Inactive Nathan Larson / Tisane / Lysander / Leucosticte - Creepy pedo "incel" LOLbertarian Putin and Breivik lovechild.

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Jun 3, 2015
Well, how can I start with this person? Imagine the misogyny of Marjan and co. on steroids, the pedophilia of Nick bate, the creepyness of all our horrorcows covered on this site. What do you have?
A gentleman like Nathan Larson.

I don't have any idea of how to start his description kiwis. Let's start reading his Encyclopedia Dramatica article.
His maternal uncle was a schizo named Frank who was sent to a crossbar apartment for forcible sodomy. His mother was stressed the fuck out while having him, which resulted in him being born with a fucked up version of ambidextrous hands that has been linked to pedophilia.

As a young child, he was known for being overly friendly with random strangers, which may or may not have resulted in a few offers of candy in the back of a van. A reliable source also told Nathan that his mother died that his daddy drove off a cliff, and all Nathan could do was cry, wondering who would pick him up from preschool.
In his adolescent years, he made friends with a suicide attemptee, discovered yet again politics sucked when he was butthurt over having lost a student election for a meaningless position, and was eventually kicked out of high school after doing some crazy shit while high on drugs.
A young, frustated boy who screeched when he lost a meaningless election. Let's find more, shall we?
He later ran for public office in Virginia of 2008, found that he was losing badly, and finally gave into frustrations and shared his desire to Timothy McVeigh his opposition on the tubes.
He then later decided to troll the US government by sending a lulzy (and very well written) letter of intent to kill the President comments[at]whitehouse[dot]gov. His hopes were to be arrested and imprisoned, so he could go on a fatal hunger strike and have his corpse shown to the world as an example of how fucked up the US Government is (clearly not bearing in mind that it might never receive any serious press play). The Secret Service was forced to arrest him, he was detained, and after ten months of watching black people beat the shit out of each other, he was evaluated as fucking crazy
His stands on the isssues, as told on his wiki page (what's the link between lolcows and wikia pages? It is like sonic and autists?)
  • Issues related to family
  • Issues related to marriage
  • Abolition of the age of marriageability
  • Abolition of restraining orders
  • Abolition of welfare
  • Immigration privatization
  • Legalization of incestuous marriage
  • Legalization of marital rape
  • Legalization of polygynous marriage
  • Marriage privatization
  • Punishment of disloyal spouses
  • Recognizing the limits of what same-sex marriage can accomplish
  • Repealing the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Issues related to young people
  • Abolition of Child Protective Services
  • Elimination of all state funding for young women to attend high school and college
  • Emancipation of young men
  • Keeping abortion legal
  • Legalization of child pornography possession and distribution
  • Issues related to justice
  • Allowing photography and broadcasting of judicial proceedings
  • Ending felony disenfranchisement
  • Granting immunity to defendants for statements made during allocution‎
  • Making inculpatory statements and the fruits of consent searches inadmissible in court
  • Issues related to governance
  • Ending gerrymandering
  • Giving Washington, DC voting representation in the United States Congress
  • Repealing the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Repealing the Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Repealing the Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Running the government as a business
  • Miscellaneous
  • Drug legalization
  • Legalization of autonomous cars
  • Legalization of defamation
  • Legalization of public nudity
  • Opposing right-to-work laws
Such a catch young ladies! Let's see how this family man is doing, he must have a livestock... I mean a large family. Well, nope, as seen on this local news website
The 35-year-old part-time accountant, who lives with his parents in Virginia, traveled to Colorado Springs in October for a jury trial. Larson hoped to prove he would be a fit parent in what's called a dependency and neglect case. The case, which is not criminal, couldn't terminate his parental rights. But it could prevent him from immediately taking custody of his baby
Larson says he doubts he could get over that hurdle and no longer wishes to try. El Paso County Attorney Robert Kern confirms that Larson has filed paperwork to terminate his parental rights.

"I had a psychological evaluation of this sort done a few years ago, and the recommendation was that I not be allowed to be around kids unsupervised," Larson writes in an email to the Independent. "It's evident that when a patient says that he is attracted to kids, and that he questions the harmfulness of adult-child sex, the standard procedure of mental health workers is to recommend against allowing unsupervised contact with kids. But it's hard to raise a kid without being able to see her outside the presence of a social worker."
And to end this description of this exceptional individual, I give you his email, if you want some advice of how to manage your family life.

Jul 31, 2015
The RationalWiki users are talking about Larson right now: (permalink)

What they don't realize is that Larson has been editing RationalWiki as "L's Ideology" as recently as January:'s_Ideology

RationalWiki is actually hosting a few of Larson's essays on pedophilia right now!

FuzzyCatPotato (the very person who started the RationalWiki thread) even gave him "autopatrolled" rights:'s_Ideology

"L" is a reference to a Death Note character, and Larson is a fan:"death+note"

Edit: After a small intervention by me, the RationalWiki users finally deleted Larson's essays from their site:
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Oct 24, 2015
GamerGhazi and at least one lolcow (Ryulong) were RRRRREEEEEing about this "channer" running for the House.


His original(?) account on Wikiepdia has a slew of autistic info boxes on the user page, one of them was deleted by the Wikipedos.


He was also using sockpuppets, like other lolcows seem to do.

Jul 31, 2015
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Jan 27, 2016 said:
Nathan Larson is running for Delegate in Virginia's 31st House of Delegates district on an anarcho-capitalist platform of abolishing the state, so that the power of the free market can be fully unleashed to provide security, dispute resolution, and other services. That is the entirety of this campaign's agenda.

any other page said:
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He's hidden everything that used to be part of his platform, and now is also trying to get out of jury duty.


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Feb 14, 2017
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Feb 11, 2016

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Jun 19, 2017
He wants to eliminate welfare, but fathered at out of wedlock baby. I'm going to guess he also isn't paying any child support to the grandparents now stuck raising the results of his jizz.
I don't think he wants any child support at all, so he can run around fucking and impregnating woman on a dime and watch as he can force and beat any woman who has his child.

It's all just one sick power fantasy.

Jun 29, 2017
He wants to eliminate welfare, but fathered at out of wedlock baby. I'm going to guess he also isn't paying any child support to the grandparents now stuck raising the results of his jizz.

Actually, the child was born on 5 February 2015, and the divorce wasn't finalized till 6 April 2015, so technically, she was born in wedlock. The divorce decree denied the child's existence, in keeping with the mother's statement, "I told Nathan that I had miscarried early in the pregnancy." The mother explicitly waived child support (see page 19 of the petition, stating, "He does not know Piper exists.")

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