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Gabe Navarro has a massive body of work that includes everything from "bizarre fanfiction" to "technicolor nightmare" to "stained-glass rape horrors". This body of work is years in the making, and though it hasn't been updated in some time as of this writing while he focuses on his more musical ventures, we're still able to enjoy his vast universe.

One thing I haven't seen much in Gabe's interactions on the internet are honest critiques. This is mostly due to Gabe's war on trolls - anything that is construed in a negative light is wiped from his pages if he has the power. But we're a group of reasonable and intelligent people, and I think it might be fun and informative to start looking into both the art style of his work, but also the biological designs of his created beings.

To start us off, I'm going to use probably my favorite design of his - The Ohgroid

The Ohgroid is considered one of the most evil beings in all of the Nava-Verse, so evil that other demons hunt them down because they give them a bad name. In demon-circles, especially Lust demons, it's quite acceptable to rape humans (including adolescents), but the Ohgroid takes it a step further by torturing and abusing their victims too. This makes them a rape-pariah, shunned by even their Demon-Brethren.


  1. The stunted ovular wings would are a possible vestigial part of a beast that was once able to fly. Over time, these wings have most likely become weak and useless. The inner sections have evolved to be apparently translucent and appear to be full of vomit. The reason for this is unknown.
  2. Since the Ohgroid (and all demons) are sub-corporeal, it stands to reason that they are also semi-opaque. This works well with Gabe Navarros art style, as he does not feel that things such as planning are required. You can see this in his coloring overtop of previous lines without shading or working around to cover them up.
  3. The fingers of the Ohgroid have no bones, and are instead floppy tubes with perhaps small bits of cartilage to keep them in semi-static states, like the posable limbs of a doll made from pipe cleaners. You will also notice the same transparency in the fingers, and the inability to color within lines.
  4. The feet of the Ohgroid are an evolutionary mystery. They seem to be loosely attached to hairy man-legs. The heels hold upwards curved spurs, a useless accessory possibly used to attract mates as their function would do nothing more than damage the Ohgroid while walking. There are three talons conjoined into a singular, large talon at the front of each foot, though they are supported by five ridged knuckles.
  5. The most fascinating detail are the three penises supported by a singular bright-red ballsack. At least one of the penises must be functional as there have been multiple beasts sited. However, note the strange blue plate behind the penises. Perhaps this is actual a fashion piece - crude genitalia crafted from sausages and attached to a diaper or set of briefs that are worn by the Ohgroid for the purpose of hiding it's micro-penis from the laughter of those around.
  6. Much like the fingers, the Ohgroid does not have bones in its arms. They are asymetric in length either by evolutionary design, or the artist has trouble with proportions. Either way, they fearsomely resemble Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen, one of the greatest villains of the modern era.
  7. The Ohgroid appears to have a wide, leering mouth full of sharp teeth that is frozen in a perpetual smile. However, note that the tongue appears to be extended from a closed and grinning mouth. This could be because the artist did not plan in advance the addition of a tongue and threw it in last minute to look cool. Or, it could be because the Ohgroid does not actually HAVE teeth - those could merely be patterns designed on of the lips for protection from predators, and he is sticking his tongue out at the viewer in a sassy manner.

As you can see, the Ohgroid is a beast of much mystery and wonder. It's my belief that with the vestigle wings, the 3-clawed and spurred feet, lack of teeth, and the most likely lack of a large or working penis, that the Ohgroid has evolved from the humble Gallus gallus domesticus, or modern chicken.
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You know, I like to think of these creatures as existing in some sort of 2D space, like observing microorganisms pressed between glass under a microscope. Even when parts are layered in front of others, there is no depth to them. So much so that I find it difficult to imagine how a story can be made with them in it, wiggling about on the same flat plane and waving their boneless arms about.