Netflix Originals are mostly bad - Is it just me?

Are all of them bad?

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I guess that their just cheap faggots who know they're gonna cancel it after contracts are complete so they can put money towards franchises that'll let them color their characters what ever gets their soy filled cocks sucked off in-between Tyrones.
Witcher is going to be trash, but yeah. I actually heard a lot of why they cancelled it was really stress between creators and Netflix itself, specifically Luke Cage. But it really was symbolic that they cancelled Daredevil after arguably one of its best and most popular seasons.

The worry is that they won't be revived on the Disney streaming service. I mean, Daredevil had already plotted out Season 4 with Vanessa's revenge and shit. Plus they had that link with Frank but some Netflix faggot was like "Haha, no, we're cancelling all Marvel shows". Also def 100% right on cheapening out.

That's probably what irritated me the most. The last 10 minutes of the season 1 finale were dedicated to establishing how much Frank wrecked Jigsaw's face. Everything from the mirror scene that was really hard to stomach (that fucking scream man) to the dialogue in the hospital flat out saying that Jigsaw's face is basically irreparable. In the end though it just looked like he fell down some stairs badly.

What's sad is that I saw images of filming a few months ago that leaked for Jigsaw's face so this isn't exactly old news. I was hoping they'd do some post-production wizardry akin to Two-Face in The Dark Knight so I held off on criticizing it, but nope he still looks lame.

I'm still gonna see it because I liked Frank and Jigsaw's relationship last season and I'm hoping they can at least follow up on that.
I mean, they're obviously going to go with the Red Dragon angle, where any imperfection drives him nuts. But again, that's not what Frank meant to do. But I bet its right they just cheapened out so they could find some other shit to ruin.

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Witcher is going to be trash, but yeah. I actually heard a lot of why they cancelled it was really stress between creators and Netflix itself, specifically Luke Cage.
Source for this? Or is this another one of those "They're casting a black chick as Ciri" situations?

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Source for this? Or is this another one of those "They're casting a black chick as Ciri" situations?
No, this is pretty well known fact between all Marvel shows from Daredevil to Iron Fist. Luke Cage just impacted the series the worse. I have no information on what those 'creative differences' were (we can guess tho), but they seem to stem exclusively from the Netflix, not Marvel side:

Deadline said:
A writers’ room under showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker had been working for around six months producing scripts and taking notes from Netflix and Marvel. As actors including lead Mike Colter remained under contract, a formal Season 3 order was considered almost a foregone conclusion by all concerned.

After rising tensions over the past month, that conclusion was scrapped as it all went distinctly south in the last 48 hours.

The pink slipping of Luke Cage was ultimately a combo of the age old Hollywood “creative differences” and the inability for the parties involved to reach a deal on how to move forward, according to sources. With a season springing from the conclusion of the June 22-launched Season 2 plotted out months ago, detailed drafts for the first half of the 10-episode projected third season were delivered to Marvel and Netflix this week.

We hear that some execs had issues with the more developed scripts, even though the scripts strongly incorporated suggestions from both Netflix and Marvel brass.

Add to that, the writers’ room was put on hold for a week in September as the streamer and the Disney-owned company were figuring out the mechanisms of changing the deal for the planned Luke Cage third season from the original 13 episodes to 10 episodes. It eventually escalated to behind-the-scenes turmoil in the past two days and demands for changes in creative regime. With Marvel and Netflix seemingly intractable and on different sides of the disputes, a harsh cancelation became the only viable exit strategy, it appears.

The revolving door of showrunners on Marvel’s Netflix shows has made new creative teams coming and going almost the norm. There have been new showrunners for every season of Daredevil, Raven Metzner took over Iron Fist for its second and final season, and Jessica Jones’ Melissa Rosenberg is heading off to an overall deal with WBTVonce Season 3 of the Krysten Ritter-led series is done.
The revolving door of showrunners is particularly telling, since that would basically be Netflix's preview, not really Marvel. My personal theory is that Netflix execs wanted a lot more pozz, Marvel wanted less, with showrunners caught in the middle, eventually just deciding it wasn't worth it and they weren't really allowed to be all that independent.

This goes with the statements that the cancellation of Daredevil shocked Marvel, which means some soyboy execs are bitter they couldn't pozz anything greater than the most hated show, Iron Fist. I tried watching JJ season 2, but I must have fell asleep every episode. It wasn't bad, just really boring and not super hero like.

My guess is once Marvel started their own streaming service, with Fox's library and their own MCU shows, Netflix would have even less creative control and decided to be little children and cancel everything. I 100% believe this was due to Netflix pushing pozz in its shows and Disney pushing back. With Disney getting more leverage, Netflix saw a losing battle and just cancelled everything.

You don't just cancel Daredevil. That's a super successful show with a season that killed it, not to mention already storyboarded and plotted a season 4. I don't believe those slimy fucks for a minute. They saw they were going to lose influence and market share and did it out of spite. To hurt Disney a bit and give them a bit of a kneecap, using PR to sort of shift the blame to Disney.

Maybe get fans to prod and put pressure on taking up these shows, maybe buy the streaming license from Netflix and just continue on.

Regardless, the mass destruction of Marvel Netflix can be squarely blamed on Netflix itself, not Disney. As statements from Disney basically said it was all up to Netflix to continue them or not.

Another theory is that Netflix wanted to move away from Marvel since it wanted to be the 'Marvel TV show place' and once it lost that, it felt it wasn't worth it because they'd never be able to compete with Disney, so bailed, shifting money to IPs and series they had exclusive control over. I mean, you'd never get Netflix to get another Marvel IP to use, so they were stilted and just felt to pull off the bandaid in one fell swoop.
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This is the part of the theory I just can't get behind. That Disney was worried things were getting too PC.
Personally this kind of thing always makes me feel the tinfoil hats are coming out. Neither of these companies really give a shit about pozzing. The higher-ups at Disney and Netflix aren't pushing for more minorities. Their mid-level guys are, but no one cares at the top. The Last Kingdom is running three seasons and counting on Netflix, with nary a nigger in sight and a protagonist who uses rape as a threat. Meanwhile their quite deliberately blackwashed retelling of the Illiad lasted one season and died cause no one likes it.

I maintain the Marvel cancellations are 100% Disney securing its brands before launching its streaming service.


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iirc they specifically own the TM on "Choose Your Own Adventure" that's why there's like "Pick Your Path" and other knockoff names.

Did Netflix just lift the name? That would be like making "Big Mac: The Hamburger Show" and acting shocked when McDonald's came knocking.


i decided to watch that bird box movie. it was okay, and i at least know why it was called that now.


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I watched the Fyre Festival documentary last night. Billy McFarland is such a fucking douchebag with such a punchable face.:lol:

And Ja Rule comes off as a white yuppie in a homeboy shell.

I felt so bad for Maryann Rolle, the caterer for the event. People complained about the cheese sandwiches but those spoiled hipsters should have been grateful for anything at all after how badly she was ripped off. She and her staff weren't paid and had to provide over 1000 meals per day. She lost $50,000 of her own money on this and never received a cent from the non-existent disaster of a festival.

In fact, none of the local workers on Great Exuma were paid. In the documentary Fyre staff said that they were being followed around by locals demanding their salaries. One guy switched clothes and hopped in the back of a truck to get away from local workers who were getting very irate that they weren't being paid.:lol:

The tends at the camp ground were nothing more than leftover hurricane tents. They weren't luxury tents at all. A staff member and his wife decided to stay in one to test it out before the festival and it was horrible. Very noisy and infested with mosquitoes. After voicing his concerns over this and the fact that McFarland cancelled the idea of using a cruise ship as a lodging because the camp ground was overcrowded he was promptly replaced with a person ok with being a yes man.

McFarland lost everything and is serving six years in prison. He had been facing up to 20. Lucky him I guess. But he's an S class douche and screwed a lot of people over. He kept firing staff that tried to tell him he wasn't doing things in a reasonable way. The promo video for the Fyre Festival was just a complete sham and the viral "orange tile" social media campaign ended up being outdone by the later viral cheese sandwich image that started making the rounds. Everyone was laughing at the poor millennials stranded in the rain with no gourmet food or terrible DJ music.

Dumbass McFarland promised a free luxury villa to every social media influencer involved in the promo who tweeted or instagramed that stupid orange tile. And this ended up costing the festival a bundle of money they didn't have. So they had to start bumping the freebies off the list. And to make matters worse the festival was occurring during a big local event where hotels and villas were booked already months in advance. They couldn't secure the promised villas so they ushered everyone to the camp ground and all hell broke loose.

The whole thing was horribly and hastily put together by a couple of douchebags with no idea how to run a festival.

Hulu also has a Fyre festival documentary. But I haven't seen that one.


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I liked Margaret Qualley a lot in The Leftovers, but I'm watching IO right now and not feeling it at all.

EDIT: Yeah, not a great movie. Decent, and not poorly directed, but it's plodding and not as poetic as it wants to be, and while I won't say it feels derivative exactly, it doesn't feel all that original, either.

Qualley is a talented young actress... she's not just getting work because she's the daughter of Andie McDowell or because she's gorgeous. But she was miscast as a scientist/researcher/whatever. I didn't think much of the male lead either, or maybe I'm just reacting to their lack of chemistry. I liked some of the themes and ideas, but I've seen other movies do them all better.

I wouldn't watch IO unless you're really into bleak post-apocalyptic films (with no action or excitement in them) and themes of loneliness, isolation, and hopelessness. Even on paper that sounds promising, and certainly a lot of talent went into this film, but this is a character study without any characters worth studying.

Another ho-hum Netflix Original to toss on the scrap pile with disappointing messes like Hold the Dark. I saw one reviewer say to go re-watch Children of Men instead. I agree. That, or go watch Solaris.
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I wouldn't watch IO unless you're really into bleak post-apocalyptic films (with no action or excitement in them) and themes of loneliness, isolation, and hopelessness. Even on paper that sounds promising, and certainly a lot of talent went into this film, but this is a character study without any characters worth studying.
I just watched that movie and it was a boring pile of shit. I wanted some kind of a creepy twist to happen and it never did. It's been like that for most sci-fi movies I've watched the last ten or so years. I think Wall-E was the only exception to this.
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Hulu also has a Fyre festival documentary. But I haven't seen that one.
Having watched all of the Netflix one and most of the Hulu one, I felt the Netflix one was better. The Hulu one focused too much on Magnises and Millenial culture in a way I found really cringey. They kept talking about how millenials have FOMO and how influencers are the most important people to millenials ever. It was all things people often criticize millenials for, but it seemed like Hulu was actually taking a sympathetic stance like "millenials can't help it"..?
The Netflix one got more to the point and really emphasized what a scumbag Billy is; also, they didn't pay Billy anything like Hulu allegedly did.
I had cancelled my Hulu subscription a little while ago and it finally kicked in when I went back to finish the documentary, so that's why I stopped. I don't mind.
By the way, something I found striking in both documentaries was how many people around Billy kept saying things like "Billy was the smartest guy in the room," "Billy was so smart!" "Billy's a genius" etc. etc.
Billy was apparently very good at convincing rich people to give him a fucking ton of money, but his plan, at its base, was really simple and stupid. Here's what it was:
Step 1. Create a shiny metal credit card that's "an elite card for millenials", that's also a social club in Manhattan for some fucking reason.
Step 2. The social club isn't profitable so sell exclusive events tickets that you don't have to raise money for the club.
Step 3. You bought all those tickets with money you don't have, so sell more exclusive tickets to raise money to pay off the tickets.
Step 4. You bought those tickets with money you don't have, so sell more exclusive tickets to raise money to pay off the tickets.
Step 5. You bought those tickets with money you don't have, so you sell exclusive tickets TO A MASSIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL ON A PRIVATE ISLAND WITH SUPERMODELS AND PRIVATE JETS
Step 6. You bought the supermodels and private jets with money you don't have so you are in jail. Now you're out on bail, so you hire someone else to sell tickets to events that you don't have to raise money to pay off the MASSIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL/your bail/lawyers?

All this time he is getting bags of cash from "investors." He must be the most charismatic, convincing guy on earth to have people saying he's so smart months later. It's a plan a child would probably rethink halfway through. There is also a step 5.5, where he didn't have money to pay for the festival so he asked festival goers to put money on "wristbands" that would magically pay for more stuff at the festival that he obviously wouldn't have.

I tried watching Tidying Up because I'm a messy person and hoped it would give me a fun cleaning method. About ten minutes in a kid asks her mom to be breastfed and I wanted to throw my TV away

Of course all the mommy blogs and reddit are celebrating it as a victory over old white men in the bible belt
The first episode of this wasn't great. I felt the couple wasn't very sympathetic, their kids were annoying little shits and the guy is probably cheating on his wife.
The next few episodes I watched were a lot better and more wholesome with better people in them.
But if you want to really do this cleaning method I think it's important to read the book. The show is fun and it re-inspired me to clean but I think it glosses over a lot of important stuff in the book. I feel you could very easily watch it and take away the message "get rid of stuff, lots of stuff you don't need it" or just end up organizing everything but neither is really quite it. Some people have said Kondo comes off quite strict in the book, but she's so nice and fun in the TV show that I feel they complement each other. I like Tidying Up.

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