NBA's Apology to China Draws Outrage Across Political Spectrum - "we love Chinese money more than we love freedom and democracy"

the only silver lining i can see here is that people are finally starting to realize and talk about the communist party's sinister global influence. just think about all the shit that's been stirred up and put china to the front of even dopey americans' minds: the trade war, xinjiang human rights catastrophe, the winnie the pooh ban, HK riots, increased scrutiny over confucius institutes abroad (basically communist sleeper cells in foreign countries), the south park episode, this NBA shitshow, the blizzard shitshow---all this shit is i think making people in the west realize like they haven't before just how huge of a threat china is.

of course many of us have known this for years, and know that the fangs have sunk in and the world is doomed to capitulation to the communist party, but it's nice to see these issues being brought to a wider audience.

the only way out i see is if the communist party collapses. it's not crazy to think that a collapse is in the cards. there are some cracks in the facade already. the economic downturn, which was always inevitable, is an impossibility to modern chinese minds, who expect nothing but endless growth from the party, and there's no telling what they'll do when (not if) a recession hits.

there's also reason to suspect intra-party tension, which is a feature of the collapse of any dictatorship, as a response to xi's aggression and attempt to surpass and replace mao. just look at the military parade on the 1st: neither xi's wife, a high ranking military general, nor hu jintao, the previous president of china, were in attendance. big thonk.

also, 70 years is a scary number for one-party dictatorships:
Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party retained power for 71 years (1929-2000);
the Communist Party of the Soviet Union ruled for 74 years (1917-1991); and
Taiwan’s Kuomintang held on for 73 years (1927-1949 on the mainland and 1949-2000 in Taiwan).
The North Korean regime, a Stalinist family dynasty that has ruled for 71 years, is China’s only contemporary competition. (from an scmp op-ed worth a read, amazingly)

just some food for thought.

the next massive powderkeg to go off will be taiwan. if there is a severe crackdown in hk, there's a very good chance that tsai will win, declare independence, and start wwiii.
It could be argued that Deng, by carrying out a revolutionary change in China, all but reset the clock and gave it another 70 years from 1978.


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Lakers' NBA Cares event in Shanghai canceled amid China rift

The NBA Cares event in Shanghai involving the Los Angeles Lakers was canceled Wednesday just hours before it was scheduled to begin, adding to the fallout from a recent tweet by Rockets GM Daryl Morey that showed support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong.

The NBA would only say that calling off the event, which was supposed to benefit the Special Olympics, was not its decision.

A fan event that was scheduled for Wednesday was also canceled.

On Tuesday, an NBA Cares event with the Nets at an education center in Shanghai was canceled by the Chinese government. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said the league would still donate computers to the center.

The Lakers proceeded with a practice Wednesday that was closed to the media, a team source told ESPN. The Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are scheduled to play the first of two preseason games in the country Thursday. Silver is expected to address both teams later on Wednesday.

Silver, speaking in Japan on Tuesday, said he and the league are "apologetic" over the outcome and reaction that followed Morey's tweet, but he noted that "we are not apologizing for Daryl exercising his freedom of expression."

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said it will no longer air the two preseason games. CCTV is also reviewing all of its cooperation and exchanges involving the NBA, it said in a statement posted to CCTV Sports' official social media account.

The broadcaster indicated the decision was prompted by earlier remarks Silver made in Japan.

"We're strongly dissatisfied and oppose Adam Silver's claim to support Morey's right to freedom of expression," the statement read. "We believe that any remarks that challenge national sovereignty and social stability are not within the scope of freedom of speech."

Chinese government reportedly considering canceling two NBA preseason games

The back-and-forth between the NBA and China over Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet has created an endless debate with no end in sight. It’s going to be a tough road ahead for Adam Silver and the NBA in that country, and now there are reports that there could be immediate consequences.

According to Marc Stein of the New York Times, there is a possibility that China could cancel hosting two NBA preseason games in light of their leadership’s anger over Morey’s tweet and Silver’s perceived support of the Rockets GM.

Via Marc Stein:

In discussions I’ve had over the past few days with a number of well-placed observers, who are familiar with both the Chinese landscape and N.B.A. dealings, there are growing fears that government officials will cancel the two games. Various sponsors, media outlets and the Chinese Basketball Association itself — led by the former Rockets great Yao Ming — have already vowed to have nothing to do with the Rockets for the foreseeable future.

Silver is scheduled to arrive in China on Wednesday to begin face-to-face damage control with some of the aggrieved entities. Among them is Yao himself; Silver has acknowledged that the Hall of Fame center is “extremely” angry.

“And I understand it,” Silver said.

This situation is going to get worse before it gets any better. Meanwhile, everyone’s trying to parse out what to make of it, with nothing clearer at the end of any discussion.

The future of the NBA in China is in great jeopardy. For now, we’ll just have to monitor the situation.
China Mad.

I'd be stunned if Daryl Morey isn't fired in the next 48 hours.


We aren't enforcing chinese policies in America. We would never do that

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If you take into consideration how many players, coaches and owners have been fined at least $25,000 apiece for criticizing officiating during the games to the media during press conferences over the past couple of decades (even during meaningless, late season games where there's nothing to gain or lose), you have a pretty decent argument that the NBA doesn't exactly support free speech itself.


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What? I like weird old guns.
Totally acceptable no need to wear T-Shirts saying “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”
Protest is a healthy part of society, but if you are going to care about police brutality in one place where the injury rate is in the 100’s compared to around 1,500. I just don’t get it. I thought that LeBron cared about the po-po being mean to people? Oh wait we can sell billions of basketball shoes to the slants, time to shut my mouth.

Totally acceptable no need to wear T-Shirts saying “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”
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Protest is a healthy part of society, but if you are going to care about police brutality in one place where the injury rate is in the 100’s compared to around 1,500. I just don’t get it. I thought that LeBron cared about the po-po being mean to people? Oh wait we can sell billions of basketball shoes to the slants, time to shut my mouth.
Also: The Chinamen need to keep down the slants in other asian countries to make his shoes cheaper
what? the "polar" right prays daily that they'll see Chinese or Russian paratroopers descending from the skies to save them from the clown world

being a taxpiggy under the protection of Chinese overlords is preferable to contributing to the spic-nig cycle
Russian yes, Chinese no. I don't know what Alt-Right you've been hanging out with, but they hate chinks.
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Styx vlogged about the NBA and LeBron.

Some comments who might be more interesting then the vlog itself are worth to save for posterity.
Akari Akaza
Based China killing any "credibility" celebrity virtue signalers had left. Corporation talking shit? Bring out the Winnie the Pooh posting.

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LeBron is afraid that his Chinese Masters are gonna stop funding his career.
And the Nike ad than they did with Kapernick got a little update about China.
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