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NeoGAF & ResetERAThe Hilarious N̶e̶v̶e̶r̶e̶n̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ Splintering "Gaming" Forum Circus

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Alan Pardew, May 17, 2015.

  1. Because I'd do the "how am I funny?" thing from goodfellas and then probably dox their parents.
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  2. And then dox said parents' pets for good measure.

    It's the only way to make sure.
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  3. Ehhhh... I wouldn't trust Dyack's side 100%, but this is one of those situations where both sides probably have truth to them.

    But that's probably best saved for another thread.
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  4. ResetEra mod: MiraculousSwidge / TenCentCoast / AWhiteKnight123 / adk52
    Name: Rebecca
    Gender: Male
    DOB: 1999
    Location: Bentonville, Arkansas
    Employment: In college, BFA for Creative Writing

    ResetEra account: MiraculousSwidge (doesn't archive, membership required)
    NeoGAF: TenCentCoast (doesn't archive, membership required)
    Kinda Funny Forums: TenCentCoast (doesn't archive, membership required)
    Vice Waypoint Forums: TenCentCoast (archive)
    Twitter: MiraculousSwidge (archive)
    Steam: MiraculousSwidge (archive)
    PSN: TheMidnightMayor (archive)
    Reddit: AWhiteKnight123 (archive)
    Kik Messenger: TenCentCoast, (archive)
    Twitch: TheMidnightMayor (doesn't archive)
    Discord: TenCentCoast#3784

    Proof that MiraculousSwidge = TenCentCoast: Twitter username and display name, Steam profile used that name
    Proof that MiraculousSwidge = AWhiteKnight123: Linked a TenCentCoast Kik, linked same Steam profile
    Proof that MiraculousSwidge = TheMidnightMayor: Shilled for his stream, Twitch using same avatar as NeoGAF, Steam profile used that name
    Proof that MiraculousSwidge = Rebecca: Reddit flair, calling himself Rebecca in a headcanon thread (lol)

    Photo from here: https://archive.is/hdXoI
    Got banned from NeoGAF for publicly shitting on the harassment elf, ban message was an ASCII cock:
    Suicidal / attention whore, still a virgin as of one year ago:
    Does not think highly of us:

    Attached Files:

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  5. >18 y/o's modding a forum.
    Then again, Moot administrated a "forum" well below--
    >18 y/o's modding a forum
    Really, a teenager being a mod isn't an inherent negative, but an exceptional teenager that's some suicidal tranny with a bias against banter is.
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  6. Unfortunate widow's peak; needs bangs.
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  7. lol choosing a mentally unstable child to mod a forum

    Really doesn't do anything to throw off the pedo rep of the community and their mods, does it?
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    Francis York Morgan

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  8. In a forum full of obese trannies
    The average cis woman is Queen
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  9. It's always our fault the person is batshit crazy and refuses to seek treatment and yet keeps exposing him/her/itself on the internet.
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  10. LOL My favorite part was when one of them tried to tell them what right think was, and promptly got ignored by everyone who wasn't completely insane.

    Also, I am pretty sure that Straight people don't fuck non-straight people, it's in the definition.
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  11. Most people are never going to date someone from a group which is 1% of the population at absolute most and includes a lot of autistic tards whom no one would want to date regardless of sexuality. It's very easy to avoid troons if you don't like them.
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  12. Shades of Bish
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  13. That shit's hilarious to me based on the thought that Transgender people are transgender because according to them, their brain knows they should be the opposite . But if your brain tells you you don't like dick and its on a trans woman then obviously your brain is wrong.
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  14. I, for one, am absolutely shocked that the troon mod is the one who melted down and scorched a topic about how straight people have no interests in sleeping with freakshows. Totally didn't see that coming.
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  15. Good God, they're basically scorching their own userbase by banning them for saying things they don't agree with. It's ironic that these nutcases ban everyone and would probably send to them gulags if they had real power, but at the same time whine about how oppressive and dictator-like President Trump is.
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  16. It's fucking hilarious seeing them eat themselves alive like this so early. Their whole forum is just purity test upon purity test to weed out anybody who's different from them. What happened to "debate and dissent is generally allowed"?
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  17. And this is why ResetEra will never have the same amount of power that Neogaf used to have.
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  18. Gee, I can't imagine why they're having trouble getting developers to join this video game forum.
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  19. Manipulating people into having sex with you through threats and lies is rape when troons do it, too.
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