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Here's the scene: you're on your twitter, your facebook, your tumblr, etc. You like your nerd shit. You follow movie news, movie reviews, video games, maybe even a guy who made a youtube essay you liked or some chick that seemed friendly enough. Then, suddenly you're confronted with something absolutely fucking exceptional from those same people, where they're sperging about "The First Order" being a metaphor for the Alt. Right, claiming that the Avengers are "diverse" with a total of three black people versus a dozen whities, Steven Universe is why gay marriage is legal, etc.

Basically, you find someone looking too deep into children's media and trying to force their version of topical conversation into whatever's "hip" at the moment. Star Wars is about feminism, Marvel is about diversity and video games are about postmoderism. That is what this thread's about. Stupid hot takes from stupid people on stupid media. Wherever, whenever, I'll track it down and post it here.

Like this for example. This is stupid in multiple avenues:
  • the MCU "changes" the stories to make them more grounded, somehow (I find a talking tree extremely relatable, I don't know.
  • Crying for attention in their twitter name.
  • Awful art for their pic.
It's the full gambit.

Even conservatives can get in on it. Here's Candace Owens offering a hot, steaming one on your chest about Star Wars. Apparently the Empire, inspired by fascist imagery in a franchise that's basically WWII in space, are the Democrats and Candace is "Fin." Because she's black, I guess, and stupid too.

Of course we had to have some of Dobson's anal-ysis. The full post can be found here, I've just posted what's relevant most to the thread's subject matter. That subject matter being that Dobby here relates to the trauma of Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe because he too had gotten wet once.

If any of you find stuff like this post it here, I've started to gain a genuine amusement at this kind of shit. I love it


r/Drama queen
Funny enough I was going to include an image of Bob sperging about Spiderverse, but I couldn't find it and that would require a lot of digging through his thread. He spergs A LOT.
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Judge Holden

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Also my theory about the Grudge/Ju-On is that the initial murders of scary ghost girl/creepy ghost kid/the cat/the pregnant woman and her unborn fetus (in the jap version) by psycho dad fused all their angry souls together, causing them to become a batshit aggressive animalistic spook that kills anything that comes near. this is also why creepy ghost kid does that meowing shit, since they are all now technically the same entity and thus share a voice.

Fandom Trash

Just your typical tumblr trash
Most of the people sperging about nerd stuff tends to people who often do not have friends (or not) who enjoy the same things such as them. Thus these people take to the internet to sperg about shows like a desperate mating call in hopes of attracting like minded people.

In the case that they do have friends that like the same shit such as them, most likely their friends got tired of their shit.

Judge Holden

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I dont quite know what inspired such a surly and angry old man to jump on to twitter but jesus christ im glad he did. Wictor is a goddamn treasure

also HOLY SHIT A NEW MADE IN ABYSS CHAPTER OUT! hope shit gets even more lovecrafty and uncomfortable

(yes I intend to actually live up to the very letter of the "nerd culture sperging" title)

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There's always nothing more funny (and sad) than watching grown ass men lose their shit over capeshit movies and anime on the internet.
The second-hand embarrassment is almost unbearable watching a 20+ year old scream and cheer for a corporate made product like Star Wars or Marvel.

Even autistic people like Chris don’t act that way when a new Sonic game is announced.

There's plenty of stuff to mine in this glorious thread.

As awful as Maddox is now, the dude really fucking nailed it with his piece on IFLS.
People love science in the same way they love classical music or art. Science and "geeky" subjects are perceived as being hip, cool and intellectual. So people take a passing interest just long enough to glom onto these labels and call themselves "geeks" or "nerds" every chance they get.
Same shit applies to "geek" or "nerd" subculture. The label is merely a marketing niche catering to those with more disposable income than sense.


Cram it in me, baby!
There's plenty of stuff to mine in this glorious thread.

As awful as Maddox is now, the dude really fucking nailed it with his piece on IFLS.

Same shit applies to "geek" or "nerd" subculture. The label is merely a marketing niche catering to those with more disposable income than sense.
Attention is also a valuable commodity these days. So much material out there is designed to get the attention of autistic nerds by combining their interests with SocJus, thus making them sperg out and push it all viral. Who has more disposable time online than autistic nerds?

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