Artcow nattycomic / stephen a. winchell / @sawinchell - sjw webcomic about beating up people who hold doors for women. VROOM VROOM!

PTNR 2.0

[showering intensifies]
Maddies artist must completly loose his shit everytime he leaves the house and realizes that the last 4000 odd years of human history fails to match up with contempory values.

[picture of nattie play some sport]
"in case you didnt know guys shakespeare probably had values of elizibethan england and acted accordingly so women wernt allowed to act!!"
A dope way of making dipshits like this rage is to remind them that no matter what they do, say or think, or how hard they virtue signal and make webcomics about karate chopping Proud Boys or whatever, that in 100 years, they'll be viewed to be just as oppressive and backwards and ignorant by mainstream society circa 2119 as current mainstream society views people from 1919 that thought interracial marriage was bad, who themselves thought monsters of the people in 1819 who thought slavery was okay as long as the slave master was kind and benevolent.

That's the irony of hardcore progressivism: history will always view you as a monster, just as you view historical people as monsters, who viewed their own historical people as monsters. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

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