Snowflake Natalie "Nady" Stewart / Milo Stewart / Quinby Stewart"snip snoop, it's miloop <3 needed to die", not leaked

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Oodles of Poodles, May 18, 2016.

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  1. She's skinnyfat.
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  2. No matter your body type, you're pretty much always going to have some softness to you if you don't have a lot of muscle underneath to tone it out unless you're literally a starving child.

    Anyway, I'm sure her parents are so proud--or would be, if they knew what their googly-eyed snowflake was doing at college.
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    Nehelenia hurr/durr pronouns pls
  3. how long until Nady changes her name again to not be confused with Milo Yiannapolus?
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  4. Not only is she skinny fat from some other pictures we've seen she's got hips for being kinda small, dare say, a female trait.

    She's small framed and skinny fat so places like that can hold some pudge. She should be happy if she was a true and honest TM boy she'd have a beer belly instead of some booty.
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  5. So I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Milo's started dating this jeditrix guy (since she's been reblogging pictures of him).

    Also, while it's highly suspicious that Milo hasn't started showing any changes at all on T, she is using Androgel, so it could take awhile for the changes to show (especially if its in her genes to be more resilient to those changes).

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  6. Their asses should not be so fat and saggy on women their ages. The government already decided, and they will not probe Trump's tax retuns.
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    Mariposa Electrique

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  7. Pretty sure she won't, because she named herself after this Milo:


    I have no proof for this except fucking look at her, of course she did.
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  8. Damn Naddy, get on the treadmill or start doing squats or something; that ass too fat for a small young lady.
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  9. Dude get with the times that's normal. Men are disposable. If you dont like it, tough shit.
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  10. Who fucks who?
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  11. I for one, welcome Milo's fat ass
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  12. He's some kind of swarthy ethnic, surprise surprise
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  13. I'd slap it.
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  14. I think this answers a few questions about her future T usage:
    Also Dumb.jpg
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  15. You know this would be a sweet image if you didn't have context on her. But with context, you know she's just with this guy for the progressive points.

    Having a minority boyfriend is so trendy and hip and look how tolerant and loving I am everyone! And he looks muslim, so you just know she's going for the tumblr top score. Sad.
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  16. This is literally the most important part of my life.
    Can't be assed to make a phone call to renew while still on mommy and daddy's health care

    Let's pick one of those Nati.
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  17. I think she is either

    a) tweeting this to keep the lie and pretend she took Androgel but now cant anymore, so no one can question why she's not changing.

    b) Milo is actually this stupid.
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  18. "Someone please help me, I can't figure out who to talk to, to get a prescription from my doctor, who will help me out of this jam!?"

    Seriously though, when you poison your body it does turn you into a exceptional husk that needs other people to help you pump your body full of poison.
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    Strong Tranni Role Model

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  19. Its hoinestly about as vanilla a relationship as you can get.

    I mean, duh! He sticks his girlcock in Milo's mangina! And then once one of them has a xxgasm, an xxby is born 9 xxxhts later and they have a little xxxxxx !
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  20. she's small but has no muscle definition. my take away from that ass pic and those gross modeling pics she did with her stomach hanging out is that she lives the typical spoiled wimp lifestyle. prolly sits on the computer eating garbage all day.
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    averagejane please pluck your nose hairs.
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