, etc. His final bizarre videos seemed schizotypal as fuck and that kind of thinking was actually long evident in his tweets and shit from back when. I'd like to know if he was close to any trannies or other psychos who might've influenced him, but AFAIK his life remains pretty much uncracked.

    That's most of what I've absorbed from my years of following speedrunning, at any rate.
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    RJ MacReady

    RJ MacReady cheating bitch
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  8. No one will ever know for sure but I think it might be some mixture of a underlying mental illness mixed with hormones and obsessing about what people are saying about him.
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  9. I remember reading about this person when they came out -- even in the most sympathetic articles, something seemed "off". They're the right age to get hit by most of the nasty mental illnesses and I don't think @RJ MacReady is far off.
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  11. He is streaming right now on Youtube and talking with the chat about masturbating and a bunch of other boring stuff.
    Poor guy, this is what his life has come to. He spends so much time streaming, he could use it to fix his life.


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  12. What a horseface on that one.
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    John Furrman

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  13. He's got the Brianna Wu snarl down pat.
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  14. You mean this one?

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  15. I was never into the speedrunning scene (I watched a few of those events when bored), the only thing I knew about Cosmo other than the fact that he was famous for some Zelda run, was that he painted his nails.

    For me, who knew very little about him, the transformation was no surprise.

    But I want to know why he became insane, thats for sure. Watching this thread, for hope.
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    Luigi In my restless dreams, I see that town...

  16. Comparing that to the Brianna snarl is insulting to the horse.
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    DerSandstrom Gendergaseous Peter-pansexual

  17. HRT and genetics were not kind to Wu or Cosmo.
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    John Furrman

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  18. oh wow I remember this guy's WW run at AGDQ and thinking he was cool as heck, I'm gonna be following this thread because it looks like its gonna go to some interesting places, good shit OP.

    Also, dat gap

    Dane chaosfag

  19. i miss cosmo
    his speedruns were great and he was a sweet guy, a bit aspergery but all smiles, he loved what he did and he raised a shitload of money for charity through GDQ and stuff
    seeing him turn into a demon-possessed hormone beast and methodically ruin everything he ever built up is really depressing
    even in his first video as narcissa he looked really creepy, the lighting and the weird pauses/movements/eye widening made an extremely unsettling atmosphere that most art horror directors wish they could create
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