Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright - Former speedrunner tumbling down

Suicide when?

  • When he runs out of money.

    Votes: 901 62.0%
  • Never.

    Votes: 230 15.8%
  • >2 years

    Votes: 323 22.2%

  • Total voters

break these cuffs

This... celebration of incest is very crudely made
Only to keep him occupied until Smash came out and because Splatoon offered the option to mindlessly grind for hours on end. The moment Smash came out he dropped Splatoon like a hot potatoe and even quickly removed the channel on his discord, though just for a few days.
Way to dox yourself Mr. Quayle.

I think this plays a massive factor as to why Cosmo turned to transgenderism. That and how utterly incapable he was of taking the breakup with his gf to the point where he suffered a mental breakdown and now can't function properly. Like he wants someone else to live his life and fix it.
They all talk like they "just knew" since childhood, but I wonder how many other MTF also snapped after a sharp crisis period. The only dude I knew well who went MTF did so after his wife cheated and left him not even one year into the marriage. After acting nuts for most of next year he comes out as the woman he's always truly been (but never mentioned or indicated in all the years I knew him.)

There must be a kind of suicidal hopelessness that make people want to be reborn or something, and all the trans bullshit feeds off it.


cheese eats bees and cheese
This entire thread make me sad, for someone who could have had it all,
but instead decided to ruin their career over one simple thing.
It really shows how anyone can have a bad day doesn't matter who it is.


Rei is shit
Cosmo has made reference to some great epiphany he had that made him, and I'm paraphrasing here, "see things for how they really are." He would also rant about most people were blind to reality, and how this experience made him see how fake everything is, and that is about it as far as details go. He was always really ambigous about just what it was he actually learned and I'm pretty sure it was some LCD trip that he took way to seriously. Thanks John Numbers!


Make it soy!
Sooo... Looking at that poll. I voted that he would do an hero when the money runs out. It's pretty safe to say that the money DID run out. Looks like the vast majority of us were dead wrong!

Should that poll be updated? I'm still crossing my fingers for a hail Mary suicide!
  • Agree
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Ron Jeremy
Narcissa is listed as an endorsement on the Andrew Yang 2020 campaign Wikipedia page:
Forgive me for the slight detour/ad-hominem, but I just had to check. The endorsement section was added by 20 y/o LD1998, a newly born political activist on Wikipedia. Who is presumably also a fur-feet fetishist and Looney Tunes lover with an impressive 4,623 edits on the "Animated Foot Scene Wiki". (though the wiki seems to not like the foot fetishists, so he had to flee to DA and FurAffinity)

Also note how a lot of supposedly irrelevant endorsements have been removed, yet Narco stayed on the list. Also, Richard Spencer obviously had to be removed because, you know, he's not a liberal so his opinion is wrong and does not count.

Edit: Now that FurAffinity is back online again: Profile page and Favorites
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Place your bets, the table will be closed soon.

And who will take the handle when and if it happens?

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