Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright - Former speedrunner tumbling down

Suicide when?

  • When he runs out of money.

    Votes: 863 62.7%
  • Never.

    Votes: 214 15.6%
  • >2 years

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Ron Jeremy
Originally I would have said "No way is Narcissa nuking her Twitch account. It's a really important outlet for her and brings in so many orbiters, attention, money and vitue-signaling likes", but then she streamed NSFW tranny pictures on Twitch and thereby willingly destroying her Twitch account, which was arguably even more important than her Twitter. So ... (((my mind wonders))) what motivated her to disable the Twitter account and if it's in a similar drug-fueled state of mind as with her Twitch account.

If I had to bet though, I would say she will re-enable the account. No way once she comes down of all her drugs that she gives up on this one last chance to get pity-likes and attention on the internet.
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Wake me up

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is unable to create
And when he does create it's horrible nightmare-fuel content from the depths of hell (from pwease gibes me munny to farting to mushroom-induced soaring). You know, thinking about it, nuking all of his accounts might actually be the best thing for his mental health... optimistic, yes I know but once he's out of channels to pretend to be a special snowflake girl, maybe sanity will finally (have a chance to) settle in.

You know how in movies they put crazy people in those empty, padded locked cells and restrain their movements? The Internet equivalent might be what Cosmo needs right now. We'll see, I guess.

So is it possible that Narci has finally lost the last bit of funds she had and now really has to consider moving back home or at least make some drastic changes? This latest hiatus seems self inflicted and consistent enough to not be another obvious attention grab. The discord is pretty much dead, nobody watches the smash channel, the Patreon is pitiful, and not even this forum seems to really care. Are we officially in the Endgame?
The general feeling over on r/samandtolki seems to be that he's actually already moved home. The circumstantial evidence is there. The camera stopped being used for his streams, so we can't see if he's still in his apartment or not. He's posted up that poem and I think something else from his childhood, which is the type of thing you come across when back in your childhood bedroom. He said he wasn't going to be able to take part in the other qualifying rounds for that Smash tournament due to things "being too hectic" around that time. Considering his entire life has been sitting in his cave and playing games, the idea he wouldn't be able to sit in his cave and play a game is interesting. But what I think is the biggest indicator of his having moved is the fact that he posted on Twitter a few weeks back that he was in Portland. The one thing this dude has been successful at the past few years was keeping his location under wraps. I remember him taking calls on stream a while back, Empty Hero was trying to ascertain where the cave was located, and Cosmo wouldn't even deny Empty's incorrect guesses (everyone kind of assumed he was somewhere in California). He was fucking vigilant about that shit, so just spilling it out of nowhere means either he stopped caring if people knew where he was (unlikely, considering he's terrified of the world), or that he wasn't going to be in Portland much longer. He probably doesn't want to admit he moved home because of his massive ego and the fact we'll know he's back in his hometown.


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So a 30-something man with nil marketable skills is back at home with (I presume) no intention of changing anything on his life.

I expect sudden radio silence or a new streaming location back home, depends on the new wranglers.

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imagine hes radio silent for a year or so and then comes back as cosmo again
It's honestly possible. When he was alone by himself in that apartment and surrounded by enablers he wasn't exactly in any place to recollect himself. Being at home might help him. Parents often have a great way of pointing out when you're acting like a fucking exceptional individual.


do you see what happens
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It's honestly possible. When he was alone by himself in that apartment and surrounded by enablers he wasn't exactly in any place to recollect himself. Being at home might help him. Parents often have a great way of pointing out when you're acting like a fucking exceptional individual.
The problem is the troon cult programs you to believe that means they're transphobic bigots who actually hate you, not that they don't want to see you fuck up your life even more.

Wake me up

CωC Club founder
It must be a humiliating walk of shame to leave with your head held high as a successful "esports" dude
At least he did accomplish something, you know? (even though he threw it at all away and it feels like it's another person from another dimension from a lifetime ago)

Only John FUCKING Numbers can fix him, 'cause he is the one who broke him.
Thus said the ancient prophecy :lit: (John, 14:5)


Even if she goes back to doing art for fun that's an improvement from the awful crying streams
I think a Bob Ross painting stream (on youtube) could be fun

what do his parents think anyway?
is his dad like kelli mariella knipe's dad and wants to get his son huge titties for fear he would kill himself otherwise


Albert Fish was a real jerk.
It would make sense if he moved back around this time because around Octoboer/November 2018 he commented on running out of rent money and he only had a few months left. Given an orbiter or two may have provided the occasional windfall it would make sense he could have survived on his own by the end of February.

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