Artcow nattycomic / stephen a. winchell / @sawinchell - sjw webcomic about beating up people who hold doors for women. VROOM VROOM!


Never Fear.
"Wow look at that flat ass, would make a perfect ironing board"

Is this nigga seriously convinced guys will stare wishfully at any ass or he thinks his dykesona is that attractive?
The fact he drew her dressed like a man in slacks dilutes his message.

But if he draws her in any way that would be considered attractive, then he would be giving in to the dreaded MALE GAZE!

It's sort of a double-edged ass sword.


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That is true.

It's just I'm an east coaster and we're long overdue for that kind of treatment.
The northeast corridor isn't half bad. I could commute to DC via public transit if I needed to. It's just that if you live in West Virginia, you're probably fucked. Extending a spiderweb of railways out west would be a exceptional waste of money.
So, Natty has a demon that lives inside her asshole?
Nah, Natty has a demon's hand up her asshole. She's his hand puppet.

Broseph Stalin

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So, Natty has some history on "hitting" on old men? Im not very on the lore.
All we've got to go on is this one page right here where she got done fucking a rather older looking gentleman and asked him about movies.



Whatever it is, I'm against it.
What I'm taking from this is she's obviously too old to qualify.
I guess. That, or it's some kind of exploitation to seek to date women who are adults and able to decide for themselves if they want to have a relationship with someone?

Internalized misogyny much, Natty dear?
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