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грешный дурак

Sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill

Oh Christ. You literally cannot say anything to these mentally ill overgrown children.
Like, I get not wanting to be told “you’re so brave” a lot by well-meaning people, the same way that people with cancer get tired of the “warrior” thing or parents of disabled kids get sick of the “I don’t know how you do it!” thing. It’s all trite. But ffs, your dad called you brave, you don’t need to publicly drag him on social media you little shit.

Huh. So Daddy ~deadnames her, and she's got massive student loan debt, meaning transphobe Daddy ain't paying. Damn, Milo. Your parents don't approve at all. Looks like you'll be fending for yourself, on an adjunct's slave wages. Also, adjuncts usually don't get health benefits. How are you gonna pay for T? What about cardio and endocrinology, for all those nasty side effects? If you get cancer, what then? Are you gonna tough it out on Medicaid, like a true prole?

Anna Ginge has Earth Mom, if her stomach asshole ever gets infected. Jude's got her poor, abused adoptive parents, Chantal has food, and Amberlynn her butler. Milo's got nothing but debt and comrades. We all know how loyal those are.


Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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Sounds like her father is trying his best to be understanding, and she keeps whining about it.

Maybe if he wasn’t so understanding and told the girl no once in a while, she’d be more respectful.
Still, shes not a kid anymore and should understand people better. She is taking all these classes about the poor downtrodden peoples of the earth and admits she feels too much. Yet, she can’t recognize her own father’s attempt to connect and be sympathetic?

She’s a super cunt. I used to think she’d have a wake up call during the early days when she hated college and this phase would end. She’d get a job, get married, have kids and be the mom with the weird voice. Now I believe she’ll live the rest of her life in academia, surrounded by people who think exactly as she does, and will never be challenged, yet she’ll always think she has a broader perspective than anyone else.


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I bought new clothes and don't want to call my self fashion hurting, or a consumer so I babbled about my sexuality instead.

Natty just say you went to the thrift store instead of Macys, no one would mind. It's also funny because deep down girls love clothes and naty is the most basic girly girl and trying to hide her white bread desires.

грешный дурак

Sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill
She's fucked her face badly. And that hair cut makes her look like an alien. She wasn't much of a looker before, but she looks worst. Seems to me, this is a typical case of female insecurity only that, instead of covering your face with glasses or some extreme statement such as be goth, you say you're a boy now.

She would be cute, if a bit plain & mousy, if she just had a little bob & wore like, a normie tweed pencil skirt & cardigan & non-danger glasses. She could totally pull off the “vintagey-nerd academic librarian” look very well. Of course, that would have to be in an alternate universe where she isn’t a gender brainwashed navel-gazing wokester 🤷🏻‍♀️
So I hadn't watched a video of hers in a long time and LOL, she sounds like such a female. She dresses so feminine as well. Doesnt even try to present as... anything besides a 'dangerhair'.

Everything about her screams 'look at me I am so quirky and different' when in reality she is the most basic bitch.

6 minutes in... this is a much better format and she is less intolerable than those old videos where she thought policed everyone and everything. I may just like seeing how other cities look.

If anything... she's just boring. Really, really boring.

And buttchin.

Paul Barker!

who killed lou gagliardi?
“Fashion is a big part of communicating my queer identity” oh fucking stuff it. Unless you’re flagging with bandanas or wearing a fucking harness or those godawful enamel pride pins, you’re communicating fuckall except your piss poor ability to dress yourself. Lesbian is not synonymous with unfashionable you dumb faggot.
Edit: actually, I have a shirt that features a little rainbow made of cocks. Maybe if Nady were a dude that’d communicate queerness?
Nobody would give a shit.

You see, that's kind of the problem for attention-seekers like Natalie... Almost paradoxical in that she wants to shock the normies with her radical uniqueness by ditching gender binaries, traditional haircuts, outfits, tastes etc. but in doing so has just joined another amorphous blob of left-wing hipsterdom that looks as indistinguishable.
What's the point of doing anything if you can't get asspats for it?
“Fashion is a big part of communicating my queer identity” oh fucking stuff it.

LOL, they all end up confessing that their "identity" is just dressing up.

Normal homosexuals or bisexuals (wtf is that "queer" shit, haha) walk among us and nobody gives a damn. They're your common lawyer, teacher, engineer, politician, librarian, electrician, whatever. Nobody uses some badge saying "I AM GAY". They dont' want that, they want "normies" to look at them and make comments about their "identities", either positive to boost their egos or negatives to validate their victimhood.

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