Neil Druckmann - Horrible writer, has secret cuck relationship with Anita Sarkeesian, possibly a pedo.


"I'm losing an argument online, better dox myself"
Neil Druckmann - a writer for Naughty Dog, a self-titled genius, dreams about tranny, teenage sex scenes all night long.

Most of you know about his recent controversies, such as fucking up Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us 2, kicking out Amy Hennig (while ironically """being""" a feminist), pandering to 40%
He also loves to self-insert himself into his games, not just like some cameo or something like Kojima does, he makes himself an important character to the story and into a sex scene with a tranny.


1592565076721.png - The Last of Us Part II - Sex scene_B-qhZPTmrhs_1080p_3.gif

He also believes himself to be a genius:



Yo, buddy. Still alive
Calling it a self-insert might be a bit of a stretch. He just has that generic urban hipster look. The Doctor Uckmann one is obvious, though when viewed in the context that it's some fictional trading card, I'm less inclined to think it's a sign of megalomania.
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