Snowflake Natalie "Nady" Stewart / Milo Stewart / Quinby Stewart"snip snoop, it's miloop <3 needed to die", not leaked

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Oodles of Poodles, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Oh by the way:

    It's a shame she's not gonna be on T anymore...

    Im sick and crying on the floor because I mixed xanx and whiskey Milo get with the fucking times if youre gonna do drugs for attention you gotta mix it up you cant just go "Im touch thisrty I havent had sex in 6 hours!!! :( :( :("
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  2. Jesus fucking Christ. It's almost like it's a hardcore drug that you shouldn't mess around with and take great steps to ensure that you never run out of it. Remember when she reacted with hostility when people tweeted her about the dangers of T? She also said that her doctor told her it would be totally fine to take it whenever and go off it if she felt like it at any time.
    She really is incredibly immature. What did you think was going to happen? And FYI, most doctors have an urgent number you can call if you need to talk to them about your prescription. Sometimes it will take until the next business day to talk to your doctor, but they generally have at least a nurse on call to answer general questions or request from the doctor an emergency refill.
    I honestly think she's just pitching a fit for attention. But if she's not, how is she doing in college if she can't plan ahead? I honestly predict her getting bored and moving back in with mommy and daddy. Maybe becoming a parasitic leech and moving in with her new totally-not het cis boytoy.
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  3. So... go back to the same doctor is somehow not an option? Is that too much work?

    You probably could just call them. How is this a cry worthy event and not a minor bookkeeping annoyance?
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  4. You're not seeing the endgame here:

    Step 1: Throw some twitter tantrums to display emotional stress of T.

    Step 2: Pretend getting back on it has been made overly complicated by cisnormative society.

    Step 3: Tell base T was not for you anyway and you don't need to transition to be trans. Talk about how the country makes it overly difficult to be on T.

    Congratulations you now have enough experience with T to speak as an authority about it without having to actually commit to the changes.
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  5. In all this, Nady has yet to show off her bottle of Androgel.

    EDIT: In regards to Milo's ass pic...

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  6. She had a bunch of androgel "ketchup packages" in one video, Milo did Lena androgel at one point.
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  7. $10 says she starts dating a black guy by her junior year..
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  8. I wonder why she decided to do that ass selfie after not showing much of her body even clothed. :c
    Maybe it's a "see I'm on the T it's changing my self-esteem" ruse cruise... But that may be giving her a little too much credit in the low-key scheming department.

    I know celullite can be hereditary and you can have it even when thin but jeeze that's a completely different ass than you'd expect her small frame to carry!
    Dat ass :heart-empty:
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  9. I'd just like to point out again that I told you all halfway through this thread that Milo was just a few steps away from getting a boyfriend and fucking like rabbits. And you all came to me like "what why would she bang a dude wtf". To those of you who haven't had this sink in yet: Natty is 100% a tiny little girl who does everything girls like to do in life - she's only a bit late to most of those parties (like dating) and she likes to cross-dress as a dude. Other than that she's a feminine girl through and through. A weird and ugly girl at that, but, again, still a girl.

    The fact she calls her boytoy "gay" because she thinks of herself as a "dude" is one of the most autistic things I've seen on this website and oh boy is that a tall order...

    I'm glad KF is back so we can see what comes out of the hormone saga. I pretty much want to see (in disgust and cringe) what happens to a bona fide girl who thinks she thinks she is a man and destroys her young body up to the point of no return because tumblr told her to do it. Alas, if she can only make herself stop sobbing like a baby girl and call her doctor like a grown up..
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  10. I remember seeing a tumblr comic about a "gold star gay" (one who has never touched vagina) having a trans man as a boyfriend, and the trans man using a strapon on him. The whole point of the comic was to plead for tolerance of gays that date trans men. For some reason this whole Milo thread reminds me of that.
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  11. If these alleged ass shots are any indication, shouldn't be too hard. Just need to upload some twerking vids.

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    I'd butt fuck her
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  12. Is that really her on the right?
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  13. now my favorite disney movie is ruined now, thanks milo ya fat ass bitch
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  14. If you're going after the magic wand, I think Milo may disappoint you...
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  15. milo.png
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  16. I'm gonna be honest back when you guys were all saying, "She's gonna meet some dude, get fucked and then she's gonna give up her asexuality and slowly transform into a normie girl." I kinda rolled my eyes. Mostly because she had obviously fucked around with her lady friend Noah and it had done no good.

    Getting dick really is transforming her. She's such a cliche.
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  17. She's not transforming, it's who she always was. She's just dropping the facade finally.

    The more I think about it, this all seems to be a sham to cover the fact that she's ugly and uncharismatic despite all her attempts at being cute. She just went "it's not that I'm not pretty - it's that I'm not a girl at all ok!!!" Just like when a kid says something like "it's OK I didn't even want to play with your awesome stupid drone anyways ok!!!"

    Now that she's getting the things she secretly wanted (aka. being a lot closer to a "normal" college girl) she's just going with it. I wouldn't be surprised at all if all that drama about not being able to pick up the phone and talk to her doctor for a hormone prescription renewal is just her dramaqueen way of telling us she doesn't want to take it anymore.

    Has she given up on becoming a boy? Is she really stupid enough not to get a new prescription after she made an entire video saying that "I'm 100% genuinely dumbfounded at how easy it is to score transition hormones"? We'll see, my dear kiwis. Whatever comes next, she's not giving up on letting us know all about it through social media, as the typical teenage girl she is.
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  18. I wouldn't call her ugly. She's most likely be a 4-6 if she actually knew how to work with what she's got.
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  19. What she does tends to push her into highlighting her bad traits, looking like neither or boyish and le quirky bad clothing.

    To be fair her personality and mannerisms take her down 7 points, on the 5 scale.
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