Neo-Segregation is happening. (Fall of Tower of Babel) - this was inspired by a post from Deep Thoughts that grazed on a subject of segregation

It's a long read, so please be patient. Segregation is happening and I'm here to explain what lead up to it. This was written ex prompto, so it may sound a little rough around the edges, since I didn't edit it whatsoever just to make sure this was purely a stream of conciousness with as less of projection bias as possible and I don't think it's necessary to edit it, because what is happening is self-evident and all I am doing is simply adding to what is already going on.

I'm not trying to appear as if I know exactly how everything happened or will happen. I'm not stating that everything that I've said is 100% true. But I assure you, I know quite a bit on this subject, as well as other subjects to make me a credible source on everything I've said.

Read on further..

The only ones who don't want segregation are degenerates who NEED to leech off other people. It's as simple as 2+2.
Racial or other segregation IS necessary for the development and evolution(not biological) of those groups that do well and become self-sufficient and self-sustainable.
If segregation isn't allowed then it will be inevitable the groups of people who do well for themselves are going to get "invaded" by "guests" or "migrants" who WILL try to attach themselves to a success their host group is experiencing.

Let me repeat - Segregation is a construct to insure that whatever group is actively being successful stays successful. If you remove segregation and allow other less successful groups to live among a successful group, then eventually a successful group will not be able to provide a piece of their success to "migrant" groups thus destroying itself, while continuously falling first to a level of the "migrant" group and then even lower, because the differences between successful and non-successful groups will cause social tensions that would lead to conflicts that wouldn't be possible to solve via peaceful process.

Now lets look at all major groups and try to assess their success levels:
Europeans - the most successful group that conquered All Europe and most of Asia and North America + Australia and several Islands.
Europeans are hands down the most successful group of all leaving other groups so far behind, that literally ALL groups have to "steal" technology from Europeans to even try to stay 20-30 years behind. And don't tell me about how Asians are high IQ etc, because they may be somewhat ok in IT or other technology, they still can't even come close to levels Europeans are at currently. There is just no catching up with us. No chance for other groups to even come close to us.

Thus, of course, for groups other then Europeans, it's paramount to attach themselves to Europeans in such a way that would allow them to leech off our technological innovation as soon as we invent or create ANYTHING new. So, for every non European it is important that segregation of Europeans doesn't happen. They don't really care about segregation of other groups, because other groups have virtually nothing to give. To put it in layman's terms, It's whites against non-whites. Europeans are white and non-Europeans are not white.

Non-whites are trying desperately to do everything in their power to keep Europeans available for them to leech onto.
This means that non-whites are going to try and brainwash Europeans so they would allow non-whites to live among them.
Now, it's not that easy to brainwash Europeans, but not impossible.
Obviously the most brainwash resistant group among whites are white males older then 25.
This would be considered by non-whites as their main enemy.
So the goal of non-whites is to fight the white males older then 25.

Since non-whites can't defeat whites directly, they would need to find another more clandestine way, more subversive method.

Let me explain to you how they will do it

First they would need to introduce an ideology that would be so appealing and nice, that white men would highly associate with such ideology. Since white men are highly courageous and altruistic by nature, while at the same time highly militant and aggressive towards enemies, the ideology must be appealing to all these qualities. So non-whites create Christianity and introduce it to highest authority among white men as something very positive that could help WHITE authority to control their own white people better. Thus ROMAN EMPIRE hears the proposition of non-whites to accept Christianity as central idea of White Authority and eventually accepts it, thinking it can control it. Romans modify Christianity a little bit so it would be more adaptable by white and introduces it to all Europeans, which eventually accept it as their religion.
Now Christianity gives a possibility for non-whites to enter European world under the guise of either being Christians or by appealing to now Christian ideals. Nothing scary yet. But later Christianity starts to accept non-whites in position of Authority, simply because Christianity is very accepting to those who are willing to serve "the Lord".
Some time passes and Christianity becomes multicultural. Christians conquer Americas, Africa etc, baptizing millions of non-whites.

At this point non-whites are still aren't too comfortable among whites. Even though whites are already sharing technology at that point, by providing non-whites with some outdated blueprints, it is still being done not fast enough and not on demand, but at white people's own accord. That's not good enough. Non-whites actually dream that whites would do everything for them, becoming the perfect white host, for non-white parasites. To achieve that non-whites understand that they need to modify Christianity into something MORE liberal, more accepting, more tolerant. So they come up with another concept that would look appealing to white people, LIBERALISM. Since many white people aren't reach but very idealistic by nature, Liberalism becomes well received by whites in general, because at face value liberalism sounds great. Of course the smarter whites understand that Liberalism is nothing good and that it is actually a Trojan horse, but at this point it's too late. White have already became Christians and now Christianity is THE main compass which directs white society. Many whites understood this trick but too late. Whites in power accepted Christianity thinking they could control it just like they controlled previous religions, but this wasn't the case, since ironically Christianity gives power not to the powerful but to the weakest(physically and intellectually). So after a couple of centuries of Christianity the white society reformed according to Christian "beliefs", where the weak by way of "serving the Lord" obtained power which otherwise they would never have come even close to. Christianity allowed for weak and dumb men to rise in social status. Those weak and dumb white people(I didn't say that all whites were uber-smart and strong) allowed for bribery and subsequently were bribed by non-whites, who bought influential positions in white society.

Now when non-whites have obtained some positions of influence and power in whites societies, they could further their agenda. First they started to push ideas that whoever doesn't like "poor" or "non-white" is a bad bad man who is not living according to Christian ideals. Then they continued to push liberal ideas, causing all sort of revolutions and reformations to happen everywhere in the "white lands". The next thing you know, Christianity itself became a subject to major reformation, becoming basically Communism\Socialism, the ideologies which dictated that the power should belong to the weakest and dumbest, but at the same time the weakest and the dumbest would be required by law to be treated at least as equals to the smartest, while the rich would be stripped of their wealth or controlled in such a manner so they would spend their money in the interest of those who are in power, meaning "socialists and communists".

At this point smart whites understood completely that they were fooled and tried to counter the non-white ideologies with Nationalism and Racism, but basically to no avail since at that time there were so many poor whites and non-whites living together, that powerful smart whites simply didn't have the man-power to defeat them. They have tried but were defeated by the enemy who countered them in 10 fold the numbers the smart powerful whites had.

After losing this war, the non-whites accumulated all their assets and concentrated on changing the fabric of white reality itself. They decided to remove smart and powerful white men completely or at least turn then into laughable copies of themselves who would be completely controlled by non-white narrative. Given that at this point most white men in power were either corrupted, weak and dumb or at least with their hands tied to do anything in order to destroy the parasites, the non-whites had all actual power and white men couldn't do shit, because the hordes of workers basically controlled the politics at this point. At any time any powerful white man would even hint at changing back to how it was before, he would be hit with all of the might of the system. So, non-whites started to push all kinds of degenerate ideologies onto white men and white society in general. Homosexuality, feminism, other sexual and social deviations, guilt, shaming, censorship, etc etc. The plagues were many. Eventually non-whites were successful in create a critical divide in white society, where quite a large percentage of white men became degenerates. Then, these degenerates were pushed into positions of power to further the plans non-whites had in mind.

So without killing white men, non-whites managed to tame the white male, to turn him into a submissive cucklord, who took pleasure in helping non-whites and in self-humiliation, in being sorry for things that seemed wrong to him etc. Non-whites create THE PROUD.. but not the strong, but THE FAGGOT THE DEGENERATE THE CUCK, a creature that basically had the same intellectual abilities of a white man, but lost all white character - strength, control over women or children, courage, etc. All the best qualities that prevented the non-white to leech onto white society.

It doesn't mean that non-whites turned all white men into degenerate cucks, but they turned just enough to be put in positions of power, thus controlling army and police who in their turn controlled all the rest of the white men, who still HAD WHITE CHARACTER and were strong. But what could all these white men do if the POLITICAL power, the army and police was in the hand of an enemy? Not much. Well.. not much time has passed since then.

We are here. Trying to get this non-white bullshit off our backs. Will we succeed? We will see. Probably. Is it going to be easy? Probably not. Is it time to prepare for war? Most definitely.