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The second-hand embarrassment is almost unbearable watching a 20+ year old scream and cheer for a corporate made product like Star Wars or Marvel.

Even autistic people like Chris don’t act that way when a new Sonic game is announced.
Most Sonic fans are so beat down with disappointment a new Sonic game being cancelled would be cause for celebration.
There's plenty of stuff to mine in this glorious thread.

As awful as Maddox is now, the dude really fucking nailed it with his piece on IFLS.

Same shit applies to "geek" or "nerd" subculture. The label is merely a marketing niche catering to those with more disposable income than sense.
Is there any Rick and Morty fan sperging in there? I think I'll go there next, there's an entire subreddit dedicated to analysing that shit.


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So I did a cursory search on this Thomas Wictor guy. The very first thing that pops out to me is that he apparently seems to believe, and I quote, that he is the "world's only expert on WWI flamethrowers". That piques my interest a bit, simply because of how specific a statement it is. Surely, there's more than one, isn't there?

So, then I found this anti-Israel blog talking about a journalist (David Frum of the Atlantic) sourcing claims of fakery regarding photos of the human cost of some Palestinian-Israeli skirmish or another. Lo and behold, Frum's source is Wictor. Have a look at these.

The Times photo, by Sergey Ponomarev, an AP veteran and regular Times contributor, shows one blood-soaked man comforting another in the hallways of a hospital near Rafah, a town in the southern Gaza Strip. In a dozen or so tweets, the former George W. Bush speechwriter declared the photos fakes — not allegedly fakes, but fakes, full-stop — and berated the Times’s public editor, Margaret Sullivan. Frum’s source? An obscure blog run by a man named Thomas Wictor

I spoke with Wictor by phone today. His is a tragic story. A self-described “failed music journalist” and “failed novelist” — “As of right now, I’m a failed everything,” he tells me — Wictor says that two literary agents defrauded him of his life-savings and managed to kill his latest book project. His website bio says: “To do so they took advantage of his post-traumatic stress disorder with secondary psychotic features, as well as the ‘brain fog’ caused by Meniere’s disease. Both of these conditions create memory lapses and dissociation, which were exacerbated by the suicides of Wictor’s parents in February and October of 2013.”

In light of this history — and some other details, more on which in a bit — I asked Wictor if he thought he made for a reliable source. “I don’t care,” he told me. “My writing career was completely destroyed by these con artists and I don’t care.”

I won’t bother too much with Wictor’s theories about why the photos are faked. For that, you can visit Bag News, a blog about photojournalism and other forms of visual documentary run by professional journalists and journalism experts, where Michael Shaw has done a deep dive on Wictor’s post. But it’s worth noting that the Times’s international photo editor David Furst was unequivocal that the paper stood by Ponomarev’s shots. “We have investigated the allegations being made against photographer Sergey Ponomarev,” Furst told me, “and have definitively concluded that they have no foundation and are absolutely without merit.”

That’s not a surprise to Wictor. “Of course. That’s fine,” he says. “Oh yeah, it’s possible that I’m completely wrong about everything. This is just opinion.” I pointed out to Wictor that he displayed a propensity for jumping from conjecture to full-blown assertions. “I’m a very assertive person,” he replied. “I believe that these are obvious fakes, but I could be wrong.”

In a separate post, Wictor had written that an alleged shooting victim in Gaza “has a beard with no mustache, which means he’s a Hamas operative.” I suggested that such a facial-hair profile wasn’t as airtight as he seemed to think. He responded: “A beard with no mustache has a very different meaning in Gaza than it would in Pennsylvania” — a reference to the Amish, who wear their beards this way — “or in Israel.”

If Frum had done a little more digging, he would have found other posts on Wictor’s blog that call into question his credibility. Frum might have discovered some of Wictor’s recent free-associative rhapsodies or winding disquisitions on minstrel shows. Frum might’ve even found Wictor’s post where he thinks he has taken a photo of a “dematerializing” cat — apparently the second coming of a ghost cat Wictor knew earlier in life.

When prodded on whether the dematerializing cat thing was serious or ironic, Wictor laughed. “No, it is serious. You can present me as completely off my rocker,” he says. “The fact is I took a picture of a cat that looked like my beloved dead cat, and when the shutter snapped the cat was gone. I tend to believe that when we’re under a lot of stress and pain, we can hallucinate. Sure, why not? But I also believe that we might get signs to help us carry on.”

Wictor spoke about “Pallywood,” the term pro-Israel activists use to describe allegedly fake videos of Palestinian suffering. “People don’t tell the truth,” he tells me. “This is a propaganda war.” He doesn’t trust major media outlets: “I understand that AP and Reuters are giants, but I have myself seen so much bias in them that I don’t respect them at all.”

Wictor backed up his gentle demeanor on the phone — he encouraged me to ask him about anything, always polite and frank — with a note about how he viewed the current Gaza war: “I don’t take any joy in this war. I’m not waving, cheering, going, ‘Go! Kill Palestinians!’,” he explains, adding with a touch of humor, “If I could press a magic button I would dematerialize all the Hamas guys.”

Reading over Wictor’s blog, it’s clear that he’s not entirely well, and that his analysis is wanting. Which all raises the question of what exactly Frum was thinking questioning a bevy of professional journalists based on Thomas Wictor’s writings.

I'm thinking this guy might be worth a look.

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Nerd "culture" is a retarded digital wasteland of disposable corporate shit for fat, fortysomething manbabies and rainbow-haired she-twinks who disgustingly cling to childish things like they were Tommy Tooter at a daycare, and if Thor, Captain America, and Black Panther were real they'd be going around beating these drooling mongoloids to death as punishment for being a disgrace to their ancestors.

That said, I give "Ant Man And The Wasp" three stars out of five.

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I think the upsurge in advanced nerdery is a natural evolution against the side that(it's not just one side it's always many against one) thinks 'I don't like it so no one should like it! CANCEL IT!' - then they start finding faults, picking at it to make it "bad".
"Your fav is problematic" might be a good example of that. Things have turned into a protection racket weaved into bullying or an execution happy french court of some exceptionally stupid kind.

I'm not offended or afraid if someone doesn't like what I like but if you look at the internet the nerd groups, both genders, seem to scramble to slap together an intellectual fetish/totem that allows them to keep liking a thing.
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I take some small degree of solace in the fact that no one actually gives enough of a fuck about mecha to make going woke with the genre worthwhile. I mean, the latest Battletech game did a fucking miserable job of spreading wokeness. It also did a pretty half-assed job of being a good Battletech game.
With Netflix airing Evangelion I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to make a woke, live action version of it. Fortunately they’d probably seppuku’d before they got the chance.