Netflix Originals are mostly bad - Is it just me?

Are all of them bad?

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Its weird that anyone would watch anime and not assume that all the characters are supposed to be Japanese.
If they have a Japanese name they're Japanese. You could argue that the Cowboy bebop crew are ambiguous- Faye could be white, Jet Black could be lightskinned black like others have said. Spike could be white or, I don't know, Greek or something. He's pretty olive-skinned.


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The creator of the show wants to make a Berserk series. Well it will be better than the current crap.
I'd rather just have no adaptations.

In other netflix butcheries, they took a sensitive guy in Saint Saiya and turned him into a sensitive girl, essentially turning someone into a stereotype.


Bizarre quote from the writer, literally what?

Right or wrong, the audience could interpret an all-male team as us trying to make a STATEMENT about something
Mentioned even Toei being not happy.
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The issue with Netflix is that from their business position they get their hands in mostly average to terrible content cuz is cheaper. NitPix summed up best "for every Bojack Horseman there is a Big Mouth, for every Stranger Things there is a Everything sucks"; they just have a superficial good line up and 90% is pure shit.
So it's like regular TV just without the commercials.


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Hey dudes what do you think about Roma? Even my family full of plebs is watching it.
I saw it in the theater about a week ago... absolutely loved it. It's definitely a film that is best seen on the big screen though, so it's a good thing Netflix decided to give it a three-week run in cinemas

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