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It's insane how wedded they are to this whole PewDiePie is an actual Nazi ordering mass murder theory. Banning people for "downplaying the ramifications of hate speech" for anyone who suggests that maybe he's not complicit in any crimes. And yet the only examples they ever post are the same ones I've heard about and I've hated PewDiePie forever so barely know of his controversy of the month. He dressed up like a Nazi, he said "nigger" once, he had Ben Shapiro do a joke appearance, and he did that "Death to all Jews" prank. This is their big list of his Nazi crimes. Yet he's apparently supporting "ethnic cleansing and murder" consistently according to the moderators? And like any video of his is just endlessly Nazi dogwhistling and hate speech? Something that only they have ever seen (and apparently on the regular) and nobody else has ever mentioned.
Something that ResetEra users should consider (but won't because they possess no self-awareness) : if PewDiePie is complicit in this shooting because of some clearly accelerationist mention by the shooter, then ResetEra is even more complicit because they're fulfilling the intended response from the left that he was looking for.


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Continuing the trend of having to make everything about yourself


Let me bump my "woke manifesto" to let you know I knew PewDiePie was going to be the mastermind behind a shooting.

So let us have a look at this "woke manifesto"


It keeps going....


And going....


And going...


How do you even tldr that shit?

One thing I can say is "Hey ASaiyan, I can believe this WAS your topic idea, you opportunistic vulture". Keep making everything about you and how woke you are.


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Sorry ASaiyan, a new challenger has arrived. SoundCheck promises to be quick, so we won't need a 5,000+ word manifesto on explaining how PewDiePie is worse than Hitler and Osama Bin Laden combined





Is being a monster a downgrade or upgrade from being Hitler and Osama Bin Laden? Asking for a friend.


So is JonTron still leading the extermination of the Jewish people? What is his kill count at now?


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Thank goodness I'm not working today, my autism archiving couldn't handle all this multitasking. What a waste of time all of this is, but if you're going to waste time do it while laughing.

Here are some more to finish things off for a while


Jussie making sure we all know he has unsubscribed from Skill Up.


How dare other content creators who understand satire, jokes and context not be impressed with everyone saying PDP is pretty much the killer.


It's simply not possible for anyone to have a balanced twitter following tab, and maybe even enjoy reading the autism of other people they may disagree with. Newsflash, many right-wing commentators are simply funny. People like things that are funny. You don't have to agree 100% with someone to follow them.


Normal, well-adjusted people, even those that have their autism under control, that just like to watch PDP to laugh at low quality meme content are white nihilists who create white terrorism.

The above sounds like it came from an AI bot that was programmed to "satirize the term social justice warrior".


I think EdibleKnife wants to say he is an ally?


Did you know that Hitler liked painting? Does this mean Bob Ross is a Nazi?

It's like Christmas for Resetera. All those years of jealousy due to PDP making money, jealousy that he is popular and jealousy that human beings like to laugh at jokes and not just cry and scream.

Now is the time to mobilize the autism ranks of making everything about yourself, using a tragedy to grandstand and as always, hate the hobby of gaming whilst posting on a gaming forum.


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And they draw me back in


I think you'll find speech is speech and unless someone is calling for violence or some sort of (credible, not satirical) call to arms to risk the safety of someone, it is indeed free speech.

Speaking of that "these people I don't like should be stopped"

"Should be stopped"


You're asking the forum to stop a list of people that have members saying they want revenge and blood?


And yes it is still live and unbanned -



How long until banned?


Yes, you're not doing anything, unlike us, sitting on an internet forum trying to suggest the actual killer isn't to blame, but it's all PDP's fault.


"Hey mods can I check Colin Moriarty is completely banned from this forum, like lolcow Boogie? Just need to make sure nothing seeps into this echo chamber."

Sharing tweets is... banned. Such exceptionalism.


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Guilt by association. Simply for following large well-known public voices, even if its solely for fun or to follow a lolcow, is "damning evidence" for the Resetera Illuminati.

Nevermind that PDP follows 591 people, from a range of backgrounds and political beliefs. If you aren't 100% pure, you need to be burned at the stake simply for a follow on Twitter. Following a few accounts means you are the mastermind behind a mass shooting.

So, pretty easy to "defend that shit" Morrigan. Well-adjusted people who have their crippling anxiety riddled autism under control are capable of looking at varying opinions without needing their teddy bear to hug.

Imagine that Morrigan, and here's another doozy for you, I don't even care for PDP. I don't watch much of his content, he just does what he does and some find it funny. But my own autistic insight tells me I really don't like character assassinations or the erosion of freedoms being taken to some sort of 1984 re-education camp levels/the thought police.


I've tried to translate this statement through my retardonometer. Keeps spitting out an error.
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If you didn't act like such a room of bitches, you wouldn't get trolled with such low-effort comments. That you all go on to mass quote with "I can't even at this reply!".


Meanwhile, I've found some more wrong think on the internet, cancel this next public person I used to like!


Some more self-doxxing to prove thy worth!



Well, it's definitely the exceptional-left.

Era, come on, give me a break. You've got my autism drinking coffee.

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