Nefertiti "Whitewashing" - WE WUZ KANGZ AND SHEEIT

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There's a reconstruction of what Nefertiti, King Tut's mother, supposedly looked like. Needless to say, some people were less than impressed with the results.

The reconstruction:
View attachment 376453

Science is wrong!
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Archaeology and history are wrong!
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Denial in the Nile
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Ancient Egyptian Illuminati tranny.




shit demon
these niggos aren't willing to put the effort into making something of themselves, so they take the easy route and just claim to be descendants of great civilizations from the past (i.e egypt), even if they have to rewrite history to do so

can someone explain to me what the fuck is going on in that picture?

are they fondling their balls? measuring them? jerking them off?

i can't tell


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This whole thing is absurd. Nefertiti and Akhenaten were clearly aliens.
I think they drew people, especially royals, like that at the time because Akhenaten himself was a weird looking fucker but as the preeminent person of the age, the more you were seen as looking like him, the higher status you were. He probably had Marfan syndrome.

Anyway, they reversed all that shit, especially monotheism, after he croaked, and they nearly immediately quit depicting people in that weird, fucked up way. So as evidence of KAAAAAAANGZ N SHEEEEIT the appearance of Nefertiti in the idiosyncratic Akhenaten period art style is pretty shit evidence.


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If you read a book instead of spreading your special snowflake bullshit everywhere, and basing all of reality off of that, you'd realize that if anything, ancient Egyptian culture was home to a myriad of many different races, not just black folk. In fact, recent studies have shown that these "Egpytians" were actually a mix of all sorts of mediterranian races such as Greek, Turkish, Arabian, Assyrian, and the list goes on. Hell, even today, compared to most other African countries, Egyptians look more Arabic than black, which makes sense considering that Egypt borders the Middle East.


To me, saying Egypt was populated by all black people because it's in Africa would be like saying Georgia or Azerbaijan are homes to yellow-skinned people because they are located in Asia, when both countries are more "European" culture-wise. Plus, people in both countries look like this:


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