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Trashfire Garbagefuck

Hot Carl
That's a damn fine sale there Cerium bravo. See the thing about "Go woke go broke" is that it only happens because because they try to make money off the woke institution or product itself. Woke profitability is about being attractive to buyers and sponsors, you don't make money off it traditionally. Cerium knows the game. Look at how hard people fail with big shit properties or communities trying to play it straight and this bastard made off with 4.5 mil for a barrel of marxist transgender monkeys for zero effort. And Resetera still has barely enough influence for the buyer to somehow make a profit off this in the end. Everybody wins! God I love capitalism.


True & Honest Fan
these losers will defend anything lol


Just a humble Zionist trying to make a living.
One again the old wisdom is proven true: "All Jannies are trannys & they all do it for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" dilate troons.

Also i think they deserve a large salary increase say of 300% for all the tireless sweeping the do.


μολὼν λαβέ
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Can you imagine being nool at this moment, being in some Eastern European shithole, sitting on top of what would probably be worth millions if he just decided fuck this, I'm gonna cuck and cash in.

And all he gets for not doing that is being viewed as the most horrible human being in the world, literally murdering trannies every day.

Even the shitheads whose hate speech he protects constantly insult him.

All I have to say is thanks nool, you are amazing. Why the fuck do you put up with this bullshit?


Why can't people just be normal?
View attachment 2625626

Almost a spitting image of that ancient MW2 boycott group meme.

Hilariously, the one in charge of it, Cerium, hasn't played "online" in 3 years because he doesn't want to deal with the trannies before the check cleared.
Pretty sure this is fake/a parody specifically made to ape on the MW2 boycott.

It's probably worth more than the Farms is. For whatever reason, trannies and groomers spend a fuckton of money on shit. Presumably, buying shit the only thing that comes close to the dopamine rush of doing a day of work and then getting paid for it.
I've never even fucking heard of MOBA Network.
That's the idea. What would you rather do; deal with the hassle of fame because you are publicly known as the owner of the internet's largest transsexual gaming site, or quietly collect your check as internet pharmacies shill their HRT subscription program to your users? Everyone with serious money (not that this is that) stays the fuck out of the limelight.
People tend to be pissed when they get scammed out of their labor
Clean up my shit, tranny.

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