Skitzocow Nate Spidgewood / Nathaniel Edward Speed / Nate Speed / Nathaniel43284 - Blangry Wannabe Cartoonist, Bedwetter. Banned many times on TV Tropes/Wikipedia/Wikia/etc.

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Some Random Soul
and @Some Random Soul it would be wise to update nate's long term abuse page because there are more pages he targets now.

here are the three latest ip socks nate used as of august 21. they're links to the contribs so you can see the pages he's been targeting.
Thanks. I went through those IP contributions and added those pages to the list. I'm sure there could be more to be added, so if I'm missing anything do let me know!

Speak of the devil, some guy called Unkno0wnUser claimed here on the Company Bumpers Wikia that he was a sockpuppet of Nate and was subsequently blocked by the founder, TP, himself. I can't tell if it was indeed Nate or just some guy mocking him but regardless I felt like pointing it out.
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hey guys, so i decided to look back at the wikias that nate visited and i decided to go through the block logs and list all of his sockpuppets and IPs that were on those wikis.


Some Random Soul
It's now globally blocked, as it should be. Just gonna save these here though:
"PUNCHES YOU IN THE STUPID CUNT"? I thought of it at first as just some funny new Nate thing, but once you look it up and realize it means "vulva," which are the external female genitals, you start to realize that apparently he must (still?) think you guys are women.

"I'LL TRACK YOUR STUPID HOUSE DOWN AND BOMB YOUR SHITTY ASS PC INTO A MILLION PIECES", though? Isn't that a bomb threat and shouldn't it be investigated as such? I realize he may never actually do that but still.

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