Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright - Former speedrunner tumbling down

Suicide when?

  • When he runs out of money.

    Votes: 1,186 60.4%
  • Never.

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  • >2 years

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what is this schizophrenic gibberish @CrunkLord420
Nathan McCoy is a Cosmo orbiter who either fucked Cosmo or just wanted to really bad and wanted us to think he did. I forget. He doxed himself and attentionwhored in the thread. He edited his posts to delete all the beans he spilled, but it was reversed.

Now where's my duplex?

I suck cocks. He didn't self dox as I remembered and did say his name was Isaac confirming @NarcissusRyuichi's post below.
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hot hot leg

leg so hot u fry an eg
what is this schizophrenic gibberish @CrunkLord420
Joshua, Joshua, Joshua. Mister Moon. Mooney! Can I call you Mooney? Listen, okay? It's me, Bonnabelle The Blue. Ya banned me. Look, I get it. You had to keep up appearances. That's all water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. However, there is still the matter of Narcissa Wright and my duplex, which you had promised me as long as I delivered, and I did deliver, twice in fact, Mooney. Narcissa Wright and I belong together. Hold up your end of the deal, and deliver our duplex and lifetime supply of Soylent. I don't wanna have to get my hands dirty here, Mooney, but do the right thing.

Sincerely, Bonnabelle The Blue aka Vanity aka you're a pretty girl, very pretty, very cute.

Hold up your end of the deal, bye.
Not sure what the second name he gave was. Anna D?
Edit: Thanks, @NarcissusRyuichi.
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Not sure what the second name he gave was. Anna D?

"Vanity" formerly known as Issac, the person who "dated" Narcissa for a week and never got over how she lost interest so he makes up for it by attention whoring at any place that still cares for or follows Narcissa.

They tried to even simp for John Numbers. He's got it that bad.
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Ms. Cegination

AKA Jean Poole
Isaac/Vanity hit me up on Reddit DM today and we had a pretty interesting convo. TRANScript (haha, get it?) here:

ValidVanity01:57 PM
Help me get Narcissa back.
Something happened in my brain and I’ll never stop wanting her. She is perfection incarnate.

mdr4life01:58 PM
lol I am probably the last person on the face of the planet that would ever get cosmo back
he hates me, and I only fascinated by him for the cringe factor
I don't want him to ever have any "redemption arc", I'd be happy if he an-heroe-ed himself on stream

ValidVanity01:59 PM
She hates me too, but I must be with her. I want to marry her and get my duplex. We can do this. Together, nothing can stop us. Think about it. I got an appointment.

mdr4life02:00 PM
his meltdowns and convoluted ways of thinking are impossible to turn away from, for sure
what do you mean appointment? if you want to talk to cosmo just DM his mom
his mom is active on twitter
are you Isaac?

ValidVanity03:17 PM
I’ve always wondered: why do you dislike her so much? Also are you cute?
I’m Vanity, formerly Issac, yes.

mdr4life03:20 PM
I'm happy to discuss! and no not cute lol

ValidVanity03:20 PM
Awww i bet you’re a cutie :3

mdr4life03:21 PM
well i am geuninely apalled at many of the things cosmo has done
and his attitude
first off, he committed welfare/benefits fraud

ValidVanity03:21 PM
Yeah but u want her dont u, despite it all

mdr4life03:21 PM
no i am not kidding when i say the best situation for me would be for him to anhero himself on stream
anyhoo he treats people like absolute garbage
even his hugbox followers

ValidVanity03:22 PM
It’s too personal. There’s something you’re not telling me.

mdr4life03:22 PM
i used to be a regular reader of tumblrinaction and shitredditsays just to see the cringe factor

ValidVanity03:22 PM
Yeah she treated me badly :( i miss her

mdr4life03:22 PM
and someone like cosmo is like a great whilte elephant
the liberal left always says those people don't exist or that they are 11
comso is 31 years old
there's literally no excuse

ValidVanity03:23 PM
31 but still looks so youthful and cute

mdr4life03:23 PM
the dynamic of his meltdowns and his relationship with his devoted followers is amazing
the level of denial that he is in is uncanny

ValidVanity03:24 PM
Denial of what

mdr4life03:24 PM
for starters, his talents

ValidVanity03:24 PM
I think she is a genius and gamer goddess

mdr4life03:24 PM
he used to be good at something very few people did, and was in fact a pioneer of doing it live
but as soon as that space became crowded with people taking it seriously and putting in work
cosmo couldn't handle it

ValidVanity03:25 PM
Narcissa is like me top 10% but never the best

mdr4life03:25 PM
he now only speed runs decade old games or creates his own categories
see if he had kept his personality and not been a huge dick to people, he could have kept his popularity
but he threw it all away

ValidVanity03:25 PM
Why do u use he him pronouns

mdr4life03:26 PM
because #1 i believe transgenders are mentally ill and that the answer isn't to encourage their mentall illness

ValidVanity03:26 PM
Call her narcissa, beautiful girl
Im trans

mdr4life03:26 PM
#2, cosmo's legit identity, straight from him, is "a trans femme cat girl"

ValidVanity03:26 PM
Ye but thats cuz she is future child
She sees the future

mdr4life03:27 PM
well i mean i'm sorry but this goes without saying, i think you are pretty mentally iill

ValidVanity03:27 PM
Agree to disagree
I just wanna kiss and cuddle my narci

mdr4life03:27 PM
the future? cosmo is a 31 year old man that lives with his parents and can't even get good enough at something to eclipse a high school level
he ping pongs between "projects" when he gets bored/frustrated

ValidVanity03:28 PM
She is making the next big game

mdr4life03:28 PM
programming, game dev, physics, AI, speed running, etc

ValidVanity03:28 PM
Bug speedgame

mdr4life03:28 PM
ok dude come on now

ValidVanity03:28 PM
Hey things are tough nowadays

mdr4life03:28 PM
cosmo's only talent is art, he is a good painter (at least w digital programs)
cosmo gets bodied in smash whenever he gets to the uper echelon

ValidVanity03:29 PM
And the input mechanisms like keyboards dont capture her genius capacity for creation. She needs neural interfaces

mdr4life03:29 PM
and he talked for MONTHS about how smash was the only real way to see a person's worth. so insane for a 30 year old to think that

ValidVanity03:29 PM
She was very very good at smash

mdr4life03:29 PM
dude how old are you
very very good at a videogame for children doesn't mean he deserves a 6 figure salary to play it

ValidVanity03:30 PM
Please just make her love me again idk what to do

mdr4life03:30 PM
he has to put in work being charismatic and being someone that companies will want to work with/sponsor
the only person cosmo ever loved other than himself was adrian
that's probably why he treats people like you so shitty, he doesn't want to let anyone ever get that close again

ValidVanity03:31 PM
I really love her but she blocked me entierely
I dont even care about her fame

mdr4life03:31 PM
cosmo did/does that with all of the hugboxers

ValidVanity03:31 PM
I really just wanna settle down with her

mdr4life03:31 PM
the red prolotaiot guy, the nate guy, whispy, nathanisbored

ValidVanity03:32 PM
Live the neet life

mdr4life03:32 PM
see i despise the neet life. who pays for you? parents?

ValidVanity03:32 PM
No the government
Pls help
I cant get her taste out of my head
So sweet

mdr4life03:33 PM
because you are "disabled"?

ValidVanity03:33 PM
Yes im bery disableded
Am too divergent
For a job

mdr4life03:34 PM
yah see i don't believe in that
i'm against that lifestyle with ever fiber in my being

ValidVanity03:34 PM

mdr4life03:34 PM
because i work my ass off

ValidVanity03:34 PM

mdr4life03:34 PM
to make a living

ValidVanity03:35 PM
Sounds like a lot of work for no reason

mdr4life03:35 PM
no, being able to afford to live comfortably is nice

ValidVanity03:35 PM
I live comfy
Narcissa likes it here
She should come back

mdr4life03:35 PM
did you ever visit cosmo in portland?

ValidVanity03:35 PM
No she flew to me

mdr4life03:36 PM
was he better about hygene and general cleanliness when he visisted you

ValidVanity03:36 PM
Yes she was and she gave great head

mdr4life03:36 PM
because some of the shit he does on stream is so disusting
i'm not talking about prive stuff like that

ValidVanity03:36 PM

mdr4life03:37 PM
i'm talking about loudly blowing his nose and putting the snot rag into a huge pile of wads on his desk, right next to where he ate
i'm talking about wearing the same clothes day after day
and about oily nasty hair/skin

ValidVanity03:37 PM
I think when she does that it’s super cute. She is kinda adorable
Nah her skin is amazing

mdr4life03:37 PM
teeth that need to all be removed

ValidVanity03:38 PM
Imagine the speedrunning legend herself going down on you. What an honor!
Im very lucky

mdr4life03:38 PM
i'm a heterosexual male but have no issues w gay people
it doesn't bother me

ValidVanity03:39 PM
Show pics pls

mdr4life03:39 PM
nope sorry

ValidVanity03:39 PM
I wanna see u
Awwww why

mdr4life03:39 PM
internet is for anonmyty, going beyond that is unhealthy

ValidVanity03:39 PM
Nah that’s silly
Look Narcissa and I should be together
It was meant to be
She invited me to her parents house but but
Recently she said I’m never coming there ever

mdr4life03:40 PM
why not reach out to cosmo's mom

ValidVanity03:41 PM
Because that crosses the line and would only hurt my situation

mdr4life03:41 PM
btw cosmo has, on several occasions, said he had urges to kill people
become the next mass/school schooter

ValidVanity03:41 PM
Yeah i think she might shoot me with her new gun if i show up to her house
So i need to make her like me

mdr4life03:42 PM
we can only hope cosmo kills himself asap on stream before he can hurt anyone else

ValidVanity03:42 PM

mdr4life03:42 PM
how do you know he got a new gun?
oh yes i'm being very serious, i hope cosmo offs himself in spectactular fassion on stream

ValidVanity03:43 PM
That’s so horrible

mdr4life03:43 PM
cosmo is a horrible person that is nothing but a dredge on society
and now poses an actual threat to society
so it'd be great if he just took matters into his own hands and offs himself

ValidVanity03:43 PM
She has given so much to the hearts of gamers. She is literally the hottest girl alive

mdr4life03:43 PM
extra fantastic if he did it online for us to see
you are really far deep in denial

ValidVanity03:44 PM
No i see the truth
Gosh im not good enough at games for her
I cant impress her
Idk how ill win her heart
I fear she will be alone forever without me
I accept her fully
She is the only gf i want

mdr4life03:45 PM
its' likely that you have some sort of massochistic thing
you probably self harm

ValidVanity03:46 PM
No i wish she’d stop being mean
No ive never self harmed

mdr4life03:46 PM
cosmo i mean to literally everyone

ValidVanity03:46 PM
Not trye
Not true
She was so loving to me when she was here
She was so understanding
I want her baaaaaaaack
Im a cute girl now too!
Cuddling will be even better

mdr4life03:48 PM
cosmo is nice when it is beneficial for him to be nice
he was nice to nathan while nathan was a paypig

ValidVanity03:48 PM
I never gave her more than $10
She liked me

mdr4life03:48 PM
i'm not saying he as nice to you for $$, everyone is differnet

ValidVanity03:49 PM
Point is she wanted something from me
And i want her to want it always

mdr4life03:49 PM
but i am asaying that whomever he is nice to, there's a selfish reason behind it because he always turns on those people
every one of them

ValidVanity03:50 PM
We’re all selfish. I was too.

mdr4life03:50 PM
yah but there are social norms that 90% of society adheres to
cosmo doesn't
and so no one should be surprised when society shuns him

ValidVanity03:51 PM
She transcends that groupthink

mdr4life03:51 PM
cosmo is literally too stupid to think for himself about anything and requires groupthink to sustain himself

ValidVanity03:51 PM
Look i was a troll once too

mdr4life03:52 PM
i'm not a troll
at least i don't consider myself one
i'd say a troll says/does whatever to elicit a reaction from someone

ValidVanity03:52 PM
But along the way I realized I was trans too and that I loved her

mdr4life03:52 PM
cosmo is a legit nutjob and the world will be way better once he is gone

ValidVanity03:53 PM
Ur not gonna help. I thought you would...
Have some compassion for my love
Im not like her
I’m not mean

mdr4life03:55 PM
dude the last thing i have for cosmo is compassion

ValidVanity03:55 PM

mdr4life03:55 PM
how would i help? i gave you the only advice anyone could give you, which is to talk to her mom

ValidVanity03:55 PM

mdr4life03:55 PM
cosmo is a 31 year old man that is severely mentally deranged

ValidVanity03:55 PM
you’re wrong

mdr4life03:56 PM
he is incapable of loving anyone but himself for long periods of time
i don't think so

ValidVanity03:56 PM
She loved me

mdr4life03:56 PM
i hope that the gun cosmo got is a bigger caliber than a 22 so that when he shoots himself on stream he doesn't survive it

ValidVanity03:56 PM
Ur hurting me stop aaying that she isnt gonna do that
Ur gonna make me cry

mdr4life03:57 PM
it's a good thing if he does

ValidVanity03:57 PM
No it isnt
If she hurts herself i will burn josh

mdr4life03:57 PM
ask him to print out a picture of you and tape it to the wall behind him before he shoots himself so that his mind and you will be weirdly connected
who is josh??

ValidVanity03:57 PM
Josh moon

mdr4life03:58 PM
who is josh moon

ValidVanity03:58 PM
Owner of kiwi farms

mdr4life03:58 PM
oh dude kiwifarms and its users, myself included, have no bearing on cosmo's behavior
cosmo is a 31 year old man and if/when he offs himself that's his choice

ValidVanity03:59 PM
U say this awful stuff ur all so evil and now she thinks im evil
Stol dead naming her
Stop misgendering her

mdr4life03:59 PM
i'm refereincing his own behavior
he is a 31 year old MAN

ValidVanity03:59 PM
No she isnt
She is a transfeminine catgirl

mdr4life04:00 PM
lol do you also believe in tulpas like cosmo?
lol yah i guess you do
explain to me what catgirl is

ValidVanity04:00 PM
Idk i dont identify as one

mdr4life04:00 PM
are you saying cosmo is no longer human?
so if someone identifies as a mashed potato that's a valid identity?

ValidVanity04:01 PM
But whatever narcissa is, i love her

mdr4life04:01 PM
good for you fam but cosmo will never love you back

ValidVanity04:01 PM

mdr4life04:01 PM
you or anyone else

ValidVanity04:01 PM
I need her

mdr4life04:04 PM
lol why did you leave that crazy vm on kwfarms
and why did you talk to john numbers

ValidVanity04:05 PM
I am going crazy i need her
Im crying

mdr4life04:07 PM
dude what logical step would you propose you do to talk to cosmo again
other than like i said talking to his mom

ValidVanity04:08 PM
I just sent her a message on patreon

mdr4life04:08 PM
going on reddit and kwfarms isn't going to help you
oh geez how much do you give a month to that?

ValidVanity04:09 PM
Five bucks
But just a one time thing
I would do anything she tells me to do

mdr4life04:09 PM
well he will probably ask you for $$
are you a drug addict like cosmo?

ValidVanity04:10 PM
She blocks me places but she never tells me to go away
Not once

mdr4life04:10 PM
surely you have to admit that it's super unhealthy to do what he does with drugs

ValidVanity04:10 PM

mdr4life04:10 PM
1) he takes very powerful hormone drugs from a "consent clinic"

ValidVanity04:10 PM
It’s just hormones

mdr4life04:11 PM
2) he ordered those drugs online when his free insurance ran out
3) he mixed those hormones with powerful anxiety/depression meds
4) he then mixed all of that with pot, alcohol and a LOT of powerful shrooms

ValidVanity04:11 PM
I think she is off the anxiety meds
She just does shrooms now and then
That’s ok

mdr4life04:12 PM
then hosted several web streams telling teenagers what doses he thought were safe

ValidVanity04:12 PM
Parent’s fault
Not narcissa’s

mdr4life04:12 PM
if you think it is ever ok to mix shrooms and all the other shit he is taking you are mistaken

ValidVanity04:12 PM
It’s just hormone correction

mdr4life04:12 PM
hormone correction plus depression plus anxiety plus drugs and alcohol

ValidVanity04:13 PM
She doesnt use any of that

mdr4life04:13 PM
hello the only thing i mentioned that he doesn't do a lot of is alcohol

ValidVanity04:13 PM
She doesnt take psych meds or alcohol anymore

mdr4life04:13 PM
he even tried to get a high on nicotine pills or gum once

ValidVanity04:13 PM
Yeah she tried it
Didnt like it

mdr4life04:13 PM
who cares about anymore, his behavior is severely limited by the fact that he lives w his parents

ValidVanity04:14 PM
It’s not a big deal

mdr4life04:14 PM
that's something that really bothers me, like why are people commending him for a "retribution arc"

ValidVanity04:14 PM
She is basically drug-free now

mdr4life04:14 PM
first off not doing bad things ANYMORE doesn't stop someone from beeing bad, it doesn't erase history

ValidVanity04:14 PM
Blah blah

mdr4life04:14 PM
2nd, the only reason cosmo isn't doing them is because he CAN'T

ValidVanity04:14 PM
Sure she can

mdr4life04:15 PM
he can't because he's 31 and lives with mommy and daddy

ValidVanity04:15 PM
Her parents are cool with drugs

mdr4life04:15 PM
lol of course they are. doesn't surprise me
they never got his teeth fixed or taught him how to drive

ValidVanity04:15 PM
I think she hates me
I can drive

mdr4life04:15 PM
he hates everyone

ValidVanity04:15 PM
She doesnt need to drive
I will drive her

mdr4life04:16 PM
drive him to the bridge his friend jumped off and then film him jumping off
that would be so poetic

ValidVanity04:17 PM
U talking about rachel bryk?

mdr4life04:17 PM
was rachel bryk the tranny that jumped off a bridge that identified as a cat girl? if so yes

ValidVanity04:18 PM
She was bullied like Narcissa

mdr4life04:18 PM
i think that tranny killing himself played a big role in cosmo losing it
cosmo is not bullied. people calling people out for their terrible behaior isn't bullying

ValidVanity04:18 PM
Ur deadnaming and misgendering and names are bullying
Ur transphobix
People like you is why Rachel Bryk killed herself

mdr4life04:19 PM
i'm not encouraging mental illness

ValidVanity04:19 PM
She was very generate, worked on Dolphin
And very cute and valid

mdr4life04:20 PM
you are confusing chloe
you can't keep dead trannies straight
(lol straight get it)

ValidVanity04:21 PM
No I am not confusing her with anyone
Ur making me depressed now

mdr4life04:22 PM
wait you are actually right, i apologize
TWO tranny developers that worked on dolphin anheroed
the one i was talking about, chloe, set themselves on fire

ValidVanity04:23 PM
U suck

mdr4life04:23 PM
maybe what you should do is drive cosmo to the george washington bridge that rachel jumped off off and give him a can of lighter fluid

ValidVanity04:23 PM
Ur just a transphobic bully
U make this world worse

mdr4life04:23 PM
have him douse himself then light himsef on fire and jump off the bridge

ValidVanity04:23 PM
Im glad ur not cute

mdr4life04:23 PM
no that's cosmo

ValidVanity04:24 PM
U deserve to be as ugly as you are mean

mdr4life04:24 PM
and if you are neet you are a dredge on society

ValidVanity04:24 PM
Narcissa is nowhere near as mean as you

mdr4life04:24 PM
on day reality will get you

ValidVanity04:24 PM
Narcissa is an angel compared to you
You are evil

mdr4life04:24 PM
cosmo is a terrible person i just call him out on it
that's all
remember my idea about the bridge and the gasoline please!


🎇Patron Saint of Good Boys🎆
True & Honest Fan
Isaac/Vanity hit me up on Reddit DM today and we had a pretty interesting convo. TRANScript (haha, get it?) here:

Imagine being so insane that you not only fall in love with an abomination in character, appearance and hygiene like cosmo, but also troon out yourself in attempt to get him back. Impressive.

Looks like Null is in big trouble this time.
Null should be wary of men in dresses in the near future always.

Idea Waifu

stared to much into the sun
True & Honest Fan
Does any one know if the Narcissa Zelda Game is going to be released on, steam or avaliable to public at all?, date of release? because i look forward to it, we like Narcissa, we like Zelda Games, thats like a 1+1=:heart-full: , looks promising better than Super Mario Sunshine (3D All Stars) and i hope she finishes it.

break these cuffs

it's me and my bitch
Does any one know if the Narcissa Zelda Game is going to be released on, steam or avaliable to public at all?, date of release? because i look forward to it, we like Narcissa, we like Zelda Games, thats like a 1+1=:heart-full: , looks promising better than Super Mario Sunshine (3D All Stars) and i hope she finishes it.
Do you honestly think he's going to finish it?

Idea Waifu

stared to much into the sun
True & Honest Fan
Do you honestly think he's going to finish it?
No :c
What's stopping him? suicide? he had several mental breakdowns in his active days and survived 2 years even without attempting one, when it comes to money, the well doesnt seem to dry, i dont know about his rent and supposed job (i assume he still has it due to his lack of presence online), but he only needs a room with a computer, some water and soylent is very cheap for him to thrive.
Has nothing more to do than focus on making the game and speedrunning, eventually he has to finish it.

Vanity said:
Dear IbanZ,

I am giving you my remaining DMs of Narcissa and I, and I am moving on from her, as she moved on from me long ago.

Additionally, on your so-called drama forum, your MINIONS posted that I transitioned because of / for Narcissa and this is simply untrue and unsubstantiated! Out of respect for me, please correct this. In fact, she specifically said I "look good as a guy". I transitioned due to increasing dysphoria that was getting so severe I'd stay up all night thinking about balding, body hair, voice, etc. and it was literally driving me crazy (crazier). If anything transitioning hurt my chances with her, which lets be honest, were already at 0%, but I'm an optimist. Identity to me, I've never really identified as anything, but identifying as transfeminine or female feels good and continually feels better. I'm legally female. I did many things like wear my gf's clothes to school in high school. I'd wear makeup, and I read this one manga back in high school, Fruits Basket, where the men look like women and dress up in women's clothes sometimes, and I remember being fascinated since I also enjoyed doing that. Sometimes they'd go to school in a dress and be treated like women. It was very cute & is a fond memory. I have hundreds of very valid memories, but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, attached are the Narcissa logs. Unfortunately, half of my side of the messages were purged during one of my depressive episodes. This will hopefully be our final interaction, my old friend. Take care, IbanZ. Fuck this world.

- Vanity


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