Snowflake Natalie "Nady" Stewart / Milo Stewart / Quinby Stewart - "snip snoop, it's miloop <3 needed to die", not leaked

This video is attention seeking on a level I have not seen in some time and is frankly difficult to watch for all the wrong reasons.

It's equal parts fart-sniffing narcissism, emotional blackmail (Mom HAS to know she's being recorded, Ash is a major lolcow), and Borderline-type manipulation (I'm gonna lop my tits off OR ELSE, MAWM). BPD is the crux of most female troons, I swear.

Think about it, they have paid how much in college tuition to see her take some junk majors and turn into a goblin that's going to mutilate her body because of some fringe science books and YouTube videos.

She's been bludgeoning them with gender shit since at least high school, so fuck, I can't blame them. They're numb, like a junkie's parents. Still, I wonder why they're so... nonchalant about this. They're clearly loaded. They have resources. If they really, really wanted to, they could at least slow her down, which leads me to think they've disengaged. They have a younger daughter who, surprise surprise, is nowhere to be seen on Natty's SM.

Unless she's bullshitting, Natty has massive student loans, so maybe Mom & Dad are just as chilly financially. Maybe she's been cut off, the money siphoned to her cute, non-gender fucked little sister. Again, looking at Ash, you see how bad Natty has it, and how stupid she is to continue. She's on her own, with debt and a family that could care less.

Don't lop your tits off, Natty. No one's coming to help.
Considering the extent of her attitude, I think her parents are more tolerant that neglectful, like Regina George's mom.

"MOM, there aremore than two genders!"
"Sure, darling, you're so cute, whatever you say!"

"DAD, I am actually a boy!"
"of course you are, baby. Want soem boy pants?"

"MOM, I'm wanna be a gender studies major in college!"
"That's adorable, Natty, I'll give you a check. You're gonna be the best gender studies ever!".

It must be so frustrating to be a teenager and not being able to rebel against something because all you have is support, even if fake support. She's got to the point she's gonna get rid of her breasts to try to make her parents say "no".


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LOL. Like Nady needed to tell her parents that she's a genderspeshul. Anyone with eyes can look at Nady and see that she's trying so hard to be noticed as an enbyqueertransnonbinarywhateverthefuck.

Nady was just hoping to get a reaction - ANY reaction - from mommy and daddy, because that's what this has been about from the start: getting their attention. Regardless if her parents accepted her or not, Nady can still use it to m1lk attention and asspats from the online genderspechuls she so dearly wants to impress.


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I keep on forgetting she lives in Chicago. It makes her frankly naïve insularity all the more bizarre. I mean, I'm sure she lives in a gentrified neighborhood and mostly hangs out with her dumb hipster friends, but she still seems like she has the smug attitude of a hipster living in, I dunno, Omaha or someplace. Like, it just boggles the mind that she's doubtlessly ridden on the El late on a Saturday night and still has the bland woke reflexes of a sheltered suburban high school student who's high on self-righteousness after her commie US history teacher told her about Howard Zinn for the first time.

When people want to drink, they usually go with friends at bars or at their home, they don't need to post a tweet about it, this bitch has no friends.

Unless some new trend I'm (thank god!) too out of touch to know about has come up recently, "cold brew" implies coffee, not alcohol.

Super Colon Blow

Sucks and blows at the same time!
She's fucked her face badly. And that hair cut makes her look like an alien. She wasn't much of a looker before, but she looks worst. Seems to me, this is a typical case of female insecurity only that, instead of covering your face with glasses or some extreme statement such as be goth, you say you're a boy now.
The goths wouldn't have her. Ever tried preaching SJW fake morality at a goth? XD *sigh* girl.... grow some hair. Learn how makeup works. Be a damn woman. It's not a bad life.


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I get the feeling she is super starved for attention and all her friendships never went past the shared interest in social justice.

I think so too. From what i've seen in my time in this thread, Nady was starved for attention from her parents and thus sought it elsewhere through the genderspecials on Tumblr. She got the idea that becoming a "genderthrash"was the key to finally shocking her complacent parents into giving her the attention she craved. Sadly, it appears - as other Kiwis on here have surmised - that turning herself into Drew Carey with clenis was not enough to freak out Mummy and Daddy, and thus is taking it to the next level by planning to chop her tits off.

I secretly suspect (and hope) that her parents already know she is a lost cause, and are just resigned to going along with it to see just how far Nady will go with this r3tardation.

Nady: "Mom, Dad - i'm going to get a phalloplasty!"

Mom: "That's fine dear - make sure you pick a nice fake dick to be surgically attached to you! I'll even take pictures to post to all my friends!"

Nady: "RRREEEEEEEEEE! WHY AREN'T YOU SHOCKED?! PLEASE BE SHOCKED!" *runs upstairs and cries into pillow*

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