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A bomb in a large recreational vehicle exploded several hours ago in downtown Nashville, TN at approximately 0630 local (CST) on Christmas day.
Some reports suggest police were warned by the perpetrators, others that an alert security guard noticed the vehicle appeared suspicious.
Consensus seems to be that shots were heard somewhere between ten minutes and an hour prior to the explosion, sometime after 0530 local, with police responding and finding the RV suspicious (for various reasons, possibly no tags?) and the vehicle detonated at approximately 0630 local [1 archive]. The investigation is presumed to be handled by FBI and ATF with Nashville Metro PD help at this point.

The vehicle was reported by police to have been in front of 166 2nd Avenue North [1]. While 166 2nd Ave is a mixed use residential/commercial low rise, a large red-clad building across the road at 185 is an infrastructure building owned by a subsidiary of AT&T [2].

Nashville police released a capture from a surveillance video that they state shows the RV arriving at the target at approximately 0122 in the morning [7]. Some local news reports suggest that police have found body parts in the area of the blast, though it is unclear whether they belong to someone involved or a victim [9].

Three injured people transported to hospital, none known to be in critical condition [1].

All streets inside the downtown loop have been closed to the public, at least for traffic, including parts of Interstates 65, 24, 40, and bus service has been suspended- this is expected to resume Saturday [6]. The mayor has ordered a curfew of the area encompassed by "James Robertson Parkway, 4th Avenue North, Broadway, and the Cumberland River" until Sunday afternoon [10].

Reportedly, there have been internet and 911 call center outages in the wake of the explosion [3][5][8].
AT&T internet and phone service was disrupted in the area about 12 p.m. Friday. Users around the country reported disruptions in service but there was a concentration in the Nashville area and Middle Tennessee. A handful of local police departments reported the outage was disrupting 911 access, including some non-emergency lines, in their jurisdictions.

Mt. Juliet residents can temporarily call 615-406-5849 for police assistance. Social media is being monitored as well, the department said.
Murfreesboro residents can call 629-201-5056 until further notice.
La Vergne residents can call 615-892-0168 or 615-416-4592.
Gallatin residents can contact 615-561-2080 or 615-561-2308 for all emergencies or other calls for service.
Williamson County residents: Those having an emergency now have to call 615-790-5550 or 615-790-5801.
Sumner County ECC is experiencing phone outages. For non emergency calls use 615-561-2080 or 615-561-2308. For Emergency calls use 615-561-2219 or 615-561-2299 or 615-561-2254.
Smyrna residents can call 615-930-2067.
Putnam County: For cell phone emergency calls in Putnam County, dial 931-261-6219.
Brentwood residents who need Police or Fire assistance should call 615-371-0160.
The Bowling Green police department announced Friday afternoon that wide-spread issues were being experienced with 9-1-1 service... Officials said callers who do not get an answer should dial 270-393-1559.
Outages were also reported as far south as Alabama, the Muscle Shoals PD reporting outages due to AT&T line being affected.

A 62-year old man has been identified as the likely perpetrator and is presumed to have died in the course of the action, though his motives are still uncertain.

Apparently this is a video of the explosion.

The warnings heard in the background were reported to come from Nashville PD but now appear to have come from the RV.

Dolly Parton's status is unknown.
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Very lucky no one was killed. Definitely not what anyone wants on Christmas.

Given the region I'd bet it's some far-right extremist (particularly an extreme anti-government nut or pro-life extremist ala Eric Rudolph), but it could be someone else. Islamic extremists haven't done much in the US lately but I wouldn't completely rule them out. Even racial supremacists like black or white supremacists I suppose could do something like this.

Hopefully the perpetrator is caught quickly and there are no more attacks.

So they put out a warning before the bomb went off and they detonated it when nobody was there. That’s something.
You give metro police too much credit. Its more likely that police smelt accelerant when checking out an illegally parked RV and allowed it to detonate. Them putting out a call to evacuate is just the police doing the bare minimum to avoid casualties.


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Original source on this video looks to be country musician 'Buck McCoy'.
He's taken some more wandering around outside, broken glass, bricks fallen off buildings, damage to utilities, etc.


The Mass Shooter Ron Soye

How you gonna explain fucking a man? 🤔

Just before the blast, witnesses in the area report a dire warning coming from the RV: “Evacuate now. There is a bomb. A bomb is in this vehicle and will explode."

Then, the voice started a 15-minute countdown.

Officers were conducting door-to-door checks in the area and redirected a man walking his dog along the street. The force of the explosion knocked an officer to the ground. Three people were hospitalized with injuries, police said.

Aaron said it was unclear if anyone was inside the RV when it exploded.

Doesn't sound like anyone died. And the RV that exploded was warning people 15 minutes in advance. An Islamist extremist wouldn't do that, must be a real autistic idiot.

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He can't keep getting away with it!

"shooter in multiple previous mass shootings" is too much of a tell.