National Flags for Lolcows -

Here we go

The concept is that Lolcows get their own micronation. They can commission someone to make a flag for a nation of their ideals. Guidelines:

1. The flag should be distinctive enough for each lolcow. A flag for Lucas Werner shouldn't be just an puzzle piece because "This lolcow has autism, get it?" A better flag would have the end of a DNA strand because "Telemere"

2. Ratio should be 3:5 or be historically realistic.

3. A flag should have good design, except for when the lolcow dictator forces horrible vexillological elements.

4. Symbols Lolcows create are important.


@Autphag's hyper-masculinity symbol. It's confusing because he was a pretend girl, but he comes up with that symbol.

Purple for self-important, and blue is an autistic color that clashes.


A white-washed swastika that's still obviously a swastika for Casey Hoerth/Len Gilbert. The motif is Lightning and Sun, for one of his book's title.


Phil's Australatina flag remastered. It was a crayon drawing he had on the wall. Changed the symbol from Catholicism to female.
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Ball Ween Hammer
Serbia + Israel = Serael
This is @Null's breakaway People's Republic with Zionist characteristics
Main Ideology : Juche
Capital: Bel-Graviv
Currency: Bitcoin
With their anthem being, ofcourse, White Girls Fuck Dogs

Original back for CWC's flag credit goes to kiwi Some Jerk. Adding ugly seals is a long held tradition among flag designers, and I don't think Chris would have it any other way.

And now that he's a Lolcow, ADK repost