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Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo WrightFormer speedrunner tumbling down

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Nano, Sep 16, 2016.

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Suicide when?

  1. When he runs out of money.

    709 vote(s)
  2. Never.

    176 vote(s)
  3. >2 years

    238 vote(s)
  1. So, has Smash Ultimate saved Narco's streaming career? Like Breath of the Wild saved it last year? Is he beating up these nudniks of gamers like he announced and made everyone fear the radical skills he has obtained through years of speedruns?
    Is he finally understanding that a game can't change your reputation?
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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  2. The game would have had a better shot at improving her fate if she had access to twitch. As it stands she's streaming on an already gimped platform and has no exposure anymore because nobody gives a shit about her. I'm sure if she wanted to put some effort into it she could have tried to reach out to some smash pros and ask to arrange some video with them considering she's not an awful player, but the issue with that is that she'll have to acknowledge that she's far shitter than she used to be and that most people cared about Cosmo the smash player and speedrunner, and not narcissa the lunatic.
    Basically if she really wanted to she could be doing marginally better by embracing her past, but considering she regards her golden days as bad times she wants to forget, yeah nah that's not gonna happen.
    She's gonna keep playing smash ultimate while pretending to ignore the coming storm in the form of her dwindling funds. Once her pay pigs abandon her, it's all over.
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  3. Let's imagine for a bit that Cosmo didn't get himself banned from Twitch. He'd still have to deal with heavy competition from people who are both better at the game than he is and who are more charismatic to watch. Then he'd have to deal with the fact that he straight up destroyed his streaming career when he decided to troon out and "retire from" speedrunning. Building up a streaming career from nothing in this day and age when every 13 year old kid can stream with their game console is hard unless you already made a name for yourself elsewhere.
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    CIA Nigger

    CIA Nigger someone anonymous who calls themselves CIA N[slur]
    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  4. You can't do what Cosmos has done unless on some level you're purposely trying to sabotage your own life. He got an insane amount of leeway on Twitch, getting away with breaking multiple rules for sustained periods of time so you couldn't write it off as a one time incident or an accident but he kept pushing it until even Twitch had enough. He's an insecure muppet who is trying to burn everything in his life down in hopes of seeing who sticks around because that's how selfish and weak people test relationships. He's locked away in his apartment and in his head so he has no healthy behavior to compare himself to. If you don't have a solid standard for mental health (requiring interaction with functional friends and family) then introspection can becomes more of an act of vanity because you're not putting yourself under any of that meaningful scrutiny. His ego is so big and his insecurities so gnawing that even if a genuinely stable person wanted to be his friend he'd put them through the emotional wringer and a healthy person wouldn't put up with that, choosing to bail. It's an endless loop that filters out everyone except potential sycophants who offer him only the shallowest of praises and his dumb ass doesn't understand why it isn't scratching his ego's itch.

    He's made his own cage. He's fucked.
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    #4084 Batman VS Tony Danza, Jan 10, 2019
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    Batman VS Tony Danza

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  5. AGDQ Wind Waker HD live right now with Linkus. Subscriber-only chat, I wonder if mentioning Cosmo/Narco is banned
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    awoo Wintery awoo

  6. I'm surprised he hasn't restored his Twitter yet. His ghoulish physiology must have evolved backup dopamine reserves.
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    RJ MacReady

    RJ MacReady cheating bitch
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  7. I'm sorry if I missed it, but is Cosmo streaming on Youtube again? I haven't seen him on stream.me. Also which criteria need to be met in order for us to declare this "new beginning" a failure?

    Strundy Albert Fish was a real jerk.

  8. It's Cosmo
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  9. yeah, he is back on youtube on the smash channel
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  10. As she said in the talk with EmptyHero, her fucking over her twitch was an act of self harm. It's pretty obvious at this point that she gets off on her own suffering, considering we've seen footage of her seemingly enjoying pain to the point of ecstasy. I'd say that drive for self harm is one of the biggest reasons why she is the way she is right now. It's a real shame, she needs some serious help, because she won't stop fucking herself over. First she completely alienates herself from everything that made her famous and popular, then she fucks over her primary source of income (twitch), then she fucks over her secondary source of income (youtube streaming) and then she fucks over the very last thing that gives her any form of outreach or voice. It really all keeps tumbling down.
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  11. Cosmo is a form of existential crisis in its purest form. A bad relationship and subsequent loss on the biggest stage of his life really caused him to go tumbling down, and once you are in that pained mindset, and you continue to lose support month after month after month its hard not to keep yourself in that mindset.
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    trance4lifeyo I'm not impressed by your autism

  12. Only a matter of time until she kills herself and it gets blamed on transphobes. I can already imagine all the articles by outlets that don't care at all about Cosmo right now.
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  13. She's been promising it when her bank balance hits zero as a way of guilting her paypigs into keeping her drug money coming. The poetry of somebody who chose the name Narcissa for themselves taking the coward's way out would be too much to handle. She clearly doesn't give a fuck about her family on so many levels, this final disrespect might almost be healing for them.
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    Man vs persistent rat

    Man vs persistent rat A good egg is a nice person

  14. [​IMG]
    man, what the fuck is he hoping for from narco
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  15. Misery loves company I guess.

    Or he so communist that he believes even his depression should be shared.
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    Sexy Potoo

    Sexy Potoo Sexiest bird on the planet

  16. Oh man the rest of that chat. Shame he banned the guy talking shit.

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  17. Part of me feels like what Cosmo really wants is for his mommy to ground him from his video games so he has to go outside and find something else to do.
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    AbyssStarer : D R I N K :

  18. I rather him sharing his depression and not his """"""art"""""": he's so BAD at drawing and coming up with ideas... and you can tell he is so proud of it, he signs them ("RED").

    also he shares them on twitter and people RARELY leave him a fav, a comment or a retweet.

    his """"""art"""""" says a lot about him and it doesn't surprise me that he's a fan of narcissa...

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  19. Oh dear, he's unironically referring to people as detractors. I expect many things from Cosmo, but becoming more like DSP was a surprise.
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    PrincessJupiter Kiwi of Caring
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  20. Posted to her Discord in the atrium channel. Just the usual ramblings and questioning whether she's even a human being.

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